Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


16. Signers Vs. Dark Signers Part 1

Yusei had been back at Poppo Time for three hours and he was starting to worry and the guys were suspicious as well and started looking around for her. But Yusei was at the area a in less than five minutes when Luna and Carly told them they found something. He didn't care as he went into the woman's locker room. Akiza's locker door had a dent in it, most of things she carried with her were still there including her suit, helmet, and duel disk, but on the ground was her heart necklace and her deck was gone, he felt tears stream down his face as he picked up her necklace and he still had his on and hung his head as he left. Jack had been waiting outside with the rest of the guys.

"We all know this isn't Akiza." Carly said "It can only mean she's been taken."

Yusei felt like he had been hit in the stomach. Jack had never been very sentimental but he knew this hit his brother like nothing and he hugged him. They gathered up Akiza's things and left.

They all then went back to Poppo Time. As they all got back, Mina and Trudge were, Mina probably Zora let her and Trudge in.

"Jack! There you are!" She shouted as she saw him

"Look, I don't mean to be rude but this isn't the best time for lecturing me about being out this late." 

"It's not that. Akiza she's-"

"Gone, been taken, kidnapped, yeah we know."

"Listen Yusei, I called in a few friends from security and the police force and they're looking for her." Trudge said

"Also you should now, Director Goodwin has also disappeared as well." Mina added

"What?" Everyone but Yusei said

"He completely vanished without a trace. But he left this tape for you Yusei."

Yusei simply accepted it and put it as everyone was too tense to sit so they all stood. The screen went snowy then Goodwin appeared...

The Satellite Sector, beneath the old Ener-D reactor site:

Akiza's eyes shot open, she was in some kind of cell. But beyond that she had no clue as to where she was was, as she sat up her head hurt, next to her was a black cloak, a white mask, and some type of duel disk with her deck in it. But she recognized the mask. Fear spouted everywhere  within her, it was the mask she wore when she was still the Black Rose Witch!

Suddenly a man it black robes lined with orange walked in. He had brown hair and had green eyes but beyond the green in his eyes was all black.


"Welcome Akiza, to the begging of the end." He said


Goodwin no longer looked like the Goodwin they knew is eyes were black and his eye color was the same. He looked bigger and even more muscular and his hair was down hung in long strands.

"Greetings Yusei. There is much I haven't told you."

"That's, understatement." Jack muttered

"Twenty years ago your father, my older brother Roman, and I started on the Ener-D reactor project. But it lead to disaster. My brother was signer just like you and he had the mark of the Crimson Dragon just like the one on your arm. After my brother chose to be reborn as a Dark Signer the Crimson Dragon gave you his mark, as well as your friends Jack, Crow, Akiza, Luna, and Leo. The Dark Signers contain the mark of the Earthbound Immortals or the Nazca Lines. But Akiza like my brother Roman is struggling with the darkness within. And after reading the texts of Yliaster she is the one destined to awaken the King of Netherworld.

"I like my brother are members of the ancient Society of Yliaster. Ten thousand years before our time a great battle occurred between the Earthbound Immortals along the Leviathan, they clashed Crimson Dragon and his six Dragons and the three other legendary dragons collided in one of the most devastating battles. The earthbound immortals and Leviathan were sealed away.

"Five thousand years later during the time of Pharaoh Atem the Earthbound Immortals were awoken again, along with this the Shadow games were on the verge destroying the world but Atem and the six Signers sealed the magic and the Earthbounds Immortals away again.

"Another five thousands years later in this time Yugi Muto and the spirit of Pharaoh Atem defeated the Leviathan and stopped the evil from being awoken again. Now during this time the Earthbound Immortals will be awoken again by me, Roman, Kalin, Gieger, Sayer, Misty, and Devack. As for Akiza, she will awaken the King of the Netherworld. And this battle will play out again, come to the Satellite Sector if you feel you want to try and save her before it's too late as you always wanted to be the hero Yusei. Good luck, and you may want to hurry as the King will return by sunset."

The screen then went snowy as the tape was over. Yusei finally spoke up...

