Hi, I'm Misty O'Weilly. I'm a human from the Outlands of Eutoria, which is where all of the humans are born and raised. When they turn eighteen, they are given a choice. To stay in the Outlands and have children, or to live in the Inlands and never have a child. Today, I am eighteen. My bags are packed, for I am on a mission.


Eutoria is a beautiful and magical land. The Inlands is home to all the magical creatures of Eutoria, such as dragons, elves, gnomes, and even fairies. Eutoria would be perfect, but The Rulers are a huge problem. They are the five kings and four queens who rule over Eutoria as tyrants. Follow along with Misty as she joins a rebellion to overthrow The Rulers.


4. Three

Lucas Arthur Finnow had many problems, he thought as he unsuccessfully navigated the woods. First of all, elves, half-elves like himself especially, got no respect in Central. Pansies, he and his father alike had often been called. No one realized that if Luke were ever to really let himself become angry, they would all have seven arrows to the throat before they could ever use the terrible insult again. Second, his mother had never allowed him to adopt him father's last name, but, oh, how he longed to at least try being Lucas Arthur Markson. Third, it was Jaqueline's free day to practice magic, hence the main reason he was out in these woods in the first place. He did not want to be turned into a newt again.

 SNAP.  And fourth, he thought, was that something was here with him.  He drew his bow, nocked an arrow, and held the bow threateningly. When nothing replied, he put the items away, and turned around to continue walking. Soon, though, he heard crying, and a girl's voice calling, "Hello? Is there anyone here? Hello?" He followed the voice, his father's pointy, Elven ears perked to the sound like an animal's. He soon stumbled across a young girl, perhaps sixteen, who he guessed had been the one calling. Her large blue eyes darted to him. Her blonde hair was grimy and tangled. Her denim shirt was also dirty, and her skirt was badly ripped. Other than this, she seemed to be all right. "Thank gods!" she cried. "I was beginning to think there was no one here! I'm Annie." "I am Luke," he answered, and offered his hand to her. She took it and said, "Can you help me? I know nothing. It's all much too hazy." He nodded, determined to help her. "Yes. I have a place that you may stay until you are better."

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