The daughter of a CEO is an undercover secret agent who falls in love with a former ex-boyfriend who turned into a wanted man.


9. The One Person to Save Him

It had been a week since I had told Dean about my secrets - the agency and the pregnancy. It makes me wonder how he's taking it. The two of us haven't spoken since then either. I went to both jobs, but I was currently distracted with thoughts of Dean. Everyone at work was worried about me. I couldn't keep the pregnancy a secret forever. Henderson was getting upset that Dean had gone into hiding once again. This was my fault. At the end of the work week, I was back in my apartment. A few times I considered picking up the phone and calling Dean but could never go through with it. There was a knock at my door. I wasn't expecting anyone to come over for a visit. I get up from my desk and went to answer the door. Dean stood before me. I was definitely surprised by his visit. "Dean, why are you here?" I asked him.

"Alexis, I shouldn't have told you to leave. I should've called before I came over. There was a lot of things for me to process - the pregnancy and you being a secret agent. Well, mostly the pregnancy. I'm really sorry." I stepped aside for him to enter. He walked into the apartment. I closed the door behind him. I asked if he would like something to drink. He declined and sat down on the couch. I joined him and kept a small distance between us. I wasn't sure how to act around him now. "What does the agency want?" He looked at me. I could tell that he was more concerned about me than himself. It was nice to see the old Dean was still in there. I explained to him the details of the mission that Henderson had given me and added about the new information that had been discovered. "I would want you to stay here, but they're going to question me to for holding you instead of turning you in." I looked down at my hands.

"Then that's what you have to do Lex."

"Dean, I'm not turning you in. The agency will not hold you in custody. You will be taken to the FBI once we arrest you."

"I'm aware that I have a long rap sheet. I know I can't leave the country. The only option is-"

"No. You're not being sent to prison for that long. I can't... I can't raise this child by myself." Dean brought up Tristan's name. I told him that I would never let our child call Tristan their dad. If there was a way to negotiate the terms of Dean's imprisonment for what he's done, then maybe I won't have to raise our child alone. I decided to call Henderson. I had to tell him the truth. I couldn't keep the secret forever. I waited until he answered before I told him everything. Of course he was unhappy with the fact that I was with Dean and keeping him from being arrested. "Henderson, I'm aware of the consequences. There's something I have to tell you. I'm pregnant." I added on by suggesting the idea of negotiating Dean's sentence. Henderson didn't like the idea at first, but he said he'll talk with the head of the FBI and set up a meeting that all of us would have to be present. This statement was followed by a congratulations. I thanked him and hung up. "What did he say?" I had left the room for a minute to make the phone call.

When I entered the room, I told Dean about the conversation with Henderson. "Henderson is like my second father. He may be a bit of a hard ass, but he has a soft side for me. He's always protected me like I was his own." I resumed to sit on my spot. "He'll call the FBI and set up a meeting with them. I have to take you in when the meeting happens." Dean nodded, understanding that he had to come to terms with facing the law after having run from it for so long. I reached out and held his hand. I caressed it softly and looked into his eyes. I reassured him that Henderson will make this work. Dean leaned in and kissed my lips. "I'm just glad we'll be in the same room. I don't think I could face them alone." He was acting like teenage Dean all over again. Guess I found it a bit attractive. He asked me if anyone else knew about my pregnancy. I told him that only Elisa, Rachel, Nate, Henderson, and Madison knew. 

"Dean, I will make sure our baby will know his father. I grew up only knowing my father for most of my life. I had no mother figure in my life. I'm worried about the kind of mother I'll be."

"You'll be a wonderful mother Lex. Your mother would've been proud to see you now." Dean smiled. He reached up and brushed a stray hair away from my face. Then he caressed my cheek softly. "I don't know how much time I'll have left before that meeting and before going to court to be told of my crimes. A lot of the crimes on that rap sheet I have been framed for, only because eight years ago I hung out with the wrong crowd in high school. I was eighteen and stupid. I dropped out and met those people Tristan was hanging with. I know I can't be forgiven for what I've done. As much as I would like to plead that I've been framed, my prints are on every single evidence that they have against me."

