�� Lyrics for a new upcoming Album by Luke J.R ��
- Inspired By: Fishyyy
- Life & Youth -
[12 Lyrics]
[12 Songs]


4. [4] WAR

Hold me in your arms, I’m going away- away- away-ay

Let the shadows bathe in our decay, ay-ay-ay

There’s no way I’m going back, back to the darkness-

Hold my hand my brother, and don’t leave me spotless-

Take my hand my brother, hold the gold chain around my neck-



Daddy! I told you that I was done with this war, but brother has told me the mightiest gift of all . . .


I knew that I was being left again, no longer looking for theft with them-

Father, did I tell you that my brother, your second son is with his mother-

I’ve failed you, I’ve failed mother, I’ve given her my second brother-

Look after, be cherished, I want my family back together.


No longer will you sell your tears to another woman, your first son is good as alive- I’m here writing this by your side-

I’m sorry I couldn’t be clever, I never thought to use a feather with the ink inside.

Your second son, my brother, he’d be here holding the ink by our sides- he’d help me write this, brother to brother, we’d be the light side.

Father, I’ve taken your opportunity to make amends with your family-

I’ve lost all those that cared for me, I’ve taken your life in order to save myself-

Problem is, I no longer want to be by myself in this empty world without you, my mother, or brother.

Oh brother, please come to me, I want us to be together again-


Meant something to me, but now I’m shaking alone. I’m left in the tunnels on my own, I have nobody to protect me from this zone.

And all the times I’ve lied to you, I’ve told these lies to keep us remaining ‘new’ – it’s an attempt to keep us together.

Family. Forever.


I’ve watched limbs of my brothers, I’ve watched limbs of my second brother-

Fly all over the globe, okay, maybe not everywhere, but I’ve seen enough to cry tears-

Father, oh, father, I want to just die . . .

Sell my tears to you,

Sell my tears just like you once did,

I’m feeling soulless without you,

Just like brother forbids

I’m taking my life now,

I’m taking my life for another-

Brother . . .

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