The daughter of a CEO is an undercover secret agent who falls in love with a former ex-boyfriend who turned into a wanted man.


6. Our Special Spot

"Have you found out his location?" Madison and I were in my office. It was usually on the weekend did I work for Henderson since my weekdays were hectic. The two of us were having a quick lunch break before she had to get back to work. It had been a little over a month since the last time I checked in about Dean with Henderson. Lately I've been keeping the secret of seeing Dean all to myself. If Henderson knew about Dean's whereabouts, then immediately the agency would step in. I wanted to be a little selfish and have him all to myself for a while. A knock sounded at the door. Henderson entered my office and asked to speak with me alone. Madison stood up and took her food before exiting the office. "Henderson, what is that you need to talk with me about?" His only reason for entering was to discuss with me about the details of my current mission and how I haven't been checking in lately. Usually, I'd give the excuse that I was swamped with work. It wasn't true. I had been spending a lot of time with Dean.

Tristan and I were  broken up for good. I lived in my apartment for alone. Dean would stop by for a visit. I wasn't looking for a new roommate any time soon or was ready to jump into a relationship. "I feel as if you're not putting your heart and soul into this agency. What's going on?" asked he. It would be more appropriate to talk with Charlotte and Anna about this. Though they were occupied with their social ventures. I was contemplating on whether or not I should join them for drinks when I get out of here. "Henderson, you have nothing to worry about. I'll bring him in. I promise." I answered him. He gave me a slow nod before telling me to carry on with my work and exited the room. The door closed behind him on his way out. I let out a sigh and take out my phone to dial Dean's number. When he picked up, I asked him if he wanted to go out with me and a few friends for drinks tonight. He agreed and I hung up the phone. I saw in Henderson's eyes that I could lose my job by falling in love with Dean.

There was no way for me to explain to Henderson about what I was feeling. Later that evening, Dean met up with me at the local bar. Charlotte and Anna were soon to show up in ten minutes. "Is everything okay?" asked he. I nodded and said that I was just having a stressful day at work. He gave me a quick kiss before we headed inside to wait for my friends. They showed up, bringing a few dates of their own - Nate and... Sam? I could sense the tension between Dean and Sam. My arm was wrapped around Dean's to keep him from leaving. "Sorry we're late." said Charlotte. "We got lost on the way here."

"It was Charlotte's idea to bring them." Anna spoke up. I wasn't mad. I was relieved that they both had someone they can occupy themselves with while I enjoy my time with Dean. It seems as though the two of us wouldn't be doing any talking, now Sam's here. "Hey Sammy." said Dean.

"Don't call me Sammy." I wondered what it was that made them estranged. I mean the passing of their parents was tough on the two of them, especially Sam. Why did Dean stop talking with his brother? Was it because of the things Dean had done? Was it that side of him Dean didn't want to open up to me about? I saw his criminal record. I had yet to open up to him about the agency. I felt it would scare him away when we were just getting to know each other again. Maybe Dean felt the same way if he opened up to me about his reason for getting into trouble with some bad people. "Sam, I'm so-"

"You don't get to apologize to me Dean, not after what you've done. The person you should be apologizing to is Alexis." Sam interrupted and walked out of the bar. Following my instinct, I went after him. I asked him what was going on. I was confused by his statement. I wanted him to clarify. "He hurt you Alexis. He's probably lying to you too. He's not going to change."

"What do you mean?"

"He's on FBI's most wanted list Lex. He's done a lot of things, bad things. I'm just sugarcoating it by saying 'bad.' He needs to serve his time for what he's done. The reason why he's not being arrested is because he's running from State to State. He used to fly to different countries. Now one one is letting him cross the border, so he's stuck here."

​"Sam, what a rap sheet as long as Dean's, he'll be in prison for a very long time. He can't come back from that. I know you want him to serve time, but it's not like it's going to be a 15 year sentence. You don't want that for your brother."

