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  • Published: 30 Jun 2016
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This gives all information about the prediction of magics.
i think u should read this



Peter went out and as he was Hungary and at the verge of being dead, and alas he saw a house and when he knocked the house there was no response as there was no person inside the owner was outside his house, he saw Peter and made hi9m stay inside and then he said “can I go as the door of White Magic will be shut soon. “That man said “can I too join you.” Peter said “why not and can I get your introduction.” That man said “I am David, I had all the Magic but not the secret so can I join you.” Peter agreed. 
                          And they went near the Cave again and there was a house. They entered the house and the man inside said “I know that you’re the people who want to know the secret of Blue Magic and I am the one who want to tell it to you.” Peter said “please would you recite the history. That man started “I am Roger Sam Blue magic’s secret is that a man who was meditating was blessed by some Magic and that man who blessed him said “If anyone is listening or seeing us the Magic will also be given to him” and there was a person who was listening to them the power was also passed to him. As the rays of Magic were Blue he gave the name Blue Magic.” 

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