The Match

Got this idea from a tumblr post, saying that when you are born you should get this unique half necklace and your soul mate has the other half. This is my twist to it, enjoy!


1. Intro

    Everyone is given a half a circle necklace at birth and is given it at the age the parents think are fit. The thing about the necklace is that every necklace is almost the exact same, except for a slight ridge. They all look the same but they aren't, some may feel like they do fit together but they unfortunately do not. You'd know exactly when you find your soul mate.

     His name is Hunter, but he likes to be called Hunter Elijah. He is getting his necklace at his upcoming birthday, his seventeenth. His parents feel like it's time, he has a job, car, and real responsibilities -- so why not? He has his three best friends; Lawrence, Callie, and Brett, by his side at all times - they all have their necklaces and can't wait to see Hunter Elijah's. 

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