Stay strong

14 year old Carley and her5 year old brother have lost their mother in a DUI accident caused by her. Now the kids are stuck with their abusive father, and the kids have no one to help them.


3. The next day

I couldn't sleep last night. I had to make sure that Charlie didn't drink anything other than water, I had to cook for him with what very little food we had left, he needs to put himself together and get a job already. I also had to talk to Luca and read him a bedtime story over the phone and talk to him till he fell asleep. And since I was up worrying about Luca I decided to go through my messages on all social media, and trust that was a lot, but they were basically all the same thing "in sorry for your loss" or "I'm here for you" and "you can talk to me". But it doesn't mean shit to me unless they can take me back in time to change everything! In the morning I make us some coffee and take it up to Charlie's room, but when I open the door he's on laying on the ground surrounded by beer bottles!!!! "What's wrong with you?!!" I scream at him. He ignores me and takes a swig from the another bottle. I stomp over there and snatch it from him, pick up the rest and throw them out. And when I come back in he has another bottle in hand! "Stop it! Go downstairs right now!!!" I rip the bottle from his hand, but when I turn around to leave he grabs my wrist and and pulls me back. He gets so close I can smell the beer on his breath. "You stupid little bitch, don't you dare give me attitude, YOU HEAR ME!!!! DON'T YOU DARE". He slaps me so hard it knocks me to the ground making me spill the beer. " YOU SEE WHAT YOU DID YOU LITTLE WHORE!!!" He kicks me. "PICK IT UP!!" He socks me in the stomach. "GET YOUR UGLY ASS UP AND GO BUY ME SOME MORE!!!" He throws the bottle at me and it shatters scratching up my legs. " b-b-but we ...don't have any... money." I whisper between sobs. He yanks me up by my hair "Well go and get some money then." He says in a threatening tone. I run to my room and lock the doors before he can do anything else. He starts pounding on the door and yells threats through the door. "If you tell anyone about this that'll be the last thing you do, and I'll punish your brother too!"

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