Project Bad Girl [l.h.]

When Link decides she doesn't want to be a good girl anymore, things take quite an interesting turn.


5. Four

"Alright, so.. Favorite drink?" Kirby, my best and only friend, asked, starting our classic, never-ending questions game.


Kirby and I met online, Tumblr specifically, about a year ago on a blog called Queer Confederation, and when we both discovered that we lived in the same area, we decided to meet up and became immediate best friends. We bonded about lgbt+, transgender and queer topics, and simply just by common interests (music, art, social media, etc.)


"Peace tea, by far," I answered. "But they don't really sell it at Walgreens and such, so I'll have to say Izze." For my question turn, I asked, "Favorite Teen Wolf character?"


"Erica," they smiled. "Underrated, but hot. Yours?"


"Isaac Lahey, by far," I chuckled. "Such a cutie." As I spoke about my favorite shows and gushed about Daniel Sharman, I was interrupted by a vibration buzz coming from my phone. It was a text from Luke, which surprised me by far.


Luke: hang out w me today


Me: Can't. Going out w/ Calum later.


Luke: who tf is colim?


I giggled at his name error.


Me: Calum*


Luke: UM is right. ditching me for that douche? thought you wanted to be bad...


Luke: so ditch him instead.


"What are you so caught up in? Who're you texting?" They asked, snapping me out of the trance.


"Oh," I said. "Just Luke."


"Luke again?" they rolled their eyes.


I nodded, "Yeah. He just wants to hang out later."


"I mean, I'm just saying, the boy is a total arsehole but he's definitely cute. Well, you know, if I was interested in boys that way," they pointed out. "'Hanging out'? C'mon, no heterosexual male in history would want to just 'hang out' with a single girl without benefits, especially one like you."


"You're crazy," I scoffed, shaking my head and crossing my arms. Usually, I would come up with a more witty, sarcastic reply, but against my case, Kirby did have a good point there. Even if it was me. "Luke's just an... acquaintance. Helper, co-worker if you will."


"Co-worker?" they rolled their eyes. "You sound so ridiculous, Link. Take me, an androgynous, agender, skolioromantic, 5'4, slightly pretentious person for my word. I'm, like, the most queer kid ever. I've seen a lot, done a lot, experimented a lot, so I know my shit. I may not like boys, but I know how they act, and Luke is completely starstruck by you." Kirby put on a mocking type smile. "Plus, I'm two years older than you, so..."


Now, it was my turn to roll my eyes. Gripping the hardcover book in my hand tightly, I jokingly hit Kirby's shoulder. Their mouth turned into an o-shape and they stuck their tongue out at me. "Insufferable bastard," I heard them mutter, clearly referencing Panic! At the Disco. "Lemme see that text, anyways!"


Reaching out, Kirby grabbed the phone resting on my knee, the bed making a quiet creaking sound as a result.


But before they could steal it, the doorbell rang. "That's probably Calum," I murmured.


As I hopped off the bed and jogged downstairs, I heard Kirby's footsteps behind mine. I rolled my eyes at their protectiveness, them being my only friend and all. Hesitantly, one of the reasons I was hesitant was because Kirby was right behind me, I opened the door. Calum looked up from his phone when he saw me. He smiled softly, giving me and Kirby a little wave.


"Hey, Link," he greeted me, noticing Kirby as well. "Ready to go?" he asked, having the same sweet and polite attitude he did at the party a week ago. I nodded and we both got to driving in his car.


The car ride was awkward enough. I waited for Calum to say something, anything, but he didn't. I couldn't start a conversation, so we sat, not talking, just listening to the music.


Finally, when we arrived at the ice skating rink, he unlocked the doors, and gave me a sweet smile. I returned the smile and we entered the rink. We sat on the benches, putting on the skates. I had a little trouble putting on mine, but Calum certainly didn't. He leaned forward to tie the laces, and when I found myself beginning to look, I could practically feel Calum smirking.


"Stop staring at me, Link," he grinned, leaning back up and winked at me. My cheeks reddened, turned a pink color, and we got on the ice. Well, Calum got on the ice first, while I still struggled to put them on myself. Calum offered to help me, multiple times, but I refused. I'd always been that way, refusing help. And yet, the most badass boy is helping me on the most silly thing ever - to be "bad."


Just as I was about to stand up, my phone buzzed again. Another text from Luke.


Luke: you coming?


// a/n \\

thank you for all of the support on this story! project bad girl has got an overwhelming amount of love and i couldn't thank you all enough! a few notes:

- not sure if you all noticed, but i made subtle changes to the last few chapters because i just noticed that i wrote a chapter on the 4th of july, but supposedly, also made the story take place during school. i decided to make the storyline during summer instead, just in case any of you got confused before.

- kirby's pronouns are they/them.

- i speak very strongly and passionately about the lgbt+ community, and felt that i needed to have a queer character in at least one of my stories. i have this one story in my drafts called genderfluid, that i will be continuing after i finish this story, as well as my other story kitten play (which i am also passionate about).

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