Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


13. Team 5D's

Jack was going around a makeshift track at the docks. He was pushing his runner, the runner's speed was really picking up.

"200." Jack thought to himself

"300." Jack thought as well

The runner finally hit it's top speed of 400 mph, and he slowed down and Mina was standing there with the rest of his friends.

"How was that?" He asked them

"This new engine is really holding up, and we'll definitely have the edge." Blister said as he was typing on his laptop

"That was your best lap yet, Jack." Mina said "oh and Mr. Goodwin has finally sent the information."

They all went back to Poppo Time and popped it in the tv and watched.

"Congratulation Mr. Fudo for accepting my invitation, the WRGP is unlike any competition. But there have been some minor"

"What kind of changes?" Jack asked, even if he was thinking out loud

"Dueling will still be involved in this competition. You may have as many people as wish for your pit crew, and your team still consists of three racers and if you choose, and you can have a fourth as backup in case one cannot race, the races themselves will be unlike anything you've ever seen."

Again, Jack was thinking out loud. "How so?"

He then explained that once one riders lifepoints hit zero another would step in and the race would not be over until all three riders of one team had been defeated.

"And I wish you and your friends the best of luck."

The screen then went snowy and someone pressed the eject button.

"Well, looks like we still got a lot of ground to cover." Akiza said

"Not as much as you think." Yusei said

"How's so?" She asked her boyfriend

"I've been using what time I can working on something, it's your own runner."

"Yusei, you didn't have to do that."

Yusei laughed a little and said "Well you're apart of this team and your one of the six the people in this room who knows how to handle a runner." 

"So that's what you've been working on." Crow said

"Yeah, the initial design was simple but I upgraded it a bit after we found the right design for the engine."

"So who's going to be our pit crew?" Jack asked

Blister, Bruno, Blitz, Tank, Rally, Nervin, Leo, and Luna volunteered to be the pit crew.

"Well what should we call ourselves?" Crow asked

"How about Team 5D's?" Yusei said

"Why that?" Crow asked

"Well think about, you and Leo didn't get your dragon until after the Fortune cup was over, and me, Jack, Akiza, and Luna all had our dragons long before, and Goodwin only mentioned four dragons and the crimson dragon, and unknown fifth dragon but nothing about a sixth."

"Well ya got point there. Team 5D's. I like the sound of it." Crow said

Everyone else in the room agreed and it became official that they were team 5D's. But Akiza couldn't help but kiss her boyfriend as she often did this since everyone knew about them and the press was surprisingly quiet, and Yusei obliged everytime she wanted to kiss him.

"Do you two always have to be lip locked?" Jack said but Yusei and Akiza could care less

"Oh come on Jack, like you and Carly are any better." Crow said as everyone knew

A while back Carly got news that she finally got an internship at New Domino Time. Jack wasn't thinking at all when he kissed her full on the lips... with everyone standing right there. But after some explaining and some teasing they accepted it. Crow also announced he had been dating someone but he wasn't quite ready to bring her over. 

"Watch it Birdboy." He growled but Carly rested her hand on shoulder and he calmed down instantly and everyone but Jack laughed

Yusei then got Akiza her runner and he, Akiza, Crow, and Jack did trial runs as the others began working on a new engine for Blister's runner. This took less than day. And it took another day to get their logo made and sent to them, and Akiza made her own outfit for the tournament. Yusei and Jack finally achieved Clear Mind and after strange visions Yusei and Jack recieved Blank Synchro cards but they kept practicing and finally unlocked through finally mastering Accel Synchro them as their new Dragon's were Shooting Star Dragon and Red Nova Dragon as they figured out perfect Synchronicity with their Planetary Particle Engines was the key to a clear mind and Accel Synchro's. Their runners now had their team logo on it and Yusei, Akiza, Crow and Jack, all decided to go out for a ride to let New Domino see the newest dueling tag team, Team 5D's....

As for Rex and Roman Goodwin and Zone saw them all...

"Are your riders ready Rex?" Zone asked

"Yes, Kalin, Misty, and Grieger have their duel runners and are ready, what about your team?"

"Yes, my team, Team New World is ready and waiting." Zone said

"This is pathetic, three Satellites, and a psychic for a team and twins, two washed up turbo duelist, and four other Satellites for a pit crew." Roman said in disgust 

"Do not underestimate them Brother. They are all stronger than they look." Rex said reassuring his older brother

"What about the last dark signer?" Roman asked 

"That is where Akiza comes in.

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