Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


19. The Allies Part 1

40 years earlier....

Domino City, city park:

Yugi and Tea were practicing dueling. But the practice was more for Tea as she wanted to be trained by him and become a better duelist. 

But before he started conditioning her he help build up her deck a bit with a nine more magic cards and eight more trap cards and gave her what Dark Magician girl cards he had. At first she didn't want them as they were his but he insisted she take them as she would need them and that way a bit of him would be in her deck. 

He even gave Joey back his Red Eyes Black Dragon, along with Summoned Skull so he could summon Red Eyes Black Skull Dragon. He still had Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon, Metalmorph and Dragon Nails. And he even won three other Red eyes variation, Red Eyes Darkness Dragon, Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, and Red Eyes Zombie Dragon. He also won two other Red Eyes Black Dragon's and fusion summoned and created Red Eyes Ultimate Dragon and he became known as Joey 'Red Eyes' Wheeler the Red Eyes Black Dragon Duelist as this greatly improved his deck and his rep.

For Tea this added Dark Magician Girl, Dark Knight Dark Magician Girl, and Magician Valkyria to her deck. Yugi's grandfather also gave her Dark Paladin Girl, Dark Magician Girl of Chaos, a Buster Blader and a Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress but she ritual summoned Black Magician Girl of Chaos. And fusion summoned Dark Pladin Girl the Ultimate Swordswoman, and Dark Knight Magician Girl the Guardian Dragon Rider. She also received Sorceress of Dark Magic as a gift from Yugi as well.

This truly built her deck up and she was starting to really starting to make a name for herself. It had been only a month since Yugi's duel with the Pharaoh but everyone grew closer as friends. But Tea had truly grown even closer to Yugi now, but she kept these feelings hidden. Their practice duel ended with Yugi winning yet again.

"Man Yugi, you won again." Tea said

"Not by much. You got my lifepoints down to a hundred this time. A few more duels and I'm sure you'll beat me." Yugi said as he looked happy.

"Well I think I've had enough dueling for one night." She said as her Duel disk deactivated as his did as well

"So wanna go back to my house?" he asked her

"Uh, sure." she said

They then walked back and arriving all the lights were off. But their was light coming from upstairs. So they went up.

Solomon, Tristen, Joey, Bakura, Duke, even and surprisingly Marik. Mai and Serenity were there as well. All seemed to be having a good time.

"Well look who it is, Yugi and Tea. Out on a secret date?" Mai said

"No, he was just helping sharpen my dueling skills." Tea said

"Sure he was." Mai said 

"Yugi, a package came for you." Yugi's grandfather said as he handed him a box

"It's from Industrial Illusions."

Suddenly Joey leapt over the couch in one swift motion.

"What's his problem?" Marik asked Bakura

"I was about to ask that myself." Bakura said 

"I wouldn't open that Yug." Joey said

"Quit being such a chicken and get out here monkey boy." Mai said 

Joey leapt back out. "Joey Wheeler is no chicken!"

Then serenity started laughing.

"What? What's so funny?" Joey asked 

"You big brother, when your trying act all tough." Serenity said and she laughed some more

"Come on Joey, nothing bad's going to happen." Yugi said

"Alright but if something does, I'm not going to say I told ya so."

"Fair enough." Yugi as he popped the tape in

The screen went snowy then Pegasus came on, sitting behind his desk in his same red suit and his hair draped over his left eye.

"Greetings Yugi boy. I know it's been a few months since your trip to Egypt and the returning of all seven Millennium Items and the legendary duel between you and your counterpart the Pharaoh. But I didn't bring all this up for nothing. 

"I'm going into retirement and stepping down from my position in Industrial Illusions. And I'll be hosting one last grand dueling tournament. The Domino City Dueling Tournament. 

"All of your friends are invited even a few others such as Kaiba boy, little Rebecca, Mako, Weevil, Rex, and Bandit Keith, along with a few other top female duelist's. All of the invitations are in the box with this tape, the tournament begins tomorrow, don't worry about such the short notice but the others have received this short notice as well. 

I hope to see you and your friends tomorrow." He said and the screen went snowy and the tape was over

Yugi then dug through the packing peanuts and found invitations for the six of them. Him, Tea, Joey, Tristen, Marik, and Bakura and handed them out. Each envelope had their name on it and dueling card inside and the picture on the card was a Duel Disk and two crowns infront of a mountain of gold coins.

"It says whichever two duelist's, a male and a female wins this tournament shall receive a hundred thousand dollar grand prize, a trophy, and the official title of King and Queen of Games." Yugi said as he read the card

"What!" Joey shouted "I thought you were the King of Games Yug?" He added 

"It was never official, it's just what everyone called me since I won Duelist Kingdom, Battle City, and The KaibaCorp. Grand Championship." Yugi said

"Well I guess you'll finally get the recognition you deserve if you win." Marik said

"Yeah, well I think we better get home and get some rest." Tea said 

"I'll walk you home Tea." Yugi said

Everyone then drove home but neither Yugi or Tea had their license as they preferred to walk. The way there they struggled to find something to talk about. Finally they reached the apartment complex she lived in and they just stood there.

