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  • Published: 30 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 30 Jun 2016
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This gives all information about the prediction of magics.
i think u should read this



      Sam replied’’ when I was a small boy I was fond of action I had many fractures because of the addiction to that magical powers once I was taken to a Magician he told me to go alone to Shark island. That Magician asked for the permission to my parents and he teleported me from that place and took me to Shark Island and in Shark Island a Magician gave me some Magic to survive over here.”

George moved ahead. They reached near a house which were attacking arrows and cannon balls. They destroyed that house.

                                   The house was destroyed and a stone came from the ground a beautiful green gem. They took it. As they were near the shore a wall rose till they the sky they were not able to climb it to. George was searching for the way to get out of here and Peter was looking carefully at the gem he noticed that the gem was tur

ning too hot, so he poured some water onthe leaf and kept the gem in it the gem turned red, at the same time John found a vacant place and the wall was lowered down, Peter said “I think that it might be the Shark stone as we needed shark stone to go out through the Shark island.” They reached Eagle's Nest safely


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