The Great Escape

Jenna and Pia never thought they would get kidnapped, almost voluntarily. But they did, so now they must figure out a way to save themselves and the other girls before Tucker goes through with his awful plan for them all.


3. Three

"Alright, the rules. Rule number one," began Olive, "no talking loudly when Mr. Tucker is sleeping. No being rude to Mr. Tucker, no leaving the room if it is unlocked without permission, and no speaking to the other girls if you are near each other without permission from Mr. Tucker."

She paused for a breath. Olive looked at Gretta to continue. She continued, looking bored.

"If you have any personal possessions besides clothes, put them by the door for Mr. Tucker to collect. If you are caught with anything or break any of the rules, you will be reported and there will be very steep consequences. Trust me," shivered Gretta, sounding scared for the first time since they'd arrived.

Pia and I decided to voluntarily give up our jewelry and phones, which were useless since there hadn't been service for miles anyways.

I paused when I was about to take off her locket around my neck. I looked up at Olive, who was looking at us expectantly.

"Uhm, is there any way Mr. Tucker makes exceptions to jewelry that we can keep?" I asked hopefully. Gretta sighed warily.

"Every once in a while, he'll make an acception. It doesn't happen too often have though, so don't get your hopes up too high." Said Gretta slowly.

I nodded, and Olive did a little knock on the wall, which I assume was to summon Mr. Tucker quickly. He arrived at the door almost immediately.

"Something wrong?" He asked. Gretta and Olive looked at me, and he got the hint.

"Is there something you need, Jenna? Any questions?" Mr. Tucker asked, looking genuinely concerned.

I nodded slowly.

"Is there any way I could keep my locket? I don't mean trouble, it's just, my mother died when I was younger and it's the only memory I have left of her. . ." I said slowly, trailing off at the end.

Mr. Tucker looked thoughtful. He began to nod.

"Yes, you may keep the locket. But that makes it only fair that Pia may keep something of hers, and that Olive and Gretta each pick one of your pieces of jewelry you were going to give up." Stated Mr. Tucker decisively. I was so happy, and nodded like an overly excited puppy at the idea.

He gave a short nod, asking if there was any other concerns, and when there wasn't, he nodded again and walked out of the room.

Olive and Gretta walked over to me, and asked kindly if they could see my other jewelry. I nodded, and Gretta picked my silver charm bracelet, and Olive chose my silver ring with the large opal stone in the center. Pia decided to keep her dreamcatcher necklace her dad had given her as a sixteenth birthday gift.

It was getting dark out, and we all climbed into our seperate beds. It had been an insane day, and a well deserved night of sleep was far overdue.

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