"How do you know about his rap sheet?" I was well aware that Sam didn't know about my second job as a secret agent. I was about to open my mouth up to explain, but Dean emerged from the entrance to confront his brother. "Sam, you can't just walk in there and start accusing me for things I haven't done." I didn't want to be in the middle of this. My friends had followed Dean outside. At least we didn't have a big crowd of people watching us out here. What kind of mess have I gotten myself into this time? "You haven't told her? Are you afraid of losing her again Dean?" It was almost like those were Dean's exact words that left Sam's mouth. They both knew how Dean really felt about me. Maybe Dean was really afraid to lose me if I found about why he had chosen to live the life he's living.

​"You want her to hear the truth about me? Fine. I'm broke. The only reason why I'm still making a living is because I'm stealing and scamming people for money. Yes, I know that there's a long list of things that I have done as well. I'm not going into detail. Alexis, I'm sorry that I'm not the same guy you fell for all those years ago. If you knew about all of the other things I've done, you wouldn't like me anymore. This is goodbye." He started to walk back to the Impala. I called out his name. He got into his car and drove off. Just when I thought my night couldn't get any worse. Nate walked up to me and asked if I was okay. I shook my head and walked back into the bar before ordering myself a drink. I remember ordering a few before Nate had suggested to drive me back home. He felt bad for leaving Charlotte, but she was understanding after hearing the kind of person Dean was. At least she wasn't interested in him any more.

The next morning, I found myself waking up in my bedroom with a headache. Slowly I get out of bed and head down the hallway to take some medication for the headache. After I had taken the medication, I noticed that Nate was fast asleep on the couch. I was just starting to brew a pot of coffee when I saw him. When the coffee was done brewing, Nate was just waking up. I poured the two of us a cup and walked into the living room. He sat up on the couch and outstretched his arms. "Oh, you made coffee." said he. I handed him the cup that he thanked me for. I joined him on the couch and took a sip of my drink. I told him that it wasn't necessary for him to have stayed over night.

"I couldn't leave a drunk girl alone in her apartment, especially when that drunk girl is my good friend Lex." Nate had always been a caring person, more caring than Tristan actually. Guess I should be grateful that he was here. I smiled softly and thanked him for staying the night. "So, what's going through that head of yours? Don't say nothing because I know you better than anyone."

"Do you think it's right for me to fall for Dean? I'm conflicted Nate. Henderson wants me to take him in so he can be delivered to the FBI. I'm sure he's guilty for everything he's done. He doesn't deserve to be in prison. I know he can change. I... I want to find a way to get him out of this." I looked down at my mug. “I think… I’m in love with him.”

“Dean, where are you taking me?” Dean had told me to close my eyes. We were dropped off by his dad a block away from the location Dean had chosen. It was weird that his dad was driving us, but the two of us hadn’t learned how to drive yet. I let him lead me down to the venue. Today was Valentine’s day. Also, it was unfortunately my birthday. Finally we stopped and he told me that I could open my eyes. Before us, there was a blanket laid out on the soft grass with a picnic basket. “Happy birthday babe, and happy Valentine’s day.” said Dean. Well, this explains why he was all dressed up when he was picking me up at my house earlier and told me to wear something nice. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck to kiss his lips. “Thank you Dean. I love it.” The two of us sat down on the blanket and started to eat our meals.

There were plenty of crushes that I’ve had in the past, but Dean had to be the best one out of all of them. I had a crush on him back in elementary school before his dad had made them move away. Then I forgot all about him when I went to middle school until reconnecting with him now. “How did you manage this?” I asked him and took a sip of my drink. It was grape juice in a fancy glass. We pretended that we were eating at a nice restaurant. Dean chuckled lightly and said that he wasn’t allowed to reveal his secrets to me. “Besides, I care about you Alexis. I might have talked to a lot of girls from other schools but none of them compare to you. You’re a special kind of girl. I think that if some day down the road one of us gets stuck in a rut, this is the spot to go to. I’m going to name this our special spot.” said he. “I’m not going to forget this spot. Also, if we go separate ways and theoretically I become someone entirely different, I want you to stay good.”

“What are you talking about Dean?”

“Lex, you’re the only person who can pull me back. Remember that.”


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