Twilight Truth or Dare

So... The Cullens' guests got a LITTLE bored.... It eventually led to some Truth or Dare... Keep reading to find out what happened!
Warning: It gets a little dirty!


1. The Game!!!(Bella POV)

"Ugh," muttered Jake, so low only I, who was standing right next to him, could hear. "I'm so bored, doing nothing, waiting for the damn fight." I tensed. "There won't be a fight." I hissed in his ear. Jake rolled his eyes. "whatever. I still wish there was something we could do." Suddenly, an idea burned bright in my head. "Everyone in a circle!" I yelled. Once they had all settled themselves into a somewhat-circle, I announced, "We're all going to play Truth or Dare!"  One or two looked a little frightened. I grinned and wiggled my eyebrows at Edward, who grinned back. "Great!" I clapped my hands together like an excited toddler, and settled myself into the front of the circle. I shot a look at Alice, who was holding her head in hands. "Bella..." she groaned. "Why does it have to be such an embarrassing game?" I grinned. "Because," I lifted my chin. "I need to learn secrets." I winked at Edward. He was looking mortified as well. Oh, right, he could hear thoughts. "I'll start! Truth or Dare, Jasper?" I asked. "Err... Dare?" I grinned evilly. "I dare you to do Seven Minutes in Heaven with whoever you hate most!" Everyone looked at me, shocked. I nodded and grinned even more evilly. Jasper sighed and shuffled over to Alistair.

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