Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


23. The WRGP Finals

The final five teams Team New World, Team Fortune Ark, Ragnarok, Team Unicorn, and Team 5D's all made the cut as Crow won the next race. And he finally introduce his secret girlfriend.

She was girl with Raven black hair and steel grey eyes.


Yusei and Akiza usually would support Crow through anything but they were trying hard to suppress the laughter rising them them. Leo was was drinking something and backwash and was now choking. But most surprisingly Jack was quiet.

"So you two gonna have your own nest someday?" Jack asked and this cause him to turn red

"Crow, it's fine." Raven said as she light wrapped her hand around his arm

Yusei said he had the final race. Everyone was celebrating including Yugi and Jaden and their friends. But finally the party died down Yugi was with Tea and Jaden with Alexis and Yusei had just pulled into Akiza's garage. As he went in Hideo and Setsuko were in the kitchen sipping late night coffee and offered him a seat and a cup as he called them and told them to tell him when Akiza was asleep as he want to talk to them.

"Thanks." Yusei said as he sat down and accepted the cup of coffee

"So what is it you wanted to talk to us about?"

"Well, you said if I needed anything not to hesitate to ask. Well I have something big to ask of you."

"Alright, what is it?" Setsuko asked intrigued by Yusei's vague mention of something important he wanted to discuss and be sure that Akiza was asleep for it....


"Welcome ladies and gentlemen, the WRGP Finals!" MC announced "Are you as excited as I am folks? Because whichever two teams wins this race will prove who truly the master of faster!"

Crow got on his runner as Lester was on his duelboard and took to the start line. Crow and jack were defeated along with Lester, Primo was also taken out by yusei and so it was Jakob vs Yusei and he pulled off the impossible and defeated him but then Jakob, Lester, and Primo merged to created Aporia and both Runner's and the duelboard merged together and Aporia then merged with the newly merged Runner and continued the Duel as he summoned out the Ultimate Meklord Emperor But Yusei defeated it none the less.

As Yusei pulled in someone opened a champagne bottle and it started spraying everywhere and Yusei hopped off and kissed Akiza. All of his friends even Yugi and Jaden and their friends were all down there with them and it was raining confetti and fireworks went off. Carly wanted to get a group photo. She then set up her camera and everyone gathered and the photo snapped she would get a copy for everyone who wanted one. 

Then one of the officials came forward and handed Yusei the WRGP Cup. And everyone held it. But the fun quickly evaporated as every screen in New Domino went snowy. Everyone was confused but then Rex Good win appeared, he looked like he did in the tape he left for Yusei but next to him was a man in futuristic white helmet with a mask that cover his face in some kind of giant machine was next. Whatever had been going on behind the WRGP was here at last.

"Greetings Citizens of New Domino City." The man said "I am Z-one or simply Zone. I come from a distant future. A broken and apocalyptic future. I was born into this world around the time Ener-D became a better and more successful company, we discovered with the combination of Synchro Monsters, human desires, and Ener-D we could make great strides and advancements in technology.

"But we became greedy and started making even further advances, this caused the reactor to develops a mind of its own and created it's own army, the Meklords, to exterminate us. I managed to find a way to stop them with Synchro summoning and Clear Mind. But this wasn't enough, they needed a hero, a rallying point, the person they were familiar with was Yusei Fudo.

"So I found a way to assume his identity and I stopped the Meklords. But the human race was extinct as only three others were left and I was too late. The four of us slowly died. The three died off but I sent embodiments of them back to this time, and now that I'm here Rex Goodwin and I have teamed up to stop Synchro Monsters. But we underestimated you Yusei, as you always were the hero and you would try to stop us without knowing the full story. But it matters not the Ark Cradle will be raised from it's resting place and if you and your friends, even your other friends from different times want to play hero then I'll give a war you cannot possibly win.

"You should know I managed to find a way to control the Meklords as they are here. And you only have twelve hours to stop us."

Every screen went black and as everyone looked up the sky was dark and The Ark Cradle was above them. Nothing in New Domino was working as the Ark Cradle was controlling the Ener-D Reactor. But team Ragnarok's runners were still working and Yusei's, Jack's, Crow's, and Akiza's runners were still working as well. But suddenly for no reason Jaden fell to his knee and started groaning and gripping his arm.

"Jaden, what's wrong?" Alexis asked him frantically

"My-my arm- it hurts! Ahhh!" He shouted in agony

But red lines began forming and glowing on his right wrist, it was a mark.

"Jaden, you're a signer." Yusei said

"I- am?"

"Yes, the crimson dragon feels you are worthy to bare his mark. And it looks like the body of the Crimson Dragon. And, Jaden your deck, it's glowing!" Yusei said

He then drew the top two cards and it was shining then blank and then a Tuner Dragon and Synchro Dragon appeared. 

"Stream Dragon and Life Stream Dragon?" Jaden said

"Well each dragon reflects on your deck and yours is an Elemental Hero deck so the Dragon felt you deserved Life Stream Dragon." Yusei said

"It says it requires this Stream Dragon and my Elemental Hero Neos to Synchro Summon it." Jaden said

"Well we better find Rex and fast, I'm taking him down." Akiza said

"You aren't doing that alone, I'm taking my crack at him as well." Jack said

"I'm taking him on as well." Crow said

"I'll get you three transportation." Trudge said

A few minutes later aircrafts arrived and all three loaded there runners and Trudge took them to Rex's estate. While everyone else stayed behind to stop the Meklords as the Dueling Wars had truly begun....

END OF PART 3.......

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