Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


25. The Dueling Wars Part 2

"I will stop at nothing to stop you Signers." Rex said

"Then I guess it up to us to us you and I'll start by throwing down two face-downs." Crow said

"You done Crow?" Akiza asked 

"Yeah, it's all you Jack." Crow said

"Alright Goodwin, I've got a few surprises in store for you and they're not the kind you wrap up with a bow. They're the kind that put maniacs like you in their place. Here it goes!" He said and drew

Lifepoints and Speed Counters:

Crow: 1800/3

Jack: 4000/5

Akiza: 4000/5

Rex: 8800/3

"First I place a face down. Second I summon Magic Hole Golem in defense mode."

Magic Hole Golem:



"Next I'll use Golem's special ability. Now once per turn I can cut the attack points of monster in half and use that monster to attack. And the monster I'm using this turn is Mad Archfiend!" Jack said

Mad Archfiend:

Level **


"And there's no time like the present. Let him have it Mad Archfiend!" 

Goodwin's lifepoints then dropped to 7900.

"Hey I wanna get in on this fun and thanks to one of the face-down cards I played last turn, I'm happy To report that I'm about to. I play the Trap Card, Shadow Dance! See if a monster attacks you directly then this is activated and you take an additional one thousand points of damage!

Goodwin's lifepoints then dropped again, now 6900 and he lost a speed counter.

"You see. I told you our bonds of friendship will pull us through anything. We don't need the mark to be you. This is proof. And if you want more, here I play Tuner Material Material as it allows me to summon a Tuner Monster.And I'm bringing out Twilight Rose Knight."

Twilight Rose Knight:

Level ***


"And I draw." Akiza said and drew

Lifepoints and Speed Counters:

Crow: 1800/4

Jack: 4000/6

Akiza: 4000/6

Rex: 6900/3

"And play from my hand Blue Rose Dragon!" Akiza said as she play her second ace card

Blue Rose Dragon:

Level ****


"And I'll also play my Tuner Monster Twilight Rose Knight with Blue Rose Dragon to Synchro Summon, Blue Moonlight Rose Dragon!"

Blue Moonlight Rose Dragon:

Level *******


"And now I use one of its special abilities, since you have your Moon Dragon out on the field My Blue Moonlight Rose Dragon gets five hundred extra attack points since it's a moon type monster."

Blue Moonlight Rose Dragon:

Level *******


"And my Dragon also gets another five attack points for the Monsters tributed to summoning it."

Blue Moonlight Rose Dragon:

Level *******


"And I'm activating one of its abilities which allows me to take out one monster on your side of the field until the end phase of this turn. And I'm taking out out your Moon Dragon. Blue Moonlight Rose Dragon, attack with Blue Moonlight Rose Gale!"

Blue Moonlight Rose Dragon then destroyed Moon Dragon.

"That's what happens when you go three on one Goodwin." Jack said

"And that ain't all, isn't that right Akiza?" Crow said

"You bet. Black Moonlight Rose Dragon attack Goodwin directly!" Akiza said

"Why thanks. You just set off my Trap, offerings to the Immortals. You see if one of your monster declares a direct attack on me and I have no monsters on my field that attack is negated. Then I get to summon two Sacrificial Stone Monument Tokens.

Sacrificial Stone Monument Token:

Level -


Sacrificial Stone Monument Token:

Level -


"And there's more. I get to summon an Earthbound Immortal to my hand." Goodwin said

"You what?" Akiza said

"He negated that attack, summoned two tokens and that immortal? All because he played that one Trap Card?" Crow said "This duel might be tougher than we thought." He added

"Oh yes it will be. The light and darkness are powerful allies. And they're both on my side!" Goodwin said and started laughing

"That Immortal is gonna be on the Field Soon." Jack said

"I place two cards face down and end my turn." Akiza said

"You know what that means. Moon Dragon Quilla returns to the field."

Moon Dragon Quilla:

Level **********


"My turn now!" Goodwin said as he drew

Lifepoints and Speed Counters:

Crow: 1800/5

Jack: 4000/7

Akiza: 4000/7

Rex: 6900/4

"First I'll release my two Sacrificial Stone Monument Tokens. Because you were right Jack, my Earthbound Immortal will be on the field soon!" Goodwin said "Now come forth Wiraqocha Rasca!" 

Wiraqocha Rasca:

Level **********


Suddenly smaller winged beasts began swarming them.

"What's happening?" Akiza said

"It looks like Goodwin brought reinforcements." Crow said

"Of course these Monsters aren't from my deck but when you have power like mine, why waste it? The King Of the Netherworlds will be upon us!" Goodwin said

"You snake!" Akiza said 

But then one was directly above her and was about to be crushed but suddenly a ball of white sparkling energy destroyed the winged beast. She looked and it was Shooting Star Dragon. And next to Shooting Star Dragon was Junk Warrior Lifestream Dragon on the right and Slifer the Sky Dragon. And each boy was on the head of their Dragon.

