Charlotte Jones is stuck in a world where love is looked at as a disease. She is caught talking about becoming a Shadow with her friends Talia and Madi. Shadows believe in love, which most think is bad. The three friends must now escape without getting caught. If they are caught, they'll be given a choice. A world without love or death?


20. The Attack

It was a sudden rush. People grabbed guns as fast as they could. I was frozen, just frozen. Talia and Claire dragged Madi to the back of the room. Claire held out her gun with shaky hands. I still couldn’t move. It was shock. Pure and utter shock.

“Charlotte!” Kyle screamed.

A man took a swing at my head. I didn’t have time to duck. I fell to the ground. I touched my eye, and immediately felt blood drip on to my fingers. I was too focused on the blood to realize that the man was about to take another swing. Just then, Kyle took a shot at him. What puzzled me was why Kyle didn’t shoot him in the head. He could’ve easily killed the guy, but he didn’t. Instead, Kyle shot him in the leg and arm.

“Are you okay?” Kyle asked, ushering me to sit back by Madi, Talia, and Claire.

I nodded. But Kyle noticed my eye.

“Oh my god!” Kyle screamed.

“It’s fine. No big deal.” I said.

Just then, another man came up behind Kyle. I tried to warn him, but I was too late. Kyle took a hard blow to the head. His head slammed on the ground, creating a pool of blood.

“Oh my god! You fucking bastard!” I yelled at the buff man, grabbing Kyle’s gun.

I shot bullet after bullet in to the man’s head. I stopped counting after five. The man dropped dead after the second bullet though. I was shooting at a corps.

Jessie barreled towards me, knocking the gun out of my hand. I fell to the ground in tears. I screamed.

“What?” Jessie asked calmly.

I couldn’t speak. I just pointed to Kyle. Jessie looked petrified. She immediately ran over to Kyle, who was being helped by Claire. Tears streamed down her face.

I went back to reality, and saw almost everyone fighting. The Flighters didn’t have any weapons, which I thought was odd. We seemed to be only shooting the Flighters in the arms, or kneecaps, or legs. Everything was so strange.

I looked in front of me at the dead man. He wasn’t armed with anything, but I shot him. I was an awful person. No! I reminded myself. I killed that man, because of what he did to Kyle! Screw him!

I went back over to Kyle. Claire had Kyle laying down on a blanket, that now had blood on it. Claire seemed to be looking at Kyle’s head.

“Is he gonna be okay?” I asked in a panic.

“Well,” Claire began, “I think so, but he could be out for a while. And he’s going to need several stitches.”

That was a relief. A few stitches and Kyle would be fine. Jessie was still crying however. I remembered what Kyle had said about Jessie taking him in when he first escaped to the Shades. He must be like a son to her.

I looked back at the fighting, which seemed to be over somehow. Flighters were scattered on the floor, bleeding, but not dead.

“Why didn’t we just kill the Flighters?” I asked Jessie.

“They weren’t armed, so it wouldn’t be a fair fight. Now we just have to drag them upstairs and to the carry out platform, and they’ll be flown back to their brainwashed communities.” Jessie explained, drying her eyes.

It made sense. I however did kill someone. More than one person today, in fact. I felt sick. I just calmed myself by sitting up against the wall and watching Kyle. I knew he would be okay.

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