Gone |C•H|

We fell in love. All the fighting,tears and pain are gone.

Just like her.


7. 6

Calum's POV

As I answered,Alana was being slapped by a guy who I couldn't see his face.

He then gabbed her neck and pushed her into the wall.

"Don't you fucking dare cheat on me you slutty bitch." He said.

Was he the reason why she had bruises?

His fist clenched her neck even harder.

That's when I ran to my car and went speeding to Alana's house.

I heard him saying "Go die in a fucking girl you fucking cunt. Go fucking kill yourself now you fat bitch."

That made me angrier than I already was.

He dropped her and that's when I hung up.

I found myself in front of Alana's house.

I got out of my car.

A guy-who was Evans Samuels,the fuck boy of North West Christian College,walked out of the front door.

I stood in front of him.

"Move the fuck away Hood." He said.

My muscles were tense. I was heated up.

I punched him square in the nose. He held his hand on his nose.

He was bleeding.

"Learn how to treat a girl correctly." I said.

"Piss off." He said.

I pulled him down by the back of his shirt and he fell to the concrete floor.

I began punching him till I got tired.

You don't fucking hit a girl,you don't disrespect her,you don't fuck her over,you don't curse at her,and you don't tell her to kill herself.

Evans obviously didn't know that.

I went upstairs and found a room open.

I looked inside and Alana was on the ground coughing up blood.

Her throat was black and blue.

It pained me to see her like this.

I found a random bag and started to fill it up with clothes.

I checked every place of her room,even the bathroom.

I found her blades and flushed them down the toilet. She did this because of him. He's the cause of it.

"Calum what are you doing!" Alana yelled as she saw me flush the blades down the toilet.

"I'm getting rid of your blades." I responded.

"Why?" Alana asked.

"Because I'm not going to watch the most beautiful,kindest,most amazing girl I have ever met hurt herself because of a stupid asshole who doesn't even know how to correctly treat her. I'm not going to let that fucking happen and from now on you're going to stay with me in my house weather you fucking like it or not." I said.

Alana stayed silent.

I know I just met this girl today,but I feel like I've known her my whole life.

I sat Alana on her bed to clean up the blood from her face.

"What if my parent come looking for me?" Alana asked with a sore voice.

"Later you can tell them that you're not staying here anymore." I responded and kept adding clothes to the bag.

Once I finished, I went to my car to leave the bags there.

I went back upstairs and carried Alana into my car.

I drove home.

Once I got there,I carried Alana into my house and left her on my bed in my room.

I went to get her bags and I closed my car door.

"Calum?" Alana said.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Thank you." Alana said. "For taking care of me."

"You're welcome. I promise to keep you safe." I said and pulled her into a hug.

She began sobbing.

"Shh it's okay. You're going to be okay." I said and kissed her forehead.

I promised to keep her safe and I'm keeping that promise.

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