Only for a year


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Ping, "Ugh, that's the 7th time already! Don't they get the hint??" I shout at Alex, my bff. "Just read them so they know your alive." I chug another beer down, God I don't want to read them, I already know how much trouble I'm probably in! I look at my screen.

Evil bitch:where are you?!?

Evil bitch: answer me right know!! 😡

Evil bitch:I'm calling your father

Asshole: what's going on, where are you?

Asshole:stop making things harder on your self and tells where you are

Evil bitch: your grounded for a month if you don't get home in 30 minutes!! I mean it this time

Asshole: if you don't get home soon I swear I'll send you to that military school, I mean it!!

"What's it say?" Ask Alex. " Here read it for yourself." I tops the phone to her. It takes her forever to read, probably because she's as drunk as I am. I swear they always say they er gonna do something, but all I have to do is apologize and then they forget everything!! Idiots!! "Wow, you don't think they're serious do you? I do t want you to leave me!" " What your leaving?!?!" Asked Eric, my boyfriend. "No I'm not, she's just being dramatic! Can you be the best boyfriend and go and get me some beer? Pleasssssssss?" I beg. "Fine, only if we get to fuck tonight!" He playfully nibbles my earlobe. "I can't I'm still a little sore from earlier, how about to tomorrow, I'll make it worth the wait!" I say winking at him."Deal!!" He kisses me and I push towards the kitchen. I turn to Alex, " We need to get rude of him. All he wants to do is fuck, we literally fucked an hour ago and he's already asking for more!!!" " Fine, then what's the plan?" She asks. "Well you know that slut Amber, well she gave me the wrong answers for calculus, so why don't you hook them up and tape it, then tomorrow we can put it on the morning announcements!" " Girl you can never just do a simple 'we're through' can you??!?" She laughs and walks off toward Amber.

I scans the room and spot him on the couch. I do my sexy walk over there and seat myself right on top of him. "Hey Chris, what's a hottie like you doing in here by yourself?" I lean in seductivaly, and rub his inner thigh, I can feel him starting to get aroused. "Am I making you excited?" I giggle and stroke his penis, as I start to lean in. He moves forward and soon we're passionately making out with him on top of me. He starts to take off my shirt but all off a sudden he's on the ground with Eric on top of him.

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