Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Volume 1

Life for the residents of New Domino City could be more peaceful and normal since the founding. But everything changes when two children are born and end up in the same Dueling Academy and another war erupts as both Trigger a long lost battle that occurred long before their time. Now it's up to Surina Fudo and her friends to win this war....


1. Intro

~Author's note~

Thank you all to all who read and are reading my Yugioh 5ds fanfic. That was actually my third attempt at writing a yugioh fanfic. My first attempt was terrible. My second attempt was better. But this third attempt was perhaps my best attempt yet. But this fanfic will be the original concept's and idea's I had for my first yugioh fanfic but of course a lot better and more in depth than before as back then I was still starting out writing and my inner yugioh fanboy was just reawakening. But now I'm better prepared and a more seasoned and experienced writer so with no further to do I give you Yu-Gi-Oh! Bond's.....


Surina or Suri is a Psychic Duelist that can communicate with the dead and the duel spirits as when she was a toddler she was in regular contact with her dead grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Fudo and a third ability yet to be discovered. She looks like her mother, Akiza, as her facial features are similar. Her hair color was a dark burgundy and she wore her hair in the same style mrs. Fudo wore her hair and kept some of her bangs covering her right eye like mr. Fudo had. Her eyes are Royal Blue. She is always wanting to help people and is good at first aid but likes to have a girls day out with her mother whenever they can. She is much like her father, Yusei, as well as she loves mechanics and computers and spending time with her father in the garage. 

Yusei, Bruno, Blister, Suri, and one of her friends from the academy updated and upgraded his old Duel runner as they gave it a completely new Planetary Particle engine along with the custom Speed World 3, and a maroon red paintjob. And she would wear Yusei's old helmet and keep the spare one stowed away.

Her day to day outfit was usually a maroon tanktop, maroon jacket, black elbow length fingerless gloves, blue jeans, a belt with a deck holster, high tops, and a gold cross pendant with a emerald gem in the middle. But when she got into duel academy she received a Slifer Red New Domino academy outfit and wore that when she was on campus. She usually wasn't seen without her duel disk as it followed the design of her mothers duel disk but the trim followed the color scheme of white and maroon with the field and gems on them being maroon as well, but later on she usually just wore her wrist dealer as her new duel disk was a retroized version of the original Battle City Duel Disk that had the same maroon and white color scheme.

This her deck list:

 Blue Eyes White Dragon x4
Blue Eyes Shining Dragon
Dark Magician Girl 
Dark Magician Girl of Chaos 
Sorceress of Dark Magic 
Magicians Valkyria 
Blue Eyes White Magician Girl
Blue Eyes White Magician Girl of Chaos 
Blue Eyes Sorceress of White Magic
Blue Eyes White Magicians Valkyria
Buster Blader Girl x2
Lord of D.
Blue Rose Dragon
Winged Kuriboh 
Mirage Dragon 
Evil Thorn x3
Wall of Ivy
Maiden of the Blue Eyes 
Twilight Rose Knight
The White Stone of Legend
Majestic Dragon 
Black Magician Girl of Chaos
Blue Eyes White Black Magician Girl of Chaos
Dark Paladin Girl 
Dark Knight Magician Girl
Blue Eyes White Knight Magician Girl
Blue Eyes White Paladin Girl
Blue Eyes White Twin Burst Dragon
Blue Eyes White Ultimate Dragon 
Formula Synchron 
Azure Eyes Silver Dragon
Majestic Twin Burst Silver Dragon 
Azure Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Blue Moonlight Rose Dragon
Speed World 3
Synchro Panic
Angel Baton x2
Speed Fusion x6
Overboost x4
Mystical Space Typhoon
Lightning Vortex
Fusion Gate
Black Magic Girl Ritual
White Magic Girl Ritual
Knights Title x2
Monster Reborn 
Monster Reincarnation 
Enemy Dragon
Mystic Box
Flute of Summoning Dragon 
Magic Formula
Mirror Force
Mirror Wall
Negate Attack
Counter Counter
Remote Revenge
Cursed Ivy
Crush Card Virus 
Card Defense
Dark Spiral
Spellbinding Circle 
Magical Hats
Magic Cylinder

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