Wanna Be Loved

When Brittany's mom gets remarried, she got a surprise when she finds out who her new step brothers are. When she starts living with one of them and his friends, and starts 'dating' one of them, she starts to question herself.
Was her life too complicated?
What's going to happen when her past catches up with her?
Will Louis ever tell her his secret?
Are one of the boys going to fall for her?
What will Liam do when she becomes known as 'Mummy Direction'?
And most importantly, will the boys be understanding about her past and help her in the future?

(I Just Want to be Loved, redone)


3. Chapter Three

 Brittany's POV


"I never agreed to that," I told Niall who rolled his eyes.

"Come on, Brittany. You're 21. You're a big girl. You can do this."

I shook my head. "My mother can not agree for me. I make my own decisions," I informed him.

"Please?" he asked, giving me puppy dog eyes.

I thought for a second. "No."

"How about just temporarily? I'm all alone there. Just until the tour," Niall begged and I gave in.

"Fine, but I want a new wardrobe at your place." He smiled and nodded.

"Of course! We can get you all designer clothes if you want. We can get you anything. Hell, I'll give you a credit card linked to my bank account if you want one."

I chuckled and shook my head. "Just normal clothes will do," I told him. "I'm just moving into your place as your step sister, not marrying you." Niall joined in on my laughter.

"Yeah, okay, I get it. But I've already bought you a bedroom set and decorated your room at my place.

I raised my eyebrows. "How did you know that I'd say yes?" I asked and he shrugged.

"Ms. Julie told me that if I harassed you enough, you'd cave."

I slapped his shoulder and he shrugged again.

"It was those damn puppy eyes that did if for me."




"Holy shit," I said aloud as Niall's driver pulled up to Niall's apartment building. "I mean, damn son, this is impressive."

Niall chuckled and just shrugged. "Just wait until you see the house that the lads' and I rent to hangout and write together."

"You guys have a whole house just for that?" I yelled and he nodded.

"Yeah, and it's a really nice place too. It came fully furnished."

I just turned and stared at him. "Holy hell, how rich are you?"

He shrugged and gestured to the window. "Prepare yourself."

I looked out and saw a crowd of fans and took a deep breath. "Are you going to sign everything and take pictures with them?" I asked and he shook his head.

"Nah, the people here are normally here waiting for me everyday." I slapped his arm.

"Take pictures with them, it'll make their day, if not their life."

"Okay," he said and nodded. "I can do that. One thing you need to realize is that this is where the rumors start. We can either announce today that you're going to be my step sister or let everyone think we're dating. You're choice."

I thought for a second about the conversation we had this morning. It didn't take long to decide. "Let's fuck with them."

And then Niall opened the door.

"Who's the girl?"

"Is she your girlfriend?"

"Are you two dating?"

"Why does she have an overnight bag?"

Those were the main things said, at least, the nice things. Some were rude, some made fun of my size (I wasn't small, but still, making fun of someone's size is very rude) and some yelled rude things at Niall for being seen with a girl. Niall just ignored everything that everyone said and signed stuff, he must've gotten used to things being screamed, but I listened to as many yells as I could and I took all the mean ones to heart, knowing that I wouldn't be forgetting any of this anytime soon, and I knew that they would end up as scars.


As I walked into the apartment carrying my duffle of necessities, my eyes widened. The kitchen was huge and beautiful with granite counter tops, cherry wooden cabinets and silver kitchen appliances. The living room was nice and big with a huge flat screen television surrounded by video game cases and game consuls.

Before I was able to take in the dinning room, Niall grabbed my elbow and pulled me up down the hallways to my room, which shocked me.

The room was gray. All the furniture was teal and there was a mac desktop sitting on top of the desk, but it wasn't the computer that shocked me. It was the walls.

Covering nearly every inch was posters of one certain boy band. They were layered on top of each other, making it a collage of One Direction. There were some old pictures from when they had just started as a band, newer pictures from their new album Four, and everything in between.

I turned to face Niall who had a grin on his face at my blank expression. "What the hell is wrong with you?" I asked he just shrugged. "I like to have a room full of pictures of me and my friends. Is that so weird?" I just kept staring blankly at him, and eventually he turned and walked away.

"My room is just down the hall, here, so go and get comfortable and shout if you need me."

"Whatever!" I shouted, knowing that I wanted to unpack everything by myself.

I only really packed the bare necessities for the next few days because he said we'd go shopping by the end of the week, and given it was Wednesday, it wasn't necessary for me to pack everything I owned.

I put the bra's and underwear I packed into the dresser with the mirror and I hung up my tops and bottoms in the walk-in closet. I walked into the bathroom, which was connected to my room of course, and unpacked my toiletries.

I took my little box, my secret little box that no one but me knew about, and stuck in in the back on the cabinet under the sink, somewhere that no one would get to on accident if they were looking for a hair brush or tampons or something. But i doubt Niall would be looking for tampons and knowing him, he probably had an abundance of hair brushes and hair sprays and stuff so he shouldn't have any reason to be in my bathroom.

Since that was the last thing i had to unpack, I walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen to make some lunch. When I opened the fridge, I called out, "Niall!"

"Yes, Hun?" he called back and I rolled my eyes.

"What do you eat in this house?" I asked as he joined me in the kitchen. "I mean, there's like nothing," I said, gesturing to the mayo, mustard and eggs that he had in his fridge and nothing else.

"I don't know what you're talking about but I can make some pretty bomb deviled eggs with that stuff and theres things for ramen in the pantry."

I opened up the pantry which was by the fridge and there was boxes upon boxes of different types of ramen. I turned and gave the grinning boy an are-you-fucking-with-me? look.

After a moment he caved and said, "I mostly get takeout."

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