My brothers best friend

So today is when I move to Australia. So me and Michael my brother pack to move. But when I move Michael's friend as a crush on me when I don't even know what will Michael do?


2. A Day In Life ( Chapter 2 )

Mackenzie wake up! Michael yelled. Okay I'm getting up. I said. I got up and went to the bathroom and put my hair up in a messy bun and went downstairs. Good morning Mack. Michael said. Morning Mikey. I said. I made breakfast for you. Michael said. Aw thanks Mikey! I say. Anything for my sis. He said. Your the best brother. I said. Your the best sister. He said. So Michael I got cheerleading practice today so I won't be here. I tell him. Okay I got band practice anyway. He said. When do you have band practice? I ask. Tonight. He said. Oh okay well I don't know when I'm coming home so. I said. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A couple hours later

Michael I'm going to cheerleading practice! I yell. Okay love you Mack. Love you too Mikey! I got in my car and drove to cheer practice. Hey Mackenzie! My friend yelled. Hey Lily. I said. Are you ready for practice? Lily asked. Yeah hey do you want to come over? I ask. Sure but is Michael going to be there? Lily asked. Yea why? I asked. Cause he is hot. Lily said. Okay? We should start to practice for cheer. I say. Yeah. She said. So we did are practices and we went home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ back at home

Mikey! I'm home! No responds, Mikey? It's me Mackenzie where are you? That's when I heard guitars playing and drums playing. I think their downstairs. Lily said. Yeah they are he told me. So me and Lily went downstairs I opened the door and walked in. They did not notice I walked in or Lily. When they were done playing we clapped that's when they noticed. Hey Mackenzie! Michael said. Hey Mikey! I said. Who are these people. Me and Lily said at the same time. These are my band mates. Their names are Luke Hemmings Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood. Who is she? Mikey asked. Oh this is my friend Lily. I told him. Oh hi I'm Michael Clifford I'm Mackenzie's brother. He said. I know. Lily said. How do you know? He asked. She told me about you. Lily said. Oh Mackenzie my band mates are staying the night is that okay? Michael asked. Yeah that's okay Lily staying the night anyway. I said. Well okay. Michael said. I'm going to go have dinner hang out for awhile and maybe go bed. I tell him. Well okay love you Mackenzie. Love you too bro. I say. So I go upstairs and get dinner hang out for awhile with Lily and Michael texted me. Tomorrow you are going to meet my band mates love you Mackenzie - Michael.

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