Charlotte Jones is stuck in a world where love is looked at as a disease. She is caught talking about becoming a Shadow with her friends Talia and Madi. Shadows believe in love, which most think is bad. The three friends must now escape without getting caught. If they are caught, they'll be given a choice. A world without love or death?


30. Lunch Through A Hatch

“Lunch!” I deep man’s voice yells through the hatch.

A tray is slid through the hatch and clunks onto the concrete floor. Kyle gets up and grabs the tray. I realize that he has done this before while I was out.

On the tray, there really isn’t much. Just two bananas, a small loaf of bread, and two glasses of water. I wasn’t that hungry surprisingly, so I was fine with the circumstances.

Kyle carried the tray over to the cot we were sitting on and he began to eat. He practically swallowed his banana whole it seemed like. He realized that he was not being ‘polite’ and he said “Sorry, we only get lunch and maybe supper, and it’s pretty much the same every day.”

“It’s fine,” I laughed, “It’s not like we’re eating at a high quality restaurant Kyle.”

Kyle laughed too and I began to eat. I started with my half of the bread. Kyle was nice and gave me the bigger half. I ate slowly, savoring every bit since Kyle said we only get one, maybe two small meals a day. I finished my bread, drank half a glass of water, and moved on to my banana. Once again, I savored it, making every bite count.

After I was done, I realized I actually was hungry. Like a giant hole magically opened up in my stomach, and it immediately needed to be filled with food. I felt bad however, because Kyle finished his food so fast, he was just watching me eat the last half of my meal. I should’ve offered some more to him, but I was selfish and starving.

When I was done, Kyle took the tray and pressed a small button on the door I hadn’t realized was there earlier. He waited until the hatch opened. He slid the tray in and someone must have grabbed it.

“She up?” A man’s voice asked from outside.

“No.” Kyle lied.

The hatch slammed shut. Kyle came back to the cot to sit beside me. I asked him, “Why did you lie and say I was still out?”

“I think they’re waiting until you’re up to interrogate us or something. The longer we can put that off, the better.” Kyle explained, sitting down.

I’d never been interrogated before. I felt like the Odies’ version of interrogation would be different; cruel. We had to escape, and fast. It would be only a matter of time until they realize that I’m awake. I didn’t even want to think about the future, and what may happen. I just want to stay captivated in this moment with Kyle.

Kyle puts his arm around me when he realizes I’m nervous. He tells me it will be okay, and he kisses me on the head. I look up at his dreamy hazel eyes and his shaggy honey colored hair and I smile at him. He smiles back and we stay in silence. His smile falters though, and mine does too.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, looking at him eye to eye.


“What do you mean?”

“Jessie told me that if this ever happened, she’d come within 24 hours. It’s been two and a half days.” Kyle looked down at the concrete.

“Hey, I know she’s doing her best okay? She wouldn’t be dumb about this. She’ll want to plan this out.” I try to comfort him, but I know he knows I know. Jessie is either captured, or dead.

We sit in silence, because we can’t find anything to talk about. I just think about how we’ll get out of here. No ideas come to me. I decide I’m tired, even though I’ve slept for two days. I lay down on my cot, and Kyle lays down with me. Kyle sweeps my hair out of my face and kisses my cheek.

“I love you.” He says.

And I drift off to sleep.

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