Amelia- may's story isn't all that different from anyone else's. The word went to shit, and the dead don't want to die. She has lost people and so has everyone else. Who she was before isn't who she now but here is one difference between Amelia may and every other survivor she as come across. She does't know who she was.. and who she is? Well, she is still trying to figure that out.

During the mayhem of the beginning of the apocalypse, a fateful smack on the head stole her memory. All she has ever known is the world she is living in now but that doesn't means she's adept to surviving it, Eventually she ends up on deaths door until a man on a motorcycle chooses to save her life.

Amelia- may has to decide if who she was is worth fighting for or if she'll fight that comes with what's forgotten and strive for something better with the one man who can see past it all.


4. It's the goddamn Twilight Zone


Three weeks of utter torture. Okay, so maybe not torture but boredom disguised as healing and attempting to get answers from Amelia that she just didn't have. Shit, she'd have spilled all the beans if she had them to spill, just to get out of that damn room. A little sunshine and a view other than a window that looked out onto a huge wall would have made her expose the meaning of life at this point. 


Trying to explain that she really did have amnesia and she wasn't just going around murdering people like a psychopath was a lot harder than it might seem. There were good people here, wherever here was. But they were a suspicious lot. Not that she could hardly blame them. She'd only met two others from the original few. Carol Pelletier, who brought her food and tried to hide behind casual conversation, and Maggie Rhee. A smart, level headed woman who seemed a little more willing to believe Amelia than the rest. 


Rick would pop in to ask her stuff. Denise would come to check on her wound and how her health was progressing. Michonne was the only one who she hadn't seen since being moved to the upstairs room. Daryl, however... well, she saw him far more than the others. He seemed to have taken it upon himself to keep her company and to keep guard when he wasn't busy on runs or looking for people. At first, she thought it was just to make sure she didn't try to pull anything or hurt anyone. And that's how she treated him. Lie a warden who had way too much time on his hands but there were moments when she caught herself enjoying his company, even looking forward to it. And when she realized it, it surprised her. 


At the moment , she was staring at herself in the mirror. She's put on weight. She could stand up without her back wanting to give out . In fact, she felt better than she had in.. hell she couldn't remember. She'd pulled her clean hair up into a ponytail. She was wearing a pair of jeans, a button up dark blue short sleeve work shirt and a brand new new- or new to her pair of boots that Maggie had found her. It was strange, seeing herself with definition to her features and clean skin. She almost didn't recognize herself .  The only thing that seemed out of place now was the lack of a machete on her hip. She often found herself reaching for it out of habit, or rubbing her hip where it should be. 

" What'ya say we take a walk." She heard Daryl say, and she just about jumped out of her skin at the sound of his voice, spinning around to look at him. She hadn't even heard the door open. Had no idea how long he'd been standing there, watching her. He was leaning against the frame, one hand in his pocket, the other loose at his side. His hair was it's typical disheveled mess, but he looked like he'd recently showered. His clothes were clean, though still pretty ragged looking. And he was still donning what she'd come to think of as his trademark vest. He tilted his head a little, watching her. " Well, Comin or not? Ain't got all day, woman." 


Ugh, again with the woman. She rolled her eyes at him , walking towards him a bit. " What, no crossbow?" She glanced past him into the empty hallway. " No heavily armed escort?" She crossed her arms over her chest for a moment and he shrugged. 

" We decided it's time to give you a try. This here'll still be your room for a bit, till we can find something else for ya... if you decide to stay." He straightened up, pushing away from the door frame. " First thing's first." He stepped back into the hallway. " Grand tour." And he disappeared out of sight. She could hear his boots down the hall , and then thudding steadily down the stairs. For a moment, all she could do was stand there. Freedom? Hell yeah! and she practically darted after him, catching up just as he hit the last step.

" Why now?" She asked, following him as she rounded the corner through the infirmary to the front door. The sun was bright outside, a soft breeze was blowing and she felt it instantly as she stepped out with him onto the porch. And she had to stop. Her mouth opened in slight awe. It was.. a fuckin neighborhood. With people. And kids. A couple walked by, waved at Daryl and smiled like the world wasn't littered with walkers. It's a goddamn Twilight Zone.,  she thought to herself.

Daryl hopped off the porch, turning when he realized she wasn't moving. " Hey." He snapped his fingers at her. " You okay?" She blinked at him, then very slowly nodded. " Well get movin, then." He said, moving to the sidewalk. She closed her mouth and met his side. 

" You didn't answer my question." she said, looking around at everything. It was a whole lot different than the view of a wall, that was all about as normal as anything could be. " Why are you all trusting me now?" 

" You ain't given us a reason not to." he glanced at her. " And amnesia ain't no reason to keep a woman locked away. Not your fault you're special." he quipped, a slight smirk branching on his lips. 

" Funny. Ass." she said. They walked in silence for a little bit, the he stopped in front of a house. " This is Rick's. He stays here with his kids and Michonne." Then he pointed to the one next to it. " I'm there with Carol. Few others." He turned around, pointing across the street. " That's the meeting house or some bullshit." He started walking again, turning down a street. She just shook her head . It was all a little too surreal. After about a half hour , and him pointing out everything including the nicely fortified wall and gate that surrounded their peaceful little town, she stopped him, grabbing his elbow. 

" Wait, just wait a minute," she demanded, letting him go when he stopped and gave her a little glare. " How is all this possible?" she chuckled, a little flustered. " All this?" she motioned around her with a wide sweep on one arm. " This is... I don't even know what," She put a hand on her forehead, turning slowly to gaze at the gate. Daryl watched her quietly.