"You have to tell Henderson that at least, and maybe the FBI agent if he'll comply. Though, it's not likely he will. Dean, you have to confess everything to Henderson. You can trust him." Dean was finally opening up to me. I could tell how difficult it was for him to even tell me this small bit of information. Dean couldn't go back to his place. He wasn't safe there if the agency was scouting the area looking for him from time to time. I asked Dean to stay here at my place for a while and he agreed. The two of us went over to his place to grab some of his stuff to bring over. We packed it up in my car and drove back to my apartment. It was so strange to share a closet with someone now. I had my own closet space since Tristan and I broke up. It was actually nice to have all this space to myself. It gave me the option to rearrange my clothes how I preferred it, instead of having to push them all on one side. I hated having to move both sides of the clothes. Tristan owned a lot of shirts, which I told him that some of them he could put in the dresser. He said that he didn't like his long sleeved shirts to be folded because of the lines. He could easily iron them. He complained how it was so much work to iron them.

At least Dean didn't have any problems with folding some of his shirts in the dresser. We both had some room without pushing clothes into each other's boundaries. The following week, Henderson had called to say that the meeting would be happening that Saturday. Neither Dean or I were prepared for what was to come. It seemed that I was more nervous about this meeting than Dean was. We drove to the agency and walked in. Madison spotted the two of us together. I gave her a small smile before the two of us headed to Henderson's office. My heart was beating rapidly against my chest. Thankfully Dean was holding my hand to calm my nerves a bit. I knocked on the door and heard a faint come in. I released my hand from Dean's before entering. 

Henderson stood up to introduce us to the FBI agent who had gotten up from his seat. He said the agent's name was Burt Miller. Miller reached his hand out to shake mine. "Pleasure to meet you Ms. David. I've heard a lot about your work." I smiled softly and returned the shake. Though as soon as I pulled away from the handshake, he eyed Dean. Henderson instructed for the three of us to sit. I took my place between Miller and Dean since I figured it would be less uncomfortable for the two of them. "So, this is the famous Dean Winchester the others have been telling me about." said Miller.

"You're not one of the usual guys." Dean didn't seem to feel threatened by Miller's presence. I would be. 

"Lucky me rather than Peterson." I remember Henderson mentioning Jeff Peterson's name a few times in conversation. He was someone that took his job seriously. If explained the situation Dean and I were in to him, he wouldn't take it lightly. "Henderson called me in to discuss reducing Mr. Winchester's sentence." Dean and I exchanged glances with one another. We were deciding on which one of us was going to tell Miller the full story. I felt that Dean had to be the one to do it. Dean began to explain his reason for the crimes he's done. He told Miller the story he told me back at the apartment about being 18 and getting in with a crowd that framed him. "I understand that my prints are on the evidence that's been collected. The crimes on my rap sheet are some I would never do. I know I have a history for stealing and cheating some people in to giving me their money. I was dealing with family trouble. It shouldn't be some excuse, but it really was.

"When I was 16 my dad told me to pack up my stuff and find a place to stay. He wasn't going to care for me anymore. I was never a troublemaker at times. My mom died when I was at a young age. My dad was left to take care of my brother and I. Eventually what happened was that I left my dad and brother. I stole money and some food. A man took me in and took care of me. He put me through school. In some way, he was like a second father to me and treated me better than my own dad did. After I dropped out of high school when I was 18 and stayed with that group of people for a few years, I fled the country. I know I ran for five years from the FBI. I'm aware of the charges. I'm not going to run anymore. I'm going to face the consequences." I could tell how much of that information Dean had been holding in all these years.

"I read in your file that your family moves from place to place." Miller had a copy of Dean's file. I had the one Henderson gave me back in my office. Dean nodded and said that his family was originally from Lawerence, Kansas. "The only place I actually fit in was here. I moved here when I was around twelve. I made some friends here and met a girl who reminded me of my mother, to some extent. She's caring, smart, and she's the reason why I came back. I have been waiting ten years to have a second chance with her. I just don't think it'll be possible to even want to start a future with her if I'm sentenced in prison for that long. She's one of the few people who could keep me from doing bad things." Dean briefly glanced at me before making eye contact with Miller.

Miller turned his attention to me. "Is he telling the truth?"

"Yes sir." I nodded. Miller asked Dean and I to leave the room in order for him to talk with Henderson alone. The two of us exited the room and waited outside. "You really meant what you said in there about me?" I smiled up at him.

Dean smiled, "I meant all of it Lex. I came back to Vegas for you. When we met, I was planning on asking for you to give me a second chance. Though I felt that it wasn't the right time. It was nice getting to know you again after having not spoken for so long. The fact that we're having this child together makes it more possible that our future will happen. I want to be the best father I can be to our child. Alexis, I'm in love with you."

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