Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


8. The Ghost

He gathered up his friends and his secret girlfriend, and Stephanie as she had become a member of their unoffical circle of friends as he had an announcement to make. Along with Raven Hawk, a girl who worked at the cafe with Stephanie and was also a member of this unofficial group. And Carly was also considered a friend.

"Guys I want to enter the WRGP. But I want you all there with me." Yusei said and everyone was just staring at him

"Okay I'll be the first to take the spotlight. But no matter what you do I'm with you, always have been always will be." Crow said

"I'm in as well, I could use a change of someone to duel." Jack said

"I'll help in anyway I can Yusei." Akiza said 

"We're with you sis." Luna said

And everyone stood up and said they had his back.

"Well you know that program me and Bruno spent three days making? Well now its time to use it. We need to build a Planetary Particle engine. So with it we will have the fastest Duel Runners." Yusei said

"Well we better get started." Blister said

They tried for a few hours and after a few hours of unsuccessful attempts and noise complaints they had enough for the night but then a New Domino Police car pulled up. It was Mina.

"Hey we're sorry about the noise we're trying to keep it down." Yusei said

"I'm not here for that, I'm here on a personal matter. Have any of you heard of a duelist calling himself the Ghost?" mina asked

"The Ghost?" Yusei asked

"He's this mysterious duelist who forces you into a duel and if you lose you crash." Crow said

"That's pretty much it, anyway six duelists have been hospitalized and trudge decided to try and take this person down and now he is too." and everyone went wide eyed "Please Yusei. I dont know who else to turn to, my back is against the wall and-" she added but then burst into tears

Yusei had never seen eye to eye with Trudge but he considered him a friend. And now he was in the hospital. He then remembered what the Crimson Dragon said and he knew what he had to do...

"I'll find him." Yusei said

"What?" everyone said at once 

"I'll find this Ghost and take him down." Yusei

"But Yusei, you'd do this all by yourself?" Akiza asked

"I wont be alone. You guys will be with here." He said holding his fist over his heart "And here." He added as he took off his right glove and pushed back his sleeve to reveal his mark 

"Okay, but please... come back to us." Akiza said and hugged him 

He then put his helmet on and and pressed the button and visor slid down and he took off into the night...

Meanwhile At Goodwin's office:

Z-one had a holographic display of the map of New Domimo City out. 

"Ahh I now see this circuit. The circuit in itself is in the shape of the Infinity Sign. And little by little with these turbo duels they slowly complete the circuit when a duelist is at their best. Am I correct?" Rex asked

Z-one was now inside a giant life sustaining machine as he was slowly dying.

"Yes you are correct. And it looks like I will finally get to see what Yusei Fudo is truly like." Z-one said and the map turned into and orb and showed Yusei riding in the dead of night "Primo, you know what to do." Z-one added 

Primo was one of the three nobles, one of the three that made up Aporia as Lester, and Jakob were the other two. Primo nodded and sent out one of his duel bots.

A mysterious duelist aproached Yusei, and he couldnt find anything on the specs of his Runer.

"You wanna duel Ghost I'll give you a duel." Yusei said and activated Speed World 2 and got the track

"Let's rev it up!" Yusei called out

"I'll go first and I think I'll summon Wise Core." Ghost said

Wise Core:



"Then I'll place one card facedown and end my turn."The Ghost said

"Then it's to me!" Yusei said and drew

The Ghost: 4000/1

Yusei: 4000/1

"And I'll bring out Max Warrior!" Yusei said

Max Warrior:



"And when he attacks he gains an additional 400 attack point. 

Max Warrior:



"Let him have it Max Warrior!" Yusei called out 

"No let he can keep it I activate the Trap Labyrinth of Kline. This makes all battle damange for the turn become zero and keeps any monster fro getting destroyed. But here's an added bonus. The monster that waged the attack has their origianl attack swapped with their original defense."

Max Warrior:



"Well now I special summon Turbo Booster. Since I successfully summoned a monster I can special summon turbo Booster and he gets to attack."

Turbo Booster:



"Fool. Don't you know that once Wise Core is destroyed due to an effect all monsters are destroyed. Then I can Meklord Empeor Wisel Infinity."

Meklord Emperor Wisel Infinity:



"Meklord Emperor Wisel Top."

Meklord Wisel Top:



"Meklord Emperor Wisel Attack."

Meklord Emperor Wisel Attack:



"Meklord Emperor Wisel Guard."

Meklord Emperor Wisel Guard:



"And lastly Meklord Emperor Wisel Carrier. From my hand or deck."

Meklord Emperor Wisel Carrier:



"Five cards at once? Impossible." Yusei said 

"That depends on you look at it. I activate Meklord Emperor wisel's special ability." The Ghost said

And all five monsters combined. 

Meklord Emperor Wisel:



And the sun was rising. And things were not looking good...

Meanwhile everyone at Poppo Time was on edge. Akiza and the other four signers felt Yusei was truly in trouble as their marks were telling them this. It was the bond they shared. But while they could feel when someone was in trouble they could also use their bond when one need their strength.

"Please Yusei. Stay strong." Akiza said


"I place two cards facedown an end my turn."

"To me." The Ghost said 

The Ghost:4000/2

Yusie: 4000/2

"And to my Meklord Emperor, attack Max Warrior with Stainless Steel Slash!" The Ghost said

"I activate the trap Shock Reborn, this one halves all battle damage." Yusei said

Yusei: 3150

"And thanks to my Trap cards effect I can bring back a monster with fewer attack points. Welcome back Turbo Booster."