The Satellite Sector, beneath the old Ener-D reactor site:

Akiza's hair pin that held her bangs up came loose and fell to the ground as her bangs fell over her face, her eyes longer full of life, her eyes were hollow. She was no longer Akiza. The Black Rose Witch was free again at last. She then pulled the cloak on and dawn the infamous mask and drew her hood. Sayer then handed her the Dark Signer Duel Disk. She slid it onto her left wrist and inserted her deck. She was ready and he escorted her to Rex.

"She's ready." Sayer said

"Very good, take your positions, are the others at the towers?" Rex said

"Yeah. Kalin, Grieger, Misty, and Devack are there. Now come Black Rose, I have a task for you."


"We have to go there." Yusei said 

"Are you insane?" Trudge asked

"Maybe I am. But I don't care if this is destined I'm going there and I will beat all of the signers myself and save Akiza if I have to."

"Yus. You, me, and Jack have been brothers since that day. And if this is the end well I'm not going down without a fight. I'm in." Crow said

"Don't think your going alone. I'm going with you as well." Jack said

"I'm with you Yusei." Luna said

"I'm going too." Leo said

"I'll get you all transportation." Trudge said

"Alright. I have a plan for taking them down. But it'll be risky and dangerous and could possibly get us all killed." Yusei said and he took their silence as they were still in "Jack, you get Kalin, Crow you get Grieger, Luna you get Devack, Leo you get Misty. As for me, I'm going after Sayer, Roman, and Akiza." He added

"Yusei. You can't take them all on even if it's one at a time, you'll get yourself killed." Mina said wide eyed

"I have no choice. And I'm only one who can free her, and I've always had a feeling we'd clash one day."

"Mina." Trudge said softly as took his fiancé in his arms "I hate to say it but he's got a point."

"But- I- okay. Just be careful, all of you."

Yusei, Jack, and Crow got their runners, Leo and Luna got their duel disks. But Luna also grabbed Akiza's Duel Disk as she was practically like her older sister and she had a feeling Akiza would need it if Yusei did manage to free her.

They all boarded the aircraft and flew to the Satellite. Blister and the rest of guys tagged along to make sure Martha and the kids at the Orphanage were safe. 

Finally they touched down and all three boys split up as Yusei headed for the blast site, Jack to the first tower, Crow to the second. Trudge took Leo to the third tower and Mina took Luna to the fourth tower....

Yusei arrived at the giant hole in the ground that would lead him to where he needed to go. He then got off his runner and took his helmet off. He then pressed a button and his Duel Disk attached back on to his wrist, he then inserted his dueling deck into the slot and made his way down the staircase and into the darkness.....

Finally he reached a room with a large long table and seven candles was the only source of light. But he saw a man in black robes lined with orange sitting at the far end of the table.

"So you finally made it Yusei. I've been waiting for this for a long time." Sayer said and stood and slid his Dark Signer Duel Disk on his wrist and it activated

"I've looked forward to this as well Sayer."

"If you want to get to Akiza, she's on the bridge that leads to Roman and Rex. But to get to her you got go through me."

"I'm gonna make you pay for the hurt you caused her."


Jack won his duel....

"Come on old pal, stay with me dammit!" Jack said as he held Kalin

But Kalin Chuckled "You always were stubborn Jack, do me a favor and tell Yusei I forgive him, and that I'm sorry for ever thinking he was the reason I got locked away."

"No I'm not! You are gonna stay right here with me so you can tell him yourself."

"It's too late Jack..." Kalin said trailing off and disintegrated 

Jack knew there was no time for tears, no Kalin wouldn't want him wasting them on him. But then he held Majestic Red Dragon, the card that one the duel for him. With this he climbed on his runner and took off. Leo defeated Misty and Luna also defeated Devack. And each had reversed each tower. But Crow was just getting to the reactor Grieger was guarding.

"Crow Hogan, the Black Winged Duelist. Huh, can't believe you had the guts to show up." Grieger said

"Yeah well I never back down from anything. You ready to duel or not?" Crow asked

"Fine." He said and activated the Geoglyph of the Killer Whale and both of their marks started to glow

"Let's duel." they said in unison and took off....


Sayer fell to his knees.

"Well, I guess you win. Good luck freeing her now." Sayer said

"What you mean?" Yusei demanded

"I had the Black Rose under my control. Now there's nothing to contain her." He said and disintegrated and now only three of of the seven candles burned

Yusei then left the room and continued wandering until he came to the bridge Sayer spoke of. And there she was......