"Sooo... goodnight Yugi." Tea said

Yugi wasn't exactly paying attention but then out of nowhere she quickly kissed his cheek as he tried to say goodnight but this caused him to completely stop and go wide eyed and slowly placed his hand on his cheek. She didn't even realize what she had done. She might have broken the land speed record for how fast she got to her apartment. 

Yugi then spent the rest of his walk home arguing inside his head as his voice that was always right and took the form of Yami.

"Obviously she likes you Yugi."

"I don't know that. It could have been a friendly peck on the cheek."

"Yugi, there is no such thing as a friendly peck on the cheek."

"Oh what do you know?"

"I'm the other half of you that's right, so I know these things. I know you like her."

"I do not!"

"Yes you do. No matter how deeply you two try to bury your feelings for each other. And you remember what Yami told you, he only cared for as a friend as he had another person he loved from his time."

"I know, I know, I know. I just hate to see our friendship be ruined."

"Yugi I think your friendship with her has become even more than you have and wanted to realize. The tension between you has reached it's breaking point, and she wants to tell you how she feels because she's just as afraid of rejection and ruining your two's friendship. Ask her tomorrow. After the tournament."

"Alright, I will. I gotta get some sleep." He thought as he crawled in bed and drifted in and out of sleep as he kept dreaming of Tea

Finally after an hour he fell asleep. All he saw was nothing but vast blackness, but then he could see a faint light and a figure standing in the light. Yugi started to run toward him and realized it Atem.

"Atem? What are you doing here? Is this just a dream?"

"I don't have much time, but this isn't a dream Yugi. I will see you tomorrow with the others after the tournament."

"Wait what's going on?"

"All I can tell you for the moment is the future is at stake. And if we do not save it the past will experience a similar fate."

Suddenly a giant Dragon that looked like it was made of fire appeared!

"We must hurry Pharaoh, time is running out for my Signers!" The dragon said telepathically

"I'm sorry I can't go into further detail Yugi but all will be explained tomorrow. I've been here too long I have to go."

Yami and the Dragon then disappeared in a blinding white light and Yugi shot up in bed and was drenched in a cold sweat. The sun was just coming up.

"Oh well." He thought to himself "May as well prepare my deck."

He then got out of bed and grabbed his deck and layed out all of his cards and began selecting what cards he would use. He decided against using his Egyptian God Cards and would rely on his various Dark Magicians and supporting spell, trap, and monster cards but kept them on him for posterity. Finally after an hour his deck was built. He then changed into clean black jeans, a black tank top, his buckle collar necklace, and strapped his belt on and loaded his deck in the holster. 

He then slid on his jacket and Duel Disk on his wrist and went downstairs and grabbed a quick bite and was out the door before his grandfather could say anything.

He then met up with everyone as they were waiting. The moment he saw her he began to think it would show of how awkward they were around each other but she looked like her usual happy self as he did too.

"Hey Yug. Ready?" Tristen asked

"You bet." Yugi said and he and his six friends headed to where the tournament would be held


The day was quite the interesting one. Yugi Muto and Rebecca Hawkins were the two top ranked Duelist. Joey was making out quite well his Red Eyes Deck and Tea was doing just as well with her Dark Magician Girl Deck. 

The three female finalist's came down to Rebecca, Mai, and Tea. And the top three male finalist's were Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey. 

Tea beat Mai, and to everyone's suprise Joey beat Kaiba. And in the final two matches Yugi and Tea won. 

"Duelist's young and all." Pegasus said into the microphone "I give you the King and Queen of Games!" He added and the crowd cheered as the three of them stood on the stage, then two people then came on stage and them each a tall trophy with a dueling card with wings on top

They each then received their checks and fireworks started going off and it was raining confetti. But as the celebration continued the wind kicked up and the sky grew with dark clouds that were swirling, then the same Dragon Yugi saw in his dream last night came out of the clouds. Some people took shelter, some ran, and some were shock and just stared. Then as the dragon landed the ghost of Atem appeared.

"Yug, I hate to say-"

"Joey, now's not the time!" Yugi said

"Yugi, it's time." Atem said

"What's going on Atem?" Marik asked 

"You all must come with me and the Crimson Dragon. We will explain on the way."

Marik, Bakura, Kaiba, Mai, Tristen, Duke, Serenity, Mokuba, Rebecca, Tea, and Yugi all gathered and then the dragon swallowed them and they disappeared....

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