"Looks like we got reinforcements of our own." Crow said 

"We may not have our marks but that doesn't mean we can't help. Okay Stardust and Junk Warrior let's help 'em out with cosmic flare and Scrap Iron Fist." Yusei said and Stardust and Junk Warrior began taking out the winged beast

"Okay Lifestream Dragon take 'em out Neos, defend." Jaden said as his dragon began taking them out as well and Neos was fending them off and defending Jaden

"Alright Slifer, let's take these beasts out!" Yugi said "Back him up okay Dark Magian?"

Slifer and Dark Magician began taking them.

"If he's gonna play dirty, he'll have to answer to us!" Yusei said

"Yeah we're here guys." Jaden said

"We're with you all the way." Yugi said

"Why fight when your fate is sealed?" Rex asked

"Well I believe in making our own fate." Akiza said

"As did I until I discovered the power you see before you, the power etched into my very being. Your right, fate is made. And now that I rule the light and dark it's made by only me." Goodwin said

"Your wrong!" Akiza said

"If you still refuse to believe me Akiza, I'll demonstrate." Goodwin said "One of Rasca's special abilities allows me to lower your lifepoints to one by simply skipping my battle phase." Goodwin said

"You must Joking. You can't do that. We'll be sitting ducks." Jack said

"That's the point! I tried to warn you. It is decided, it's done, for all of you!" Goodwin said

"What happened to you Goodwin? You used to believe in helping others not just yourself." Crow said 

"Crow." Akiza and Jack said simultaneously "Don't." Akiza added

"You built that bridge for us Satellite kids and I looked up to you. You were my hero and I know ya still that in ya." Crow said

"Your wrong. I'm simply not that man anymore." Goodwin said

"Yes you are. Look I know it didn't work out the way you wanted but ya gotta realize. Just you trying changed all of our lives, it gave us all hope." Crow said "Look Goodwin, if your not going to be the Legendary Man we all thought you were, then it looks like I'm going to have to step up and fill those shoes for you. Because Satellite needs it's hero's." He added

"Look out!" Akiza called out

A winged beast swooped down and knocked into him.

"Crow!" Akiza shouted as he swerved and ran into the wall of the Geoglyph 

"That'll teach you to talk back to me. Now where were we? Ah yes, about to run out Akiza's lifepoints!" Goodwin said

"I don't think so." Crow said "I play my face down, Life Exchange! If lifepoints change due to an attack I become the new target of that effect." He added

"No." Akiza said "That means..." She added 

"I told you I would be filling those shoes. Akiza is our best shot at winning this and I'm not letting take my sister out!" Crow said

"Crow-" Yusei started to say as he watched the Duel 

"That's right Akiza you heard me, like Luna and Leo, I consider you my sister. And that's one thing you'll never take from us, it's our love and the bond that connects and ties us all together. And Akiza If you win this, tell Raven I love her." Crow said 

"Crow No, I'm not losing my second brother!" Akiza shouted

"It's easy to be brave when you're a fool. Wiraqocha Rasca, reduce Crow's lifepoints to one!"

The giant winged beast then attacked Crow and his life points reduced to one and the blast caused his runner to be launched out of the Geogylph.

"Crow!" Akiza shouted

"He's done for!" Jack said

"Sorry Goodwin, but if you think I'm goin down, you better believe I'm goin down swinging." Crow said and the wings on his runner activated "Cause guess what? Life Exchange has another affect. When my lifepoints decrease, one of your Monsters is destroyed!" He added

"But that means-"

"That means is all I gotta do is pick. And I pick your Moon Shadow Dragon!" Crow said as the flight mode of his runner activated as well

He then flew right through the Moon Dragon.

"You fool when my Moon Dragon is destroyed. My Sun Dragon Inte returns and Akiza your dragon loses five hundred attack points."

Blue Moonlight Rose Dragon:

Level *******


Sun Dragon Inte:

Level ********


"Wait, he's back?" Akiza said as she saw the Goodwin's Sun Dragon return

"And last I release Armor Master, to activate the Trap Black Wing Anchor! That's it Jack and Akiza, I'm afraid your going to have to take him on here on out." Crow said "I know you guys can do it. I know you can be Satellite's New Hero's. Ah boy this gonna be one rough landing!" He added

"He's dropping to fast!" Jack said

"Crow!" Akiza called

But then he unexpectedly landed back in the Geogylph.

"Wait." Yusei said

"He landed." Jaden said

"He's okay." Yugi said 

"Oh no look!" Yusei said

Just as he landed he lost control and fell off of his runner.

"He's down." Jack said

"Oh no!" Akiza said

"If Crow can't ride then he can't duel. I hope being a hero was worth it, it rarely is. Now then! I'll end my turn with a face down." Goodwin said

Crow then looked up and saw on the screen of his runner his Trap Card was still in play.

