The daughter of a CEO is an undercover secret agent who falls in love with a former ex-boyfriend who turned into a wanted man.


4. Keeping Me Company

Tonight was the party my dad was throwing for the company. "I don't like this Dean person." said Tristan, whose arms were crossed against his chest. I was just applying some make-up. The dress I had decided to wear was my old high school prom dress, which surprisingly fit me still. Tristan seemed to recognize the dress because he swore he had seen me wear the dress at least once. I hardly had any time to go out and buy myself a new one since I was busy at the agency today. "It's just a party Tris. My dad set us up." I think he was just afraid of losing me, especially to my ex. Tristan asked if Dean was meeting me there or if he was picking me up. When I didn't reply, Tristan left the room. I knew he had a jealous streak but he had no reason to be this jealous. Finishing the final touches of my make-up, I let out a sigh and followed Tristan out of the room. I grabbed my clutch and entered the living room. "Why didn't you ask me?" I had told him earlier about going with Nate before my dad had called to tell me I should go with Dean instead. I replied to him saying that the thought crossed my mind but figured he was too busy. After all, he had been doing the occasional outing with his so-called friends he doesn't mention to me.

Going out late had been this new thing of Tristan's. He was always with me every night up until the night I had gone out with Dean. It's not like it was an every day order with him. "You don't have to be jealous of him Tristan." I reminded him. Before he could utter another word, a knock sounds at the door to interrupt our conversation. I walk over to the door and found Dean in a suit with a black tie. His hair was done in elegant fashion. He almost... I stopped myself. He was hot. He dressed up nicely that if not for his criminal record, I would be all over him. Alexis, pull yourself together. My conscious mind said. Subconsciously, Dean was turning me on. "You look beautiful in red." He flashed that Winchester smile, and a part of me silently died. I noticed that Sam gave the same smile as well when I saw him at Nate's place.

"So, you're the famous Dean Winchester I heard so much about. I'm Tristan." Tristan placed himself between Dean and I, acting the overprotective boyfriend role. It wasn't necessary but he did it anyway. Dean held out his hand to introduce himself; but Tristan didn't return the gesture. I watched Dean pull his hand away, awkwardly. There was definitely a tension rising between the two of them. Did Tristan feel threatened? Dean may have been my first love, but it didn't change the way I felt about Tristan or did it? I shook my head of the thought and immediately told Dean I didn't want to be late to my dad's party. As soon as we exited the apartment complex, the tension was gone. Your boyfriend doesn't like us to be together." said Dean while making the drive to the office. I reassured Dean that Tristan wasn't a fan of competition. It was then I saw a smug look on his face that I was no stranger to seeing. It was a smirk to tell me that I was rightfully his girl. He perfected it over the years. I remember first seeing that smirk when the two of us were newly dating.

Dean parked Baby in front of L.D. Enterprises. Some cars were already parked in the lot. It seems we have shown up at the right time being neither too late or too early. Dean and I entered the building, going up to the floor where the party was being held. As soon as we entered, people instantly turned their heads towards our direction. I heard plenty of whispers coming from my co-workers, asking each other about my date. It was no surprise to me that they didn't know Dean. A lot of them seem to say they have seen his face somewhere but couldn't remember where. "Alexis, glad to see you've thought about bringing Dean." said dad. Yeah, with your help. I thought sourly. It wasn't going to be any more fun if I brought Nate or Tristan. Dad approached us with a welcoming smile. Guess dad seemed to approve of Dean as a son than Tristan.

While the two of them conversed, a few friends of mine had led me away from Dean and my dad. "Wait, is that the Dean Winchester you dated in high school?" asked Charlotte. Charlotte Burns, the blue-eyed brunette, was the first friend out of high school I became close with. She was my roommate in college. Although it was good to see another familiar face at the office, she sometimes was also my enemy [sometimes]. She was jealous I had received a promotion because it was assumed that I'm only 'Daddy's Little Girl,' which is not the case. Some people still refer to me by that title. I ended up ignoring those people. I received a promotion due to my excellent work ethics. "Yes Charlotte." I said. "He's not famous. Please stop treating him like he is."

Anna Stein added, "He's hotter in person." Anna was often mistaken as my long lost sister. She and I worked on the same floor before my promotion. I had shown her a recent picture of Dean, which had been sent to me the day after my date with him. Anna reminded me of Sam in some way. I was thinking about letting the two of them meet since both were intellectually similar. Anna was interning for my dad but as Charlotte's assistant. "Does he have a brother?" Charlotte questioned. Before I could answer, Dean asked the girls if he could talk with me alone. With their approval, I was whisked away to another area of the room. Still, we couldn't escape the wandering eyes of others. "I met Nate's new roommate." When Dean asked whom, I replied with Sam's name. He nodded but didn't add on any comments on his brother. They must still have an estranged relationship. "I don't want you with Tristan." said Dean.

​"What?" I was appalled.

"I know he seems like a great guy and all; but I've seen him with an old group of people I used to work with. They're terrible peo-"

"You can't assume that Dean." I interrupted.

"Lex, I know those people. Has he... does it seem like he's keeping secrets from you?" Where was this coming from? Should I even believe him? There were secrets about Dean I didn't know about as well. He then told me to trust him. I remember those were the exact words he had said just months before our break up. I started to say something, but he interrupted me. "They're not a good crowd to hang out with. I know this from experience. You have to break up with him before he does something to hurt you. Those kind of people... they change a good person into a bad one." For the remainder of the party, Dean's words swam throughout my mind. Why was Dean saying these things? Did he want me all to himself? I didn't have anyone to turn to but Nate. Did Dean know something I didn't? I was afraid to confront him about it, let alone Tristan.

I couldn't avoid the one thought I had about Tristan. What if Dean was right? There was no way I could trust him again, not after what happened between us. If Dean was involved with this people and they changed him, maybe it would be the right decision to break up with him. At the end of the night, I was driven back home. Dean had gone up to the apartment with me. Again, Tristan left a note on the door saying that he was out with some friends. This time, I asked Dean to stay with me for the night. Guess I was tired of having to spend nights alone when Tristan was out late. Right now, I didn't want to be alone.

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