Temporary fix

She sought to extinguish the pestilential sinister flames that engulfed his mind not knowing that she too, had been consumed by the evil it possessed.


3. 2. Infatuated

“Julia who’s this?” I asked, placing my keys on the kitchen counter.Julia’s eyes were glued to the television and dismissed any acknowledgement of my presence. When she realised I was awaiting an sewers she paused the Television and faced me. 


“This is my best friend Kelsey, Kelsey this my older sister Tatum” she said using hand gestures to signify each person.


Kelsey waved energetically at me and I smiled in response. “So what are you two girls up to” I questioned, walking towards the blue couch. 


“ We are watching my One Direction ‘This is us’ DVD” Julia exclaimed, earning an excited squeal from her friend Kelsey.


“ Just letting you little kids know, Harry is mine” I joked. Julia was quick to defend how every member belonged to her. Little girl was always stealing my men.


Loud knocks erupted from the door. I walked over and looked through the peep hole. I wasn’t surprised to see that it was mum’s boyfriend, Donny or as Julie and i liked to refer to him, ‘Donald Duck’.


I opened the door to be greeted by the dark haired creep. “Julia and I are fine, no trouble here” I said and attempted to close the door but he pushed it open with a greater force. 


“That’s no way to treat your potential daddy” Donald teased, I cringed at the term daddy. If anyone was daddy, it was not him. “ Anyway, since everything is all good, i’m off” he continued “ see you later, baby girl” he winked before turning and walking to his car.


I slammed the door shut and made sure to lock it.  “ Im going to sleep, it was nice meeting you Kelsey”  I said and trudged upstairs. I laid on top of my bed and thought about the events of today, I had a weekend session with him tomorrow and I was honestly dreading it. How was I supposed to help someone who didn't want to be helped.


All the stress and sleepless nights filled with homework caught up with me and before I knew it, I  had entered a deep slumber.


I woke up to my sister pushing my awake “ Tatum, there’s a really cute boy who says his name is Mordecai or something” she whispered. That got my attention and my body jolted up “What time is it” I panicked, Julia chucked my phone that she magically found at me “ around 12 o’’clock” 


I asked Julia to stall for 10 minutes while I prepped myself. I grabbed some clothes and ran to the bathroom. I made sure to brush my teeth while showering. Once I was done I dried myself and tied my hair into a ponytail. It was when I was putting on my shirt that I realised I had forgotten to get a bra. My shirt had begun to stick to my damp chest manifesting the shape of my breasts. I rolled my eyes at my idiotic mistake and hurriedly made my way to my room. 


Malachi’s head turned towards my direction as I entered my room. “What are you doing in here” I snapped, My eyes focused on his hands where he held my phone, I trudged towards him and snatched it from him “ and why are you looking through my phone”


Malachi’s face only held the expression of amusement “ That’s a phone?” he remarked “Your sister told me to come up here”


Damn it Julia, I told you to stall not- ugh


Malachi smirked as his eyes trailed downwards causing me to look down and realise that my nipples were popping out through my shirt. I let out a shriek of terror as I told him to turn around. I ran towards my wardrobe and quickly put on a random hoodie to conceal my body. 



“ okay so can we hurry up, I need to be somewhere in an hour”  He was now sitting on my bed, furiously tapping his phone.


“Are you serious, you can’t dedicate a small amount of time to helping yourself achieve something that’s essential for your future?!” 


He scoffed in annoyance “ don’t be stupid Talia, you and I both know that this whole thing is pointless, you don’t want to be here and neither do I”


I was fuming, he came to my house just to disrespect me “ Then why are you here?!”


My door swung open and Nicholas walked in “ woah, is everything good in here?” he asked analysing the environment.


“Yeah, I was just leaving” Mal picked up his bag , as he walked past me, he made sure to bump into the side of my body causing me to stumble a bit then he slammed my door shut.


As soon as he was gone, I fell onto my bed and groaned “ why is he like this Nick?”


I felt the bed dip next to me, “I tried to tell you he wasn’t right. He is not the same kid we used to know, wherever he went for the last 3 years and whatever he did really fucked him up”


I groaned even harder into my pillow “Why don’t I hate him, why do I think that I can help him reach is full potential?”


Nick side as he lay next to me “ Well, I believe you’re infatuated with the idea of him. It has blind sighted you so much that you are oblivious to who  he really is, he, my friend is a low life.” 


 Nick decided that we should gather up the squad and go watch a movie in order to get my mind off of things.  We decided to meet Gertie and her boyfriend the Spanish exchange student, Fernando at the cinemas to watch Captain America: Civil War.


“I’m surprised Francine let you borrow her car” Nick gushed as we walked onto the escalator, We had managed to convince my mother to allow us to borrow the old bronco for ‘educational purposes’, I felt guilty for lying but it wasn’t like we were doing anything illegal. What’s the worst that could happen?.


We reached the top where the cinema was situated and we immediately spotted Gertie and Fernando playing some arcade games. I watched Gertie jump on Fernando and wrap her legs around his waist as they cheered over their victory. I wanted that with someone, I never had that before. Of course it was easy for Gertie to get guys, she was the whole package. She was smart, beautiful, had a banging bod and she could dance- hence why she was on the cheerleading team. I on the other hand,I was just smart, nothing else.


Nick walked in front of me and stopped the happy couple from whatever they were doing. “okay, we get it you’re in-love yeah, yeah” 


“did you buy the tickets” he continued, Gertie's face flashed red “oh right, the tickets”


“no se preocupe, i’ll go buy them” Fernando articulated in his thick Spanish accent, we all merged our dollars together and Fernando headed toward the line.


“I will never understand  what he says” Nick whispered


“He was speaking english” Gertie slammed back


I watched the two argue about Fernando’s accent and soon enough zoned out. I was snapped back to reality when Gertie nudged me in the shoulder and pointed behind me. My head hesitantly snapped back, what I saw tore my heart to shreds. Malachi had his arm draped over the shoulder of a girl in my Maths class, I think her name was, Heidi, another perfect girl. 


Fernando came back with our tickets and 2 buckets of popcorn, we mad our way to theatre 7 and I hid to avoid Mal from seeing me. Nick and I sat at the top whilst Fernando and Gertie chose to desert us and sit a couple of seats away to do god knows what. 


Just as the lights dimmed, A familiar figure followed by a feminine one entered the theatre, I was grateful that the lights had dimmed so he was unable to see me. just my luck, they chose to sit the seats below us. 


I didn’t even pay attention to the movie, I was too preoccupied with Malachi. I watched him do the cliche yawn then put his hand over Heidi’s shoulder in order to pull her closer.Her head lay on his chest and they kisses a couple of times. 


Why did I let him have this affect on me? 


Was he pretending not to remember me?


What changed him?


All these questions raced through my mind. Maybe Nick was right, I didn’t really know him.

I was just infatuated with the Idea of him and it was time to move on.

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