" I guess it's a bit overwhelmin, if yer not used to it. We were skeptical , too.. when we first came here." He touched her shoulder, then motioned with his head for her to follow. " Come on.. One more thang I wanna show you. " She just let out a breath and followed, feeling more like she was walking in a glorified daydream than the end of the old world. " We do everythin we can to keep this place safe. Findin people all the time. It's growin slowly.. More people now than we've had in a while. Once you get yeer bearins, you're gonna have to help with that." 

" If I decide to stay, you mean." she said softly, stepping around a small tree as they crossed a yard. He glancd at her, a long silent stare, then nodded. 

" Yeah. If you decide to stay." He looked away , his face suddenly taking a guarded expression. He stepped up onto the porch of a house which had it's door open. Sitting in a chair, reading what looked like a National Geographic with the cover missing, was a woman with dark hair, puled up into a messy ponytail and hidden somewhat beneath an army green hat, her leg tucked underneath her and a hand gun resting lazily in her lap. She looked up when she heard Daryl's footsteps on the wooden floor. 

" Hey ." She said, giving him a nod. " This is the memory-laps lady?" The woman asked, motioning to Amelia. Amelia blinked. Then shook her head.

" I'm never gonna live this town, am i?" she muttered. Daryl smirked and just nodded at the woman in the chair. 

" Rosita, this is Amelia . Amelia , " he motioned to the woman, who stood up, setting the magazine aside, " This is Rosita." The woman took a sauntering step toward her, giving her a glance and nodding like she approved. 


" Pleasure ." She said , though it didn't quite reach her voice. " Need the lockup?" She asked Daryl, turning her eyes to the closed double doors across from where she'd been sitting. She reached into the pockets of her jeans and pulled out a set of keys, moving to the doors without waiting got an answer. 

" Yeah. " Daryl said, and after she unlocked the doors, he nodded to the front door leading outside. " Get some fresh air.. I got it." he said. Rosita just shrugged and muttered a ' whatever' before heading out, brushing softly by Amelia as she went. " She's not so bad. Takes her a bit to warm up to people." he said over his shoulder. Amelia just blinked and mouthed a 'wow;, following behind Daryl as he stepped into the room beyond.

And what a room it was. Wall to wall weapons. Rifles, automatic weapons, hands guns, spears, and a table full of different kinds of ammo and knives. She stopped and couldn't help but grin. It was like Christmas morning! He glanced at her, and smiled a little. " Look's like yer in heaven. Should I be worried?" he asked, though she could tell he was mostly joking. 

" You weren't kidding when you said you guys do whatever it takes to keep this place safe." She said, moving toward the table and looking at the ammo and a set of daggers. 

" Nope." was his answer. Then she could feel him behind her, he presence a strangely warm and comforting thing she'd begun to recognize. She turned, not actually expecting him to be so close, inhaling the smell of soap and motorcycle exhaust. But then she saw what was in his hands and stopped. " Figured you'd want this back. Cleaned it up for ya." He pulled her machete out of a brand new looking leather sheath. " Made this too.." he said about the sheath before slipping the weapon back into it and holding it our to her. " Can keep it with ya, 's long as you don't pull any bullshit, unless, ya know... necessity an all." 

She was well and truly speechless. She hadn't expected to ever see it again.. and sure, it was a blade. One that could probably be replaced by just about anything, considering her affinity with weapons. But she'd be lying if she said she hadn't grown attached to the thing over time. And to get it back like this? From him? Well damn. She felt a flush in her cheeks, a warmth was over her face. and she had to fight the urge to scuff her foot and say 'shucks' like some damn kid with a crush as she reached out and grabbed the machete. 

" T-thanks..:" she said softly, looking up to meet his eyes. They he was looking at her, damned if her heart didn't skip a few beats. Amelia had to swallow down the weirdness in her throat, and nodded quietly. " Really, Daryl. Thanks.. for everything." After a long silence, he stepped back and shrugged.

" Just a knife." He said, as though it was as simple as all that. She couldn't help it, she furrowed her brows and stepped toward him.

" It's more than that. You saved my life.. i owe you." she said, then smiled sheepishly stepping past him. " Not that I have much." She added sarcastically. Amelia could feel his eyes on her as she stepped back out into the hall. She forced herself to head out onto the porch. Rosita was sitting on the sidewalk, talking to a kid with a Sheriff's hat. Neither one of them noticed her, and she was glad for it. 

She couldn't stop looking at the leather sheath, running her fingers over the finely sewn piece. and then it dawned on her that it was the first real gift anyone had ever given her. Well, that she could remember anyway. The thought of that made her blush and she had t otake a deep breath, letting it out slow. " Shit." she whispered . She looked around , taking it all in one more time. 

The peace here, the normalcy.. she felt completely out of her place. The decision was hers, apparently. Whether or not she stayed and she had no idea what her choice would be. But if it means getting to know Daryl Dixon a little bit more... she sighed at her own thoughts. Keep it together, Amelia. She told herself. There was no way she could stay here. She didn't do well around people. Her blackouts.. her lack of memory. She was a walking time bomb, waiting to go off or at least that was how she viewed herself. What right did she have to expose all these people and this place to that? Regret and fear flooded her, and she gripped the machete tightly. 

" Shit." she said again. Shit,indeed,

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