Project Bad Girl [l.h.]

When Link decides she doesn't want to be a good girl anymore, things take quite an interesting turn.


7. Six

I couldn't keep my eyes off of Luke. I think it was because he was just here. The fact that Luke Hemmings, the bad boy in school, was sitting on a neon yellow children's chair and letting my toddler cousin, Daisy, give him a hair treatment, fazed me exceedingly high. He wasn't talking to me (too busy with Daisy), which I was perfectly okay with, especially since my nosy as hell family was asking me about a million questions. Especially my dad.


"Why is he here, Link?" my dad asked in a half-stern, half-calm voice. "The boy seems fine, but I really wish you would've warned me first."


"I didn't even know he was coming," I groaned, and then sighed. "Do you want me to ask him to leave?"


For a second, I think I saw Dad roll his eyes. "It's fine, sweetheart. Just make sure he doesn't cause any trouble. Right now, he's your responsibility."


Of course, like playing with Daisy would cause trouble.


Deciding to finally go check on Luke, I forced my feet to walk all the way to him, and in result, I found Dixon, Daisy and Luke all together. Dixon was sitting across from Luke, facing him, while Daisy stood behind Luke, doing who-knows-what to his hair.


Dixon, being his hormonal, teenage self, looked at Luke and clearly made him uncomfortable. I hadn't even sat down yet, they didn't even notice me. I didn't know if that was a good or bad thing. But they did notice me, eventually, as I took a seat beside Luke. His uncomfortable expression softened and turned to somewhat relief. His eyes glanced at me quickly, but then averted back to Dixon (who was practically forcing him to stare back, but still staying mute).


"So your name is Luke?" I heard Dixon say.


Daisy spoke up, "I'm calling him Kitty."


I couldn't help but snicker and let out an embarrassing snort, but then Luke gave me the don't-you-fucking-dare-laugh look, and I cleared my voice. "I think Kitty is a beautiful name, Daisy. 'Kitty' fits Luke perfectly."


"Really?" she asked, suddenly getting even more excited than a young toddler should be. "Me too! He looks like a kitty, I'm gonna draw a nose and whiskers on him. Can you get my sharpie, Dixon?"


Luke widened his eyes in shock, shaking his head aggressively at me. He gave me another look, the don't-you-fucking-dare-get-it look. When I smiled mockingly at him, he mouthed, "Do. Not. Haven."


But before I could even reply back to Daisy, the doorbell rang again. By then, I thought that everybody already arrived, along with the surprise self-invitation from Luke. Getting a bit annoyed, I stood up and walked to the door. I was mentally prepared to put on my best fake smile for the person on the other side, but when I opened the door and saw who it was, I didn't have to fake smile.


"Calum?" I smiled genuinely. "What're you doing here?"


"I thought we could get frozen yogurt together or something," he chuckled softly and peeked inside, spotting Luke with Dixon and Daisy. "Oh my god, is that Luke?"


I nodded, and about to say "Ready to leave?" But 'lo and behold, Dixon walked up to me and Calum at the door. He gave Calum a starstruck smile and tipped his head to the side, looking Calum up and down.


"How many hot guys do you have coming here, Link?" Dixon laughed.


"Just two," I sighed. My introversion was already going to take over fully as my energy of the day was running out quickly. "Calum, this is Dixon."


Calum nodded politely and smiled, "Nice to meet you, Dixon."


"Manners too, damn," he muttered, clearly more in awe of Calum than he was with Luke. "Nice to meet you too, Calum. You know, they called me Dixon because I thoroughly enjoy di-"


"Dixon!" I whisper-shouted, shaking my head at him.


"What?!" he whisper-shouted back. "I'm a hormonal teenage boy, you can't expect me not to walk my gay ass up to hot boys."


Trying to ignore Dixon's cocky attitude, I took Calum's arm gently and led him out the door. "Tell me how everything goes, Dixon. Calum and I gotta go."


He nodded, "Ah, I see what you-" I slammed the door in Dixon's face before he could finish his most likely dirty sentence.


As Calum and I walked on the sidewalk in the direction to the Yogurt Utopia nearby, he slid his hand down my arm and took his hand in mine instead. He intertwined our fingers together, still not saying a word, but right then, there were no words needed.


When we finally arrived at the frozen yogurt shop, we walked inside and both took the cups. Calum shot a smile at me and winked, "Bet you can't make the craziest frozen yogurt combination as me."


I scoffed, "Wanna bet on that, Hood?"


He nodded, "I'll see you at the cash register."


My frozen yogurt combo ended up as vanilla on the bottom, banana on the sides, a cake batter flavor towering over it, and for the toppings, melted marshmallow and chocolate syrup on top. Plus, I added on single blueberry on top. Knowing I could never finish the whole thing, I ignored that and walked up to the cash register, where Calum was waiting for me. We both weighted the cups each of us paid for our own.


Calum and I sat down across from each other at a small table, our frozen yogurt cups in front of us. "So," Calum said, clearing his voice. "I added oreo, cookies n cream, melted cherry syrup, gummy worms on the sides, and this weird jello circle thing. State your claim!"


"Well, Hood, I added the best toppings. Vanilla, banana, cake batter, melted marshmallow and chocolate syrup, and a single blueberry. Flavorful, but simple. A lot better than yours, I bet!"


"You bet, huh?" he grinned. "Let's take a bite of each other's frozen yogurts, m'kay? On three. One, two, three."


Immediately, we both took our spoons and I scooped a bite out of Calum's cup. It was actually good. The yogurt made it chocolately, but fruity at the same time with the syrup and gummy worms. As for Calum, he scrunched his nose up and suspiciously took another bite of mine.


"Weird..." he mumbled. "Where's the vanilla taste in this thing?"


Furrowing my eyebrows, I said, "There should be vanilla. Lemme try." I took a bite of my own ice cream cup, and no, I certainly did not taste vanilla. Separately, I tried the so-called vanilla on its own and soon realized that is was not vanilla. "I think it's tart. So sour." I stuck my tongue out in disgust, a giggle soon escaping Calum's lips.


Calum then tilted his head to the side, his gaze locked on me. "You have an eyelash on your cheek." His hand raised up to pick it off and it sat on his finger, he held it out in front of me. "Make a wish, Link." But I didn't know what to wish. I trusted that my mind would just think of one for me and figure it out. I blew the eyelash off his finger.


"What'd you wish for?" he smiled, his voice low.


"Can't tell. Or else it won't come true." My phone suddenly rang, and when I looked at the caller ID, it said Luke's name. Calum raised his eyebrow and said, "You gonna get that?" But after a moment of thinking, I shook my head no and pressed the decline button on my phone.

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