Crow made it around the first turn so it was his move.

"I draw. And from my hand I summon Blackwing Shura the Blue Flame and place one card face down and end my turn." Crow said as his black winged beast appeared and the face down card as well and disappeared and both gained a speed counter

"Its my move." Grieger said as he drew a card. "First I'm summoning Trap reactor Y Fi from my hand. Next I'm activating Diving Exploders special ability. By sacrificing it to my graveyard it switched our monsters attack and defense points that are on the field, now attack his bird."

His Blackwing Shura was destroyed and his life points went down to 3400.

"My move." He said drew and Grieger's monster's affect wore off "And I'll be activating my Speed Spell Angel Baton and as long as have two speed counters I get to draw two cards. I discard one to summon my Blackwing the Mistral Silver Shield in defense mode. And since I already have a Blackwing on my field I can summon, Blackwing Bora the Spear! Now destroy his Y Fi!"

The Blackwing then destroyed his monster causing him to spin out but regain control and lower his lifepoints to 3100. But his Y Fi wasn't gone.

"How can that be?" Crow said

"I activated my Trap Fake Explosion, and this allows me to summon another monster, and I choose Summon Reactor SK."

Crow knew he was planning on bringing out his third monster to summon his best monster that nearly took Yusei out in the Fortune Cup. If he didn't act quickly he would be on a one-way trip to the Netherworlds, but he could let that happen.

"My move." He said as he drew and they both gained another Speed Counter "Now I summon Spell Reactor RE to the field in attack mode. With it I can activate the special ability of Summon Reactor SK. So sending it, spell reactor and trap reactor to the graveyard I get summon my favorite monster Flying Fortress Skyfire!"

"And if you think this is bad just wait and see what's next. By sending one card to the graveyard I can target any card on your field. And I'm taking out your Blackwing Silver Shield."

The Flying Fortress then destroyed his silver shield.

"And for the main attack on you Blackwing Spear. Take him out!"

And three torpedoes destroyed his Bora the Spear but that was part of the plan.

"You may have destroyed my Bora the Spear but I can still use my Silver Shield ability and all the damage I would've taken drops to zero." Crow said "Now I draw." He added

And their Speed counters raised to four. 

"I play this in defense mode, Blackwing Viau of the emblem of Honor."

"What a waist. Skyfire destroy that pathetic monster and his lifepoints." Grieger said

And a few torpedoes dropped and Crow's lifepoints dropped to 2600.

"I activate Viau's special ability, by removing it and another monster from my graveyard and from the game I can now Snycro Summon."

"But your monsters are all in the graveyard."

"Well consider this a message from the graveyard. I choose Blackwing Elfin the Raven and Blackwing Viau the Emblem of Honor and Syncro Summon, Blackwing Armor Master!"

"And as another bonus I get to summon a second Blackwing to the field as there is one already in my graveyard, this bird is Blackwing Gail of the Wirlwind."

"Now Blackwing Armor Master attack his Flying Fortress!"

It then attacked and left a mark on it and Crow didn't take any damage.

"How can that be?" Grieger said

"He's got these nifty little things called Arrowhead Counters and I used one on your Skyfire and now for the rest of this turn your attack and defense are stuck at zero. Now Blackwing Gail of the Whirlwind take down that Skyfire."

His monster was destroyed and he spun out again and his lifepoints went down to 1800 and he lost a speed counter.

"Now I'll end my turn with a face down."

"My draw." Grieger said and their speed counters went up one "Now that my field is empty I can bring back Dark Tuner Doom Submarine and I summon Dark sea Rescue in attack mode. Now I dark tune my Dark Submarine with my Dark Rescue to Syncro Summon Dark Flattop."

"And I also activate it's special ability and bring Flying Fortress Skyfire and activate it's special ability. By discarding one card I target any of your monsters. And I'm grounding your Armor Master. Go Skyfire destroy both of his monsters!"

Skyfire then destroyed his Blackwing Armor Master and his Blackwing Gail and this caused Crow to spin out and crash and drop his lifepoints down to 900. His memories of the kids was what got him up and he got back on and continued to ride.

"If I were you I would've stayed down." Grieger said

"Well luck for my friends you aren't me." Crow said

"I place one card face down and end my turn." Grieger said

The crash had done more damage to him than he thought. He drew and they both raised their speed counters to six

"I'll end my turn with a face down."

