Avengers: 3rd Generation: The Civil War

This is the END of the New Avengers! When a accident happens that kill over 50 people the Avengers have to sign a new registration act that BANS ALL heroes but some won't sign it and those that did sign have been hired by the government to hunt down and KILL the traitors.


6. There will be blood

         "What do you want!" Aidan yelled. Bradley awnsered "For you to sign this" He threw the registration on the ground. Aidan's eye wanders to Brianna. He mouths the words "I'm sorry...." He jumps up and hits Bradley's suits Arc Reactor. He then ran after Dare Devil who tripped him once Bradley was able to power his suit up again he grabbed Aidan by the shirt and threw him up in the air, Katianna used her telekinesis and stopped him in mid air and lowered him safely. Aidan got down and ran to Bradley again, he pressed a button on his wrist shield activator which made the shield solid and throwable, he threw the shield and jumped on it making it for him to slide across the street, he jumped up and pressed the power button to make another solid/virtual shield. He hit Bradleys mask. Bradley grabbed Aidan by the neck and threw him to the ground. "I'm sorry Aidan, this gonna hurt....a lot, Jarvis, start the canary screech." A loud high pitched noise started throughout the city meaning anybody in a 130 mile radius ears would be most likely bleeding by now "ARGH! SHUT IT OFF! BRADLE--" Aidan passes out from pain, blood is slowly coming out of Aidan's ears....blood was shed...


(Thanks for reading I decided I'd make more! YAY!)

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