Royal Servant

Rose Blackmaid is a simple girl with no home. The only people she called her parents abandoned her and left her on the streets. With no shelter or food, she does whatever she has to to survive. But, will she be able to survive love?

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1. Runaway


"Get out you devil child!"


"You brat, you ate our food!"


"Get out and never come back!"



I exhale loudly and quickly. I think I lost them.

I'm Rose. There isn't enough food in the house, so they kicked me out-accusing me for stealing the last of the food. I did know this was going to happen eventually, so I did in fact steal a little food so I won't starve the first week. Huh. That bitch I called mother ate the food while we slept, then in the morning she blamed it on the rats, or in this case, me. It's for the best anyways, I hated them. Greg, my 'father' looked at me weird all the time, and one time he tried to kiss me. Martha, she beat me whenever she had an excuse.

I'm Rose Blackmaid, and I'm about to really start living my life.


I spent the next day looking for a job.

"Carrots, carrots! Come get 'em while they're fresh!"

"Come see the catch of the day! Salmon, Cod, I got fish from all corners of the Earth!"

Yeah right. I bet they would shrivel up and dry before anyone bought his fish.

I know their tricks. I was always sent to buy the food in the market, I know the truth about these bastards. Marcus the fisherman, don't trust his catches. There is always a good chance the fish have diseases, full of bacteria. Mary, her dairy products have always had a gray color, no one really knows how she collect the milk, or if it really is milk. Jeffery, his meats always have a polishing touch, looking too perfect. The last time I bought from him, when I sliced open the chicken for stuffing, the meat was purple and full of blue veins.

Not my kind of meat (I still fed it to Martha and Greg, Lord knows they deserved it).

I walk faster as I passed the pub.


Not again....

"Hey Rosy, want an ale?"

"Come here and sit on my lap. It's nice and cozy!"

"Come on Rose, just on kiss. It can be anywhere you want..."

This is the part of town where drunks and perverted bastards lurk.

"Come on Rosy Posy!"


One comes closer, grabs my arm, and yanks me into the pub.

"Here here little kitten. Why not smile for me?" He smiles, his teeth grimy and yellow. His breath made me shiver, unfortunately he took it as a shiver of anticipation and want.

"Oh, you like that sugar?"

"Get your filthy hands of me you bastard!" I whimper.

"Gentlemen, it seems I have found myself a new lady suiter who thinks she can stand up to those above her. Shall I show her who is her master?"

The men around him snicker and grunt approvingly.

"Come here.."

He grabs my corset and pulls me closer. He forced my head to his and began slobbering over my face. I tried to push against him, but he was too strong. I start to sob.

"Stop crying! I don't want a weak wifey to carry my kids."

Kids?! Wife! Help me Lord....

"Pull your hands off her now!"

"Who said that?" He questioned, wiping his mouth with his sleeve.


Everybody facing the door looked behind me. I was curious, but I saw the man's hand crawling towards his dagger in his boot so I didn't dare move. I am not stupid.

"Drop your weapon in the name of the King."

The King? What was he doing in the Commons? Royalty never left the castle unless they needed to look for servants...But I always those he had people who did that for him.

"Let go of that fair maiden, unless you would like to be put behind the bars."

The man holding me slowly removed his hands from my waist and moved back towards the exit on the opposite side of the room. I turn around see the King, with a group of guard surrounding him. I stare at him, then someone coughs. I blush and bow quickly.

"Come here maiden. "

Now I have it out for me. I forgot to bow and now I'm to be punished. What an unfortunate day.

I kneel at his boots.

"Rise. Why were you wandering in place of men?"


The King started tapping his foot impatiently.

"I wa-as j-just looking f-for a place t-to work.." I stuttered.

"Guards, take her to the castle. I'm sure the servants of the kitchen will have a use for her."

"But, i-"

"Yes yes, 'Thank you my Lord' I know. You're welcome."

This is not what I meant. I collected myself and followed the guards to the castle.

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