Gone |C•H|

We fell in love. All the fighting,tears and pain are gone.

Just like her.


10. 9

Calum's POV

I sat up and rubbed my eyes.

I keep on hearing cries.

I get up and go check on Alana. She's crying.

I wake her up and she looks at me with fear in her eyes.

"It's okay it was just a dream" I said as i pulled her in for a hug.

She just cried even harder into my chest.

"It all just seemed so real." Alana choked out. "H-he whipped my knees and kicked me in the ribs."

I put my chin on her head and i rocked us back and forth.

"Shh it's okay. I'm here now. Your going to be okay." i assured her.

She lifted her head up from my chest and looked at me.

"Calum you don't have to do this for me." Alana said.

But I want to.

"I promised to be there for you. And I'm keeping that promise." I said.

I laid Alana back on my chest and let her fall asleep.

Once she fell asleep, I went back into my room and went to sleep.


Hellooooo I know i haven't updated in a long time and I want to keep writing so here's an update!!!

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