"It'll be worth it." He said hoarsely "Just you wait and see." He added and put his head back down

"Crooooow!" Akiza called out 

"You'll be avenged old friend, it's my turn now." Jack said and drew

Lifepoints and Speed Counters:

Jack: 4000/8

Akiza: 4000/8

Rex: 6900/5

"First I summon Sinister Sprocket!"

Sinister Sprocket:

Level *


"And now I'll tune my Sinister Sprocket with my level four Mad Archfiend and my level three Golem hole. That's right Goodwin. Watch as all three becomes a single vessel. And as might becomes mightier. As I Synchro Summon the Red Dragon Archfiend!"

Red Dragon Archfiend:

Level ********


"So what? Even if you destroy my Sun Dragon. It'll destroy your Dragon and then you'll take damage equal to its attack points." Goodwin said

"That's why I'm playing this. The Trap, Castrate. This allows me to cut the attack points of my Red Dragon Archfiend in half until the standby phase of my next turn."

Red Dragon Archfiend:

Level ********


"Why would I want to do that? Because if I have a monster with less attack points than your strongest monster. I'm then allowed to attack you directly and that means your Sun Dragon Inte won't get to use it's special ability against me. Now go Red Dragon Archfiend, attack with Crimson Scorching Flare!" Jack added

"Not so fast. Sun Dragon Inte has another ability. It makes it's attack points go down to zero." Goodwin said

Sun Dragon Inte:

Level ********


"What?" Jack said 

"Not good." Akiza said "Now he's the weakest monster on the field and I think we both know what that means." She added

"That's right you can longer attack me directly. You'll have to battle my Sun Dragon after all." Goodwin said

"But then my Red Dragon Archfiend will be crushed." Jack said

"Not if I can help it. I activate. This allows me to send one card to the graveyard and end this battle phase. Come one Jack, you just have to pick a card to take out." Akiza said

"Are you really going to listen to her? The Jack that I know isn't one to exactly take orders." Goodwin said tauntingly "No, the Jack I know was always a man that could make his own decisions. Especially in a duel." He added

"Jack don't listen to him, he trying to get in your head, tune him out." Yusei called down

"Why would Jack want to tune out the truth? The truth made him a champion. Tune her out. It wouldn't be the first time. And it was the right thing if you ask me. You don't need them Jack." Goodwin said

"Goodwin's right it's time I started playing for me. And I'm attacking Sun Dragon Inte!"

"Jack no!" Akiza called


Lifepoints: 5400

"You fool. You've activated Sundragon Inte's special ability. Now that it's destroyed Moon Dragon Quilla is back."

Moon Dragon Quilla:

Level **********


"And you take damage equal to your monsters attack as it is destroyed as well."


Lifepoints: 2500

"Jack we had him." Akiza said "Whyd you do it Jack?" Added

"I end my turn with a face down." Jack said

"Now now don't get down on yourself. It takes time to bring you back to your glory days of yesteryear. After all Jack I had to go it alone to get where I am." Goodwin said

"I think I just realized something. I don't want to be like you. Being the best, it's nice but not when you experience it alone and what really matters is having people to share your triumphs with. All of my friends, even Carly have taught me that. She's taught me a lot and now I'll pay her back and my friends by giving up my solo days for good. And my sister Akiza has taught me a great lesson as well. You can't play it all on your own, you need friends to get through, and just like Crow and Yusei are my Brothers I'd consider you my sister as well Akiza." Jack said

"Jack..." Akiza said

"From now on I'm going to risk everything for the family I've come to be apart of. Goodwin I'm going to stop you and your plans for conquering the world." Jack said

"You fool. You and your sappy ideals can't win this contest for you. Just face it and trusting in your friends is all wasted." Goodwin said

"We'll see about that." Akiza said "Because it's my turn to draw. Here I go!" She added as she drew

Lifepoints and Speed Counters:

Jack: 2500/8

Akiza: 4000/9

Rex: 5400/6

"Since Moon Dragon is out on the field my Blue Moonlight Rose Dragon gets an additional five hundred attack points."

Blue Moonlight Rose Dragon:

Level *******


"And due to one of its special abilities Moon Dragon Quilla is removed from play." Akiza said

"I think not. I play a Trap, Destruct Potion. Now I get to destroy my own monster and gain lifepoints equal to its attack points. And as you can see the monster I chose to destroy is Moon Dragon Quilla, and since he's gone Sun Dragon Inte rises again

Sun Dragon Inte:

Level ********


"And your Blue Moonlight Rose Dragon loses five hundred attack points. So much for the grand power of friendship, eh Akiza? Anything else you care to try this turn?" Goodwin asked with mockery

"I'm done, it's your move." Akiza said

"You peon's, you fools, you struggle, you fight and for what? No matter what you do it will all end just the same way. I've warned you that your fates were sealed. They just as the fate entire world is sealed. All that you have done it means nothing. Dooms day is finally here, time has but all run out, the Signers have failed!"

To be continued....

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