 Turbo Booster:



"You're going to need more of a booster than that. I end my turn with a face down."

"Then it's my turn!" Yusei said and drew 

The Ghost:4000/3


Yusei then looked at his two cards he had on the field and the three in his hand and thought of the perfect combo to get his friend out on the field.

"I activate my Speed Spell Angel Baton. Since I have two or more Speed Counters I can draw two cards and discard one from my hand. But now I get to summon Debris Dragon."

Debris Dragon:



and I activate its special ability which allows me to bring back one monster with 500 or fewer attack points, so welcome back Gauntlet Warrior!" Yusei said

Gauntlet Warrior:



"And now I'll tune Debris Dragon with Turbo Booster and Gauntlet Warrior to Synchro Summon Stardust Dragon!" Yusei called as his ace monster came to life

Stardust Dragon:



"Next I activate the Trap Meteor Wave. Now for this one turn my Synchro gains 300 attack." Yusei said

Stardust Dragon:



"Not so fast! I activate Meklord Emperor's Wisel's special ability, now Meklord Emperor Wisel Guard absorbs your attack and while this piece is destroyed my Meklord Emperor goes unharmed." The Ghost said

"Clever but not clever enough. Since my monster attacked your monster in defense mode and its defense was less you take the damage."

The Ghost: 2400/3

"I place one card face down." Yusei said

"It's my turn." The Ghost said and drew

The Ghost: 2400/4

Yusei: 3150/4

"And I summon Wisel Guard 3!" The Ghost said "And with my Meklord repaired I'll demonstrate why now has beaten me. I now activate Meklord Emperor Wisel"s special ability which allows me to absorb any Synchro Monster and gain their attack points." The Ghost said and absorbed Stardust

"Stardust Dragon! NO!" Yusei called out 

Meklord Emperor Wisel:



"Now my Meklord Emperor attack him directly!" The Ghost said 

"I play my Trap! Scrapiron Scarecrow! I can negate your attack and place it facedown on my side of the field again." Yusei said 

"I place two cards face down and end my turn." The Ghost said

"Then it's my move." Yusei said and drew

The Ghost:2400/5


"And I summon Bicular in defense mode." Yusei said




"And I set two cards face down and my turn." Yusei said

"Now its my turn." The Ghost said and drew

 The Ghost:2400/6


"And I'll start off by playing the trap Wisel A3. By sending Wisel Attack to the graveyard I can summon Wisel Attack 3." The Ghost said "And this new piece raises my Wisel's attack."

Meklord Emperor Wisel:



"And now I use him to attack you again!" The Ghost said

"I reactivate Scrapiron Scarecrow!" Yusei said and negated Ghost's attack 

"You don't think I was stupid enough to fall for the same trap twice? I activate the trap Battle Return! If I halve my monsters attack I can target your again!" The Ghost said

"What?" Yusei said

Meklord Emperor Wisel:



"Now go Meklord Emperor Wisel! And don't forget due Meklord Emperor Wisel's special ability that since it's attack was greater than your monsters defense you take the difference in damage." The Ghost

Yusei: 650/6

"Thanks, now I can activate Bicular's special ability which allows me to bring out Unicycular."




"Now I activate my facedown, Trap Recycle! With this i have send one card to the graveyard but then I get to return one to my hand. And the one I choose is Battle Return! But I'll just have to wait till next turn to place it." The Ghost said

"Here it goes!" Yusei said and drew

The Ghost: 2400/7


"I may not have gotten the card I needed but I activate the effect of speed world 2. By removing 7 seven speed counters I can draw one card!" 

But please, I need a card that can help me, any card. He thought to himself 

Then his mark started glowing. And so did his friends marks, and they all disappeared and the mark on Yusei's back started glowing along with the top card of his deck. He then drew.

"I summon Majestic Dragon!" Yusei said "And I activate my trap Synchro Material. Now i can Synchro Summon with monsters on your side of the field Like my Stardust Dragon!" Yusei said

Stardust then returned to him.

Majestic Dragon:



Stardust Dragon:



Meklord Emperor Wisel:



"And now I tune Majestic Dragon with Unicycular and Stardust Dragon to Synchro Summon Majestic Star Dragon!" Yusei called out

Majestic Star Dragon:



"It makes no difference. Your beast still cant attack due to Wisel guard 3's special ability." The Ghost said

"That's where your wrong. My new Dragon negates your Meklord Emperor's ability." Yusei said

"Still you cant take down my Machine all together." The Ghost said

"I don't need to I Just have to aim for the right piece." Yusei said

"What?" The Ghost said 

"Ya see while your Meklord Emperor's greatest strength is that it's a combo monster that's also it's greatest weakness." Yusei said "And I'm aimimg for it's head! Go Majestic Star Dragon!"

Majestic Dragon then took out the head of Meklord Emperor Wisel and The Ghost lost the rest of his life points. The Ghost then went flying off the road and into an area of trees and there was an explosion. Yusei then then found out that The Ghost was in fact a robot and its deck was gone, and so he took the chip back to the Poppo time. Everyone greeted him excitedly. He then examined the chip and it was blank. But everyone had questions. He then explained everything. And everyone headed out for a while as Yusei needed sleep. And as everyone was gone Yusei layed down holding Akiza and he held her close.

"I love you." He whispered

"I love you too." She whispered

And they fell asleep together.....

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