The marauders - Year3

Marauder era!!!!;-) Third year at Hogwarts is full of enemies!
Sorry, I am a bit biased about Snape as I think he's brill.
My first movella!!!��


2. Sides


James' POV:

"Moons, give it a rest!" I cry. "I know that I went a bit TOO far over the line earlier and I don't need you to tell me that!"

"Look, guys, there's no point arguing over such a little thing!" Resins Sirius. Since when have him and Moony switched roles?

We are sitting in the library after I told my friends what had happened with Snivelly. As I'd expected, Moony took the news with protests that I'd stopped bullying Snape, but I was surprised when Padfoot took it the same way.

"The library is  now closed. Mind you put any books back on the correct shelves." Calls Madam Pince, the librarian; the four of us head to bed.



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