Under the influence thoughts

Tired of life being that bee that just stings you in the ass


1. Thoughts roaming

I got this sims game we are the perfect family got 2 kids live in this big ass house. I think we got into a relationship right there and then. I have a normal but not a bad house ! I created you this big ass house. Has a big living room, Tvs radio the kitchen nice bathroom nice. Live the perfect life, we both are fire fighters. Not once got into a verbal altercation nor a fight. We go out we chill at the park. You holding hazel knowles beautiful baby girl, I'm helping Justin knowles walk. Our homie in the cut chilling eating all our food. But who cares we the perfect couple chilling living life. Big nice house. Don't you wish sometimes your life could be a sims game? Living life how you want it! Going to work doing a nine hour shift sometimes 7 getting paid $1500 or more a day? Choosing the perfect time to argue or be nice? Even woohoo anytime you want? Bring a able to cook meals in less then 5 mins ? Having special point to go finish a task faster? Whether it's a game or a dream, or if your drunk or high, it always seems better living like that then reality where life is hard as hell, where you face difficult times , argue and fight, feelings get hurt, anger taking control everyone so mean. Everything so expensive the struggle is the only route, no money to enjoy ! 

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