"Well then it's my move." Grieger said and their speed counters raised to seven "And I'll send one card to the graveyard to activate Skyfire's special ability and I'll destroy the card on the right."

"Well that was the wrong card and the card that is face down will destroy your flattop and Skyfire."

His card was then destroyed 

"And now I target your other face down, say goodbye."

"I'm not saying any goodbyes just yet but I reveal my facedown Blackwing Backflash and since I have at least five Blackwings in my graveyard this trap destroys all your monsters on your side of the field just as I said I would."

"How could you?"

"Well I couldn't have without your help Grieger."

"So this is all my own doing?"

"That's right, you've got no one else to blame but yourself for the situation you got in. Maybe next time you won't underestimate the power of my deck."

"It's funny you should say that, because that's exactly what I was thinking when I sent this to the graveyard."

"Sent what to the graveyard?"

"A little insurance policy that allows me to draw one card from my deck. That'll do just fine. Next up I'll trigger the Trap Card Contaminated Earth. Due to its effect because I have two level five or above monsters in my graveyard I can now summon an Earthbound Immortal!"

Then the heart appeared and began to beat as it absorbed people to be summoned.

"Now come forth, Earthbound Immortal, Chacu Challuha!"

A giant black and violet Killer Whale burst on the field.

"Uh oh." Crow said "Alrighty Crow this it, I draw." He added and this raised both of their Speed Counters to seven

"But before I make a move I better assess the situation. Grieger's got more lifepoints than me and that Whale protecting him, I gotta figure out a way to beach that thing before it swallows my lifepoints whole." Crow thought to himself

"I summon, Blackwing Fained the Steel Chain."

"That's all you got?"

"Nope, Blackwing Fained attack him directly!"

The Blackwinged beast then attacked Grieger lowering his lifepoints by 500 leaving him with 1300 lifepoints.

"That was quite the move. Too bad it's the last you'll ever make."

"Don't think so."


"Ya see it's time for part two of my attack to take affect."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean there was more to that move than meets the eye. Ya see the real purpose of my Blackwing attack was to switch your Whale in defense mode."

The giant Whale then turned blue as it was now in defense mode.

"Now I'll end my turn with a face down."

"Then it's my move." Grieger said as he drew raising their speed counters to eight "Now you may have switched my Whale to defense mode but who said it had to be in attack mode to deal out damage. My Earthbound Immortal can't be stopped. I activate Chacu Challuha's special ability which means your lifepoints get hit for half the amount of its defense points!"

The giant whale looked as though it were in the ocean and attacked Crow lowering lifepoints to 100 and he started to hit a few patches in the ground and swerve.

"And now activate Dark Sea Rescue in attack mode. And next I activate the trap Basora. With this I can send out one monster to destroy another monster out on the field who's level is high and as an added bonus not only do you lose one of your monsters but you also lose eight hundred of your lifepoints! I release my Dark Sea Rescue in order to destroy your Fained the Steel Chain!"

"What! I play the Trap Explosion Guard which not only protects my monster from your Immortal's special ability but it also hits you for five hundred points of damage."

"No!" He shouted as his life points lowered to 800

"My turn." Crow said and their Speed Counters raised to 9 "Okay Crow it all comes down to this, you've only got one Trap left in your hand and the odds are against you but they've been against you your entire life. You owe it to the kids. It's time to draw a winner. Here goes everything!" He thought to himself and he drew

"Just what I was hoping for, now I can go and lay a face down and summon Blackwing Blizzard of the Far North! Now that I've added some offense to my field I think I'll add some defense with Black Shura the Blue Flame!"

"Next I tune my Blizzard of the Far North, Fained the Steel Chain and Shura the Blue Flame in order to Syncro Summon Blackwing Silver the Ascendent! Welcome to the game."

"That's quite the beast. Too bad my Immortal's ability will keeping him on the sidelines."

"Fine by me, but then I counter your special ability with one of my own. Since my feathered friend couldn't battle this turn I can now destroy up to two monsters who's defense points who are less than Silverwind's attack points."

"Then that means-"

"That means your Immortal is history and this shadow duel is about to come to an end. Go perfect Storm!"

