Charlotte Jones is stuck in a world where love is looked at as a disease. She is caught talking about becoming a Shadow with her friends Talia and Madi. Shadows believe in love, which most think is bad. The three friends must now escape without getting caught. If they are caught, they'll be given a choice. A world without love or death?


11. What Happened to Madi

After I was done drinking my water, the girl brought me a bowl of broth. At first I thought it was soup, but then I stirred it around and it was just liquid.

“Is there anything else to eat?” I asked feeling guilty after doing so.

“Nope. Sorry, we’re low. Plus it wouldn’t be good to eat such a big meal after being out for twelve hours.” The girl noted.

“Twelve hours?!” I was shocked.

“Yep.” A boy entered the room.

I wasn’t used to having boys around. Back in the zombie zone, we weren’t allowed to be close to guys unless they’re our husbands. This boy had honey colored hair that was a bit shaggy. He had a nice, tan complexion too. He was tall, and muscular too. His eyes were a hazel color that were really beautiful.

“You were lucky Xavier was there. He carried you all the way back here. Not that you’re that heavy. He said you felt like a twig.” The boy laughed.

After nobody said anything the boy spoke up, “I’m Kyle, by the way.”

“Charlotte.” I reply politely.

“You’re parent’s must love each other to give you such a beautiful name Charlotte.” Kyle said sweetly.

“They did love each other.” I began, “Then they were killed for it.”

“I… I didn’t know. I’m sorry.” Kyle’s smile faded.

I then remembered my heart charm. I sat up quickly. My head throbbed. Talia tried to tell me to lay down but I didn’t listen. I felt around in my pocket. No charm. I felt like I was about to cry!

“What’s wrong.” The girl who’s name I still didn’t know asked.

“My heart charm, from my parents. I put it in my pocket, but I can’t find it!” I scream.

“Calm down Charlotte. It’ll be okay.” Talia assured me.

I calmed down, but stayed sitting up.

“Do you need anything else Charlotte?” The girl asks.

“No thanks.” I begin, “Oh! Wait! Has any other girl shown up here while I was out?”

Everyone looked at each other, but nobody said anything. I wasn’t sure what was going on. Was there some secret that I didn’t know about?

“Just call for me if you need me. Oh and… I’m Claire, by the way.” The girl whose name was apparently Claire stuttered as she left my room.

“Can I come back in about an hour?” Kyle asked.

I nodded and Kyle left. I looked at Talia for answers to my previous question.

“Is Madi here?” I asked bluntly.

She thought about my question for a little while. Then she skated around an actually answer.

“You should rest. You took a pretty big…”

I cut her off, “Is Madi here?”

“Yes.” Talia said, not smiling.

“Let’s go see her!” I took the covers off and stood up a bit too quickly because my head started throbbing again.

“Wait! Sit down for a sec.” Talia motioned back to my cot.

I was nervous. Even more nervous than when we were running to the Shades. Even more nervous than when my grandma caught me red handed. I was about to pee my pants I was so nervous.

“Madi is here, but she’s not… okay.” Talia stated bluntly.

“Oh my god! What’s wrong?!” I screamed.

“Madi showed up last night around midnight. Jessie found her at the doorstep just laying there. She wasn’t moving.” Talia paused tearing up.

“Is she… dead?” I was about to cry myself.

“No. Not yet. She isn’t awake though. They don’t have the medicine here, or, at least, not enough medicine here to help her. She was trying to escape by herself because her dad wouldn’t let her leave. She was caught mounting the fence and a Policer shot at her. She was shot in the stomach and in the left arm. She lost so much blood that they don’t…” Talia’s voice cracked, “They don’t know if Madi will make it.”

We were both in tears. I wanted to see Madi. I needed to see Madi. I demanded that Talia take me to see her.

This place was bigger than I had though. We went through several hallways and several rooms. We ended up in a big room with six cots in it. Each cot had a curtain that could give privacy. There was only one person in a cot though. Madi.

I pulled back the curtain and was shocked. There was Madi, laying there. Motionless. I wanted to kill whoever did this to her.

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