Charlotte Jones is stuck in a world where love is looked at as a disease. She is caught talking about becoming a Shadow with her friends Talia and Madi. Shadows believe in love, which most think is bad. The three friends must now escape without getting caught. If they are caught, they'll be given a choice. A world without love or death?


32. Interrogation

“Both of you, sit down and don’t move.” The man commands. I recognize the man. He has a big tattoo on his shoulder. It’s a tattoo of the DFA (disease fighting association) symbol; a hawk with it’s wings spread wide open.

The man grabs me by the wrists and pushes me out the door before I can even say a word. As the door is being shut, I hear Kyle yell “No! Fuck you! You asshole!”

I am dragged down a long hallway with several doors, the same as ours. I can’t help but wonder if people from our group are in those rooms. There aren’t many weapons, just a few small pistols sitting on the shelves against the wall. We reach the end of the hallway and I see there are four rooms with a small window in each door.

I get a quick glimpse of one of the rooms. My heart sinks. Talia is strapped down to a chair and is slapped across the face. I can’t look anymore, and am rushed in to one of the rooms.

I can tell very easily that these men are Odies. Their all men, because women aren’t allowed to fight. And they all treat women like shit. I am forced down in to a chair. My wrists are immediately strapped to the arms of the chair. As if I could take on the large man with the tattoo.

“The name is Rick. You don’t speak unless I ask a question, got it?” Rick spits out.

“Fuck you.” I say casually, but I mean it to the depth of my soul.

“I see how it is.” The man walks over to me and slaps me right across the face. I know it’ll leave a mark. “Listen pumpkin, you shut up, answer the questions, and you go back to your cell alive. Now, we’ll start simple. What’s your name Darlin?”

“Charlotte.” I stated simply and angrily.

“Okay, Charlotte,” Him saying my name disgusts me, “do you have the disease?”

“Yes. And I’m happy!” I reply with a cunning smile.

“You’re sick! You are infected and crazy! You’re a bitch is what you are! You’re just a weak Shadow!” Another blow to my face.

It takes everything I’ve got not to fire back. I clench my fists, digging my nails in to my skin until it hurts. More questions are asked. Simple ones like, where are you from? Or who is in your family? Then the questions go deeper.

“Have you killed anyone? I bet you’ve killed dozens.” Rick presses.

“How many have you killed?” I shoot back, tired of being interrogated by a filthy scumbag.

“I told you I ask the questions!” Another strike. This time it’s harder, and makes contact with my left eye. I’m dizzy for a short moment.

“Just a few.” I say dizzied.

“Don’t lie to me!” Another blow to my left cheek.

“I’m not lying you piece of shit!” I scream.

Two more blows, this time punches, not slaps. One to the jaw, and one to my left eye again. I’m dazed in confusion and can feel myself drifting on the edge of consciousness. My head bobbles back and forth.

“We’ll try this again tomorrow when you’ve learned to comply.” Rick exclaimed as he undid the straps that were holding my wrists down.

I was too weak to fight. I practically fell in to Rick’s arms. I tried to gain as much balance as I could. I tried to walk alongside Rick, but he had to push me the entire way. We got back to my cell, and I was careful to study how Rick opened the door. There are three locks. One requires a special sliding card. One requires a key. And the last on is just a latch.

The door clicks open, and I’m thrown in to a cot. I see Kyle try to run toward me, but Rick snatches him. Kyle breaks free for only a second, trying to run to me again, but Rick grabs him and tightens his grip. Before I know it, Rick and Kyle are gone, and the door is closed. I only hear one click though. And I knew what I was going to do.

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