Falling *short story*

Have you ever felt like your falling into a never ending darkness?


1. Drowning

I have always felt like I was falling. Kind of like I was just a waste of space....just their with out knowing why? I would float through the hall was. No on could see cause no one cared enough to save me. I always felt so lost and alone. "Hey Honey how was your day?" My mom would ask when I walked through the door. I would smile and shrug. "It was okay I guess." Would always be my answer to her before I would go up to my room and cry for a little while locking my self in their. Then the door opened and I could hear my dad's voice come up through the floor boards. "Honey I'm home!" He called out to my mom and me but I just put on music and acted like I couldn't hear him. I never liked my dad because of all the bad things he put me and mom through.

At school it was no different in the halls people would look at laugh at me calling me a freak for how I dressed and acted. No one knew that I was falling and slipping into the darkness. I would cry my self to sleep and draw pretty pictures on my arms with a blade when no was looking. I didn't want to live this way but no matter how hard I seemed to try I would still fall into the sea of darkness. Swimming is pointless if your to busy gasping for air. Every one just seemed to walk around above me with a smile on their face and I so badly wanted to join them but just couldn't reach the top. 

Then I meet a girl that was unlike any other at my school. She held her hand out to me thought I couldn't see her face yet. I took her hand desperate to get out of the darkness and to join the others. "Hey!"I heard her say with a bright and cheery voice.

I smiled when I was greeted with a cheery face and I smiled and held on to her hand tightly. "Please don't let me fall..." I said softly to my self but to my surprise she answered me. "I wold never dream of it." I jumped a bit not expecting to get an answer back because i didn't think that any body could hear me. She pulled really hard and soon I was out of the water as I gasped for breath taking in all the air that I could. I looked at her bright smile and kind eyes, "Why did you save me?" She smiled at me ruffled my hair up a bit. "Cause I know how it feels to fall and wait for the end to come." She smiled at me and I started to think that things would get better as I smiled back. "Thanks."

Then my alarm went off and I woke up opening my eyes to realize that I was still falling and no one was going to save me...I would be swallowed up the darkness and I have to call it my new home.

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