Ashely and Lucas: A Hogwarts Love story

Ashely and Lucas go to Hogwarts and fall in love, but if either one of the betray each other and secrets get spilled, everything could be ruined, can this perfect relationship last?

(Yellow rating for: language)


1. Good Girl Meets Bad Boy

Ashely's P.O.V

Why am I even here I will have no friends, I haven't even been on this dang train for ten minutes and somebody has already called me a name. What dose mudblood even mean? It sure didn't sound too nice though... I don't belong here I don't know a thing about Hogwarts it was just a month ago that I found out that this Magic stuff even existed, ushally by now I would have read about seventeen books on the new thing I had learned about, but this was difrent, I just can't seem to get excited about it... Well why would I, I'm just going to come here to be a nobody!

*nock nock*

I went to the door and I opened it to hsee a boy with short blond hair and sky blue eyes he was so handsome then he spoke with his soft angle voice," care if I join you"

" at all" I can't BELIVE it someone is actually talking to me, and at that is a BOY! (Eeeeeeeek)

" so what house do you want to be in?," he asked, "my names Lucas by the way"

"My name is Ashely, I don't know what house I want to be in, I honestly don't know that much about Hogwarts actually...."

"Oh then you must be a muggleborn, well that dosent mater I still want to be your friend

"Ok, so what house do you want to be in?"

"Slythrien, you could probably get in if you lie about being a pureblood, then we could be in the same house and it would be perfect, I really think you could to great things with slythrien power, I think I will help you, only if you keep my secret will I keep yours and trust me, you need my help to survive Hogwarts."

A/N:Thanks for reading my story! I have actually got a really good idea of where I'm going with this I appreciate that your taking time to read this( even though this first chapter probably only took two minutes to read lol😂) tell me what you think in the comments, and bear with me cuz this is my first love story,

Thanks for reading,

Bella Rose Riddle

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