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  • Published: 30 Jun 2016
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This gives all information about the prediction of magics.
i think u should read this



                                        After getting Red Magic. Peter decided to go yellow magical cave but still Peter wasn’t happy as he didn’t come to know about the secret of Red Magic, so he said “George you take rest at the mean time I will go to Red Magical Cave and get to the secret of Red Magic.” John was upset because he couldn’t get Red Magical Cave before Peter and John. Rick came out of John’s body and said “John don’t be upset there is a way to make for the loss, go to Red Magical Cave Peter is coming there you should take him under your custody by making him prisoner. John agreed. He went running to the Red Magical Cave. Peter was seen from far, John made a trap for Peter and his trick was successful. George was waiting for Peter, John got in the face of Peter and went to George, and they went towards Yellow Magical Cave. On the other hand, Peter was trapped in the Magic of John.


changed the route and went to Red Magical Cave. John asked “hey, George where we are going” George replied “you will be able to know when we reach there. “They reach near Peter he was screaming for help. John turning himself into a Black flame and he disappeared George freed Peter John reached Yellow Magical Cave. He also reached near Yellow Magical Stone, that he noticed that before taking that gem there were some empty places to be filled, he went near the gem, and hid behind the place where Yellow stone was kept. As George and Peter reached there they too saw those empty places, so they took a neared look and noticed that the second and third empty place looked as if it had some gem in it so Peter said “I think the first place is of Red Magical Stone.” And so George took the Red Magical stone from his bag and put it in the vacant place, but still nothing happened so they kept the Yellow Stone which they had achieved in Jorett volcano there, as it was small. And for the pleasant surprise that Stone changed into that shape, John peeped out and saw the vacant places completely filled so he jumped out and tried to get the Yellow Magic into his control but Peter stopped him and then John attacked Peter harshly and at the same time Peter too attacked John. They both fainted, and Ron and Rick came out of their body and they ha                                  George sensed a Black Magic with him. But still he didn’t respond because he understood that Peter wasn’t walking with him so he thought that it might be John who has trapped Peter and have planned to get other Magic. So they had a harsh fight Ron was injured but Ron’s single attack made Rick

lean down. Finally, the end of the attack Ron defeated Rick. Peter woke up, simultaneously John disappeared. George who was watching it too fainted. He was bleeding from his eye, and he was bleeding from his eyes. Seeing this Peter rushed towards Lectoreck to have a good treatment. He reached there at correct time his life was saved. Doctor said “he has some kind of allergy which has caused him as eye bleeding. He is not still not alright his Magical power has caused harm to himself.” Peter replied “you can have all his powers in a box and return it to him when he is alright.” George couldn’t speak as he was fainted. Peter took all his power and he was now just a simple man Peter went away for getting some fruits, water and other thing for him he again went to Red Magical Cave there was not the Cave in which they went but there was a house which was old. Peter entered the house and he was surprised to see the garden in it. He saw a man meditating under a tree. Peter went towards that old men. When he was near to that old man. He said “come my child, I was waiting for you Peter.”

 Peter was shocked.

     As that old man knew his name. Old man said “I will tell you the secret of Red Magic.”



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