Amelia- may's story isn't all that different from anyone else's. The word went to shit, and the dead don't want to die. She has lost people and so has everyone else. Who she was before isn't who she now but here is one difference between Amelia may and every other survivor she as come across. She does't know who she was.. and who she is? Well, she is still trying to figure that out.

During the mayhem of the beginning of the apocalypse, a fateful smack on the head stole her memory. All she has ever known is the world she is living in now but that doesn't means she's adept to surviving it, Eventually she ends up on deaths door until a man on a motorcycle chooses to save her life.

Amelia- may has to decide if who she was is worth fighting for or if she'll fight that comes with what's forgotten and strive for something better with the one man who can see past it all.


10. You're a joke, is what you are.

The opportunity was just far too good to pass up.

He'd heard about the runs that everyone was heading out on, leaving the town without much of it's senior leadership and that should have thrilled him to the end. He should have used that to his advantage and gone on a rampage but it's not what peaked his interest or had the gears turning in his head.

It was the fact that Amelia was going on one of those runs with Daryl and it was perfect.

No one saw Dylan slip beneath the tarp of the truck, setting in between all the empty gas and propane canisters, his pack tucked between his legs , her machete attached to his belt, another knife at his other side and a handgun he'd managed to sneak out when no one was paying attention. Needless to say, he was good at what he did and what was he going to do now? Well, not passing up the opportunity to gut Daryl Dixon and have Amelia all to himself.

It was rare that he found himself interested with a single individual. His hungers were usually far more broad, consisting of torturing and killing anyone who just seemed weak enough, who pissed him off enough. And then there was the stealing, The burning things down.. but he'd found a rare gem in Amelia and he was more than willing to pass up a chance of killing to have some 'quality ' time with her.

First things first... wait out the long ride in the back of the old Ford. Then, make nice work of Daryl's innards. After that... it would just be Dylan and Amelia. He had a hard-on just imagining the fight with her, the uncontrollable anger he could drag out of her, the pain he could conflict on her. And what she could do to him. He had to close his eyes , willing the strain in his pants to settle, letting out a shuttering breath as rain pattered down onto the tarp. Be patient, he told himself.  All in good time.





" Tell me something about yourself." Amelia said beside him, her head resting in one hand as she watched him somewhat sideways in the passenger seat. Daryl stole a glance at her, a furrow of his brows in answer.

" Like what?" He asked, staring back out at the road, the windshield wipers flipping back and forth lazily. He didn't like talking about himself. It was pretty apparent but he had to admit, she made it easy. He sometimes found himself revealing things to her that had taken him months, even years to tell other people. It was a little perplexing. After she revealed her memory about her brothers, he'd told her about Merle. Even told her about his parents. He couldn't have said why, just thought it was important for her to know that sometimes family is fucked up and that it wasn't on her what had happened to her brothers. She'd seemed grateful, even compassionate about his memories. That was something he had in abundance, memories of thins he wanted to forget and she had memories she wanted to remember. What an odd pair they were.

" I don't know." She paused, narrowing her gaze out the window. She'd let her hair down about an hour back. The long, black stands were cascaded down her shoulders, covering her scar and hiding the side of her face from him for a moment. " Tell me about the things you did before all of this," She motioned outside with her free hand, looking back at him. " Like, what job you had. The things you did." He took a deep breath, at that and let it out, thinking about what he would say. He had no reason not to answer her. He was pretty damn sure if she had things to remember , she'd reveal them to him if he asked her to.

" Did what I'm doin now, I guess. Jus survivin. I was a fuck up. Wasn't exactly an upright citizen, followed my brother round, not into all sorts of trouble cause of him. Cause I was stupid. Didn't think I'd amount to nothin." And part of him still felt that way, though he didn't say it out loud. He shifted his position a little in his seat, moving the truck around a busted shopping cart in the middle of the road. " Not much has changed, I s'pose." She straightened up a little , letting her hand fall.

" You're wrong about that." She said so firmly, he had to look at her. Her gaze was almost steely. " You're not stupid or a fuck up. You're..." She narrowed her gaze, then nodded as if she had to say what what she said next, " You're the best man I know. And I may not have much of a memory to fall back on but I'm pretty sure it's safe to say you're the best man I've ever known." Her gaze softened a little, a soft and slow flush coming to her cheeks. He didn't know what to say, he just looked at her, his face taking on a cautious expression like he was expecting it all to be a joke and for her to take back everything she said.

" I sometimes wonder if I should stop trying to remember who I was. Maybe I won't like ' her'. " She looked away from him, breaking the connected stare. He looked back out on the road. " I think, what if she's a fuck up too.., ya know?" She did that sometimes, he noticed. Talked about her old self as a completely different person. " Then I watch you, and how you are with everyone. How respected you are , how tough and good and..." her words trailed off a little and she shrugged. " And I realize that who she was... Who I was... it doesn't matter anymore. Cause she's gone.. she died when I got this." She motioned to the side of her head. " And maybe that's not such a bad thing because now I can be good. I can choose to be better that what's been piled on me... like you did." 

His throat tightened, and he forced himself not to look at her. There were moments with her, things she said and did that just pierced right through him. Made him feel like maybe he really was as good of a man as she made him out to be and damned if he didn't want to be , for her. Daryl didn't know whole hell of a lot about love. It was a foreign concept. He'd had plenty of one night stands, a few hookers, a quick fuck in a parking lot. But never anything close to what could be called a real relationship. He didn't know what if felt like to fall in love or be in love.. or to be loved.

However, the more he spent time with her, the more she made him smile and come out of his shell and.. shit. He gripped the steering wheel tight, trying not to think about the fact that he was pretty sure this was what it was like to fall in love with someone because it was scaring him. " Yer givin me too much credit." He finally said. That was when she reached out and grabbed his free hand, giving him no choice but to look at her.

" And you don't give yourself enough." She said softly, giving one nod in his direction before squeezing his hand and looking back out the window without letting him go. He let his gaze go back to the road, not even attempting to move his hand away from hers.

Everything was changing again because of her. and for the first time, he really had a word for it. Love. A war had started between Daryl's head and heart in that moment. His heart wanted nothing more than to profess how he felt, the affect she has on him even only after a few months the way he saw her. But his head kept telling him that she deserved better and the he'd just fuck up her life even more than it already had been, and that she was so much better off without him. 

He could hear his long dead brother's voice ringing in his ears. ' You're a joke, is what you are.'  He frowned slightly, Fuck you, Merle.'  He thought to himself and pushed with all he had and all he was to forget a little longer that there was not way he would ever be with a woman like Amelia.

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