The Blackwing beast went to attack when Crow saw two faces appear on the Whale and were telling him not to attack.

"Who's that?" Crow asked "What village?"

"Enough stalling Crow. If your not going to finish your move then allow me to."

"But don't you see those kids up there!"

"All I see is the finish line Crow."

"But Grieger-"

"But nothing."

"Don't you see them look!"


"Grieger it's us." The two kids said "please help!" They said and more faces appeared and he realized it was the people of his village

"But- but how can this be?"


"How can there be people from my village inside this Earthbound immortal?"

"Is that your family?"

"I'm sure of it. It's my brother and sister and people from my village. That means your Crimson Dragon isn't to blame for this. That means the Dark Signers are the ones who took everything away from me. And I was Blaming Goodwin and I joined him non the less." He said as he closed and opened his eyes and they were normal again "I'm sorry Crow, but I'm forfeiting this duel-"

Then Grieger's mark started glowing brighter and Roman started speaking to telepathically:

"You will forfeit nothing, this is all just Signer tricks. They are your true enemy. Show no mercy. And send them all to the Netherworld."

He opened his eyes again and they were glowing violet along with the mark on his face and he started laughing.

"I'm afraid your trickery will not stop me from sending you to the Netherworld."

"Come on!"

Grieger started to fight it "Get out of my head whoever you are. Please Crow you must- end this duel now. It's the only way to release my family and friends from their prison."

"Are you sure?"

Then Grieger's mark started glowing brighter and he was under the control of Roman again. 

"Not exactly. In fact it might be best if I end this duel." He said as he drew "And now I switch Chacu Challuha into attack mode. And I'm not holding anything back, now my Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challuha attack!"


"Yes! This Shadow Duel is over!"

"It will be when I activate Parasite Mind, with this I can gain control of a card on your field, and activate it's affect. And I'm going to be using Basora! Now I know your familiar with how this card works and I know you know the damage it can dish out but I bet you never knew your own card was gonna be your Immortal's undoing. So by releasing my level 8 Silverwind I can destroy your Earthbound Immortal Chacu Cahlluha!"

Crows beast then launched at the giant Whale and punctured it and went clean through and the trapped souls began to escape be set free and this caused Grieger to lose the rest of lifepoints and Crow won. Grieger then swerved and crashed and was sent flying off is runner. Crow quickly pulled over and ran to him.

"Grieger! Talk to me man!"

"Thank you for freeing me Crow."

"Come on man, stay with me dammit!"

"Once you defeat Rex and Roman I will be freed, you are one hell of duelist Crow, goodbye." He said and he disintegrated 

"Noooo!" Cried howled as slammed his fists into the ground 

Finally the Geoglyph disappeared and the one in the sky did as well. Crow then went into the the tower and got out his Blackwing Dragon card and placed on the idol. It began to glow and shake. He quickly grabbed his card and hurried out. As he stood there the door to the tower slid closed and disappeared into the ground. He then looked at his Blackwing Dragon. He didn't even need to play it to win, a true feat and accomplishment that he thought impossible.

He then heard a runner and two cars. He turned around it was Jack, Luna and Mina, and Trudge and Leo.

"So you won?" Jack asked him

"Yeah, didn't even need my Dragon to do it."

"That's really impressive. I didn't think that was even possible against an Earthbound Immortal." Mina said

"Yeah, really impressive. But we need to Find Yuesi now, I have feeling he's already Taken Sayer out but he's found Akiza and it's not good." Jack said

"How could you know that?" Trudge asked

"It's just a feeling in my gut and my Mark." Jack said

"He'll most likely have gone to the blast site." Mina

Crow put his card back in his deck and hopped on his runner. "Well what are waiting for, he'll need us, lead the way."


"Akiza...." Yusei said softly

"Akiza is not here. Just the Black Rose."

"What have to done to her!"

"Ever since that day at the tournament when that little twerp Luna brought Akiza back I've been locked away, and I waited and watched. Now it's Akiza's Turn to be locked away and watch as you suffer. But don't worry we are not a Dark Signer."

"I'm gonna beat you and free her from your control."

"That would be amazing to see. Good luck. Are you ready to duel or what?" She said as her Duel Disk activated

Yusei's Duel Disk activated as well.

"Let's duel!" They said in unison....

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