Who Will You Fall For?

Jess just moved to the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Australia. She had to escape the judgement and bullying of her former school. Jess is hoping this new start will help her battle her serious battle with anxiety and depression. When school starts, Jess meets Ashton, Michael, Calum, and Luke. She becomes best friends and starts hanging out with them on a daily. Ashton and Luke both fall in love with Jess, but can Jess decide who she feels for out of the four? And not to mention the threat of Michaels girlfriend....So who will it be Jess? Who will you fall for?


2. First Day ( part one )

     Today was the first day of school. I'm not one of those for dressing up on the first day, so I wore black jeans with a Falling in Reverse tee from Hot Topic paired with high-top all black converse. I went to the kitchen and made some toast and with vegemite, my new Australian discovery. After I finished eating and cleaning up, I made my way back to my room to apply some mascara and eyeliner. I brushed my teeth, got my book bag and made my way to my car, which was a newly bought yellow Hummer.

*skip to arriving at school*

     I walked into the corridor and then to the office to get my class schedule. Turns out I have Geometry first period. I walk into class and head towards the back because I don't know anybody. Then four guys walked into the room and three sat to the right of me and one sat right in front of me. The one in front of me had perfect curly brown hair and wore a American flag muscle tee, showing his impressive muscles. He looks like he plays the drums or just works out a lot. Anyway, he styled his shirt with black jeans ripped at the knee and all black combat boots. The guy right beside me had beautiful sun kissed hair that was styled in a quiff and gorgeous ocean blue eyes. He wore a Nirvana shirt with black ripped jeans and all black Vans. The guy in front of the blondie had amazing dark brown hair and wore a gray NASA shirt with the same type of jeans as the other two. He had all black Vans for shoes ,also. The one furthest away from me had interesting green hair and wore a Rolling Stones muscle tee. He had on black jeans with no rips and all black high-top converse, just like mine. He was talking to a girl that appeared to be his girlfriend, which is too bad because he is so hot. As I'm sitting here admiring the guys, blondie says something to me but I didn't quite hear.

     "Sorry, didn't hear you, what did you say?" I ask the blondie.

     "Its fine, My name is Luke. Are you new here?" he asks.

     "Yea, actually"

     "Where did you come here from?"


     "I have always had a fascination with America, the girls there are so gorgeous, and you don't fall far from the tree..."

     "Stop flirting Luke, Hey, my name is Ashton, what's yours?" says the one sitting in front of me. He olds out his hand waiting for me to grasp it and introduce myself.

     "Uhh, Jess, my name's Jess," I say as I shake his hand.

     "You are beautiful, I'm serious," says Luke. Why are these guys being so nice to me. I'm not beautiful, I'm ugly. I am so ugly. And why did he tell me I look good twice. Then, NASA shirt says something to me.

     "Oh my gosh Luke, shut up. I'm Calum and this dude is Michael," says the guy sitting in front of Luke, as he points to the guy sitting in front of himself. His voice is so attractive. His accent is so amusing to listen to.

     "What's up," Michael says, and then resumes his conversation with the girl.

     "Nice to meet you all," I say as the teacher walks into the room. All the guys turn around and pay attention for the rest of class, with an occasional glance to look at me.

*skip to the end of class*

     I get all my things together when the teacher dismisses us. As I start to walk out of the classroom, Luke and Ashton invite me to sit with them at lunch. I tell them that I will be there. By this time, I'm already in English with Ashton and Luke. I once again go to the back and this time Luke sits in front of me and Ashton sits next to me.

     "What brings you to Australia?" luke asks me politely.

     "My dad got a job and school is better for me here"

     "How is it better for you here? I'm not trying to be nosy or anything, I'm just being curious," Ashton asks.

     "Umm, I.. I umm... I wasn't really liked much at school in America. I was actually quite hated."

     "I don't know why anyone would hate you, your such a beautiful,sweet person," Ashton replies. Ashton just called me beautiful. I don't think he is telling the truth. He might just feel bad for me. What if he really means it? To end the awkwardness, the teacher walks in and starts to teach.



Next chapter tells the rest of Jess's day with the boys starting at lunch. Comment what you think of it so far and what I can do better. this is my first story so I hope it doesn't suck.

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