Avengers: 3rd Generation: The Civil War

This is the END of the New Avengers! When a accident happens that kill over 50 people the Avengers have to sign a new registration act that BANS ALL heroes but some won't sign it and those that did sign have been hired by the government to hunt down and KILL the traitors.


4. The Fight



           All Aidan heard when he got punched was "Oh my god!" Or  "Bradley are you crazy!?" When he got up he wasn't happy. He turned on his sheild and hit Bradleys face mask. He then blocked a arrow from Camren. Donavin fired a web at  Camren's quiver of arrows and knocked them all out. Aidan blocked a Katinna was to busy try to keep the Hulk in place  not destroying the whole tower.  Katianna was in pain he was to strong she fell to the ground  from the pain she was in and Hulk went on a rampage and the tower started to tip Katianna jumped out the window of the tower and flew to the ground. She tried to used her power to keep the tower in place. But by the time she got down the tower had fallen... She ran to the debris and tried to see if any of the heroes had made it she lifted most of the rubble up and saw Falcon extended his robot wings to hold onto them but while hitting the ground a sharp pole pierced his lung the others barely survived the fall, they where seriously injured. Hulk and Iron Man not so much. Aidan got up and saw the civilians who where staring. And angrily said "What, what do you want?" Iron Man came up behind him and knocked him out cold. Spider-Man used his webs to pick up a rock and hit it at Iron Mans head. It knocked off a huge chunk of his mask. He looked behind him and saw Spider-Man he fired a beam at him. When he dived to miss it what he thought was a beam was actually a homing missile. Aidan got back up and turned on his sheild he looks for his friends but all he sees is destruction. A dead hero and a fallen one to...Iron man. He sees Bradley fly off. When Spider-Man was able to get some room in between the missile and him see webbed it up and threw it at some rubble far away. Aidan knew something bad was going to happen but not right now.





















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