Hi, I'm Misty O'Weilly. I'm a human from the Outlands of Eutoria, which is where all of the humans are born and raised. When they turn eighteen, they are given a choice. To stay in the Outlands and have children, or to live in the Inlands and never have a child. Today, I am eighteen. My bags are packed, for I am on a mission.


Eutoria is a beautiful and magical land. The Inlands is home to all the magical creatures of Eutoria, such as dragons, elves, gnomes, and even fairies. Eutoria would be perfect, but The Rulers are a huge problem. They are the five kings and four queens who rule over Eutoria as tyrants. Follow along with Misty as she joins a rebellion to overthrow The Rulers.


1. Epilouge

Amy Julianne Curruthers, she whispered to herself on that dreary battlefield, guns in hand. That's who she was. This was the third battle in what was soon to be known as The Great War. At 03 hundred hours, the ogres had ambushed Amy's camp, killing her best and only friend, Mina, a lovely young half human, half siren. Amy was on her own now, watching bodies drop, ogre and otherwise. Amy oogled, afraid to lift either of her guns, then an ogreian blade swiped across her eye. It burned and burned, as ogreian blades always did, or so she had been told. Her eye became almost blind, and she closed them both, a cry erupting from her throat. She recklessly raised her guns and pulled the triggers over and over again. Bodies dropped. But Amy loved it. This is what her mom would want. 

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