Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


9. One less Secret

A whole month had gone by since since Yusei had defeated the Ghost and everywhere he went people kept thanking him. And at the moment he Jack, Crow, Akiza, Luna, and Leo were at the Academy.

Akiza had never really gotten used to recent expansions onto the academy and frequently got lost. This was the case today. Suddenly two people grabbed her blindfolded hour her. She thrashed and tried to scream but one covered her mouth. They carried her as she kicked and trashed trying desperately to free herself. A few minutes later she heard a door open and close and she was slammed into a desk chair. Then her blindfold was removed.

Akura and Bakai, the two most popular girls in duel academy, they were the ones behind this. Somebody then tied her hands behind her back and to the back of the chair.

"So bitch, we wanna know why you've been hanging with those people." Akura demanded

"Go to hell." Akiza spat

Bakai then struck her.

"What I want to know most of all is what that piece of Satellite Trash see's in you, the Black Rose Witch." Akura demanded as well, this was in the form of an insult and a taunt

Akiza felt anger well up inside her and she looked up and stared into her eyes. "What the hell are you talking about?" Akiza shouted at her but Bakai struck her in the gut this time

"I'm talking about the rumors that you and Yusei are a thing." Akura asked then she spotted the necklace around her neck

She inched closer and Akiza was gritting her teeth in fury as she thrashed and Akura slid her hand under the heart necklace as was now in her hand. "I bet lover boy got you this. But you won't be needing it." She said and yanked it from her neck

"Give that back you bitch!" Akiza snarled and was struck in the gut again. "You think this can hurt me? I've been through more pain than you can imagine." She said snidely but recieved another hit to the gut and the two guys just laughed 

"I know Yusei will come for me."

"Oh I doubt it. We're all the way on the other end of the academy and this classroom just happened to be empty. So I doubt, Satellite Boy can save you."

"Don't insult him!" 

"Oooo, something wrong? Didn't like what I said?"

"I swear, when I get out of this I will show you pain like you never known you bitch-"

"Shut up!" Akura shouted as she struck her across the face knocking the seat over but she was set back up

"I wonder what he's like? Hmm? Maybe I'll just have to get him alone and find out." She whispered in her ear before she passed out from the pain

Suddenly the door burst open.

"Hey, you wanna pick on someone else!?" Yusei shouted

"What are you going to do? You wouldn't hit girl so it's two against one."

"I said leave my girlfriend alone!" He shouted 

"You gonna take both of us on, all by yourself pretty boy?" One of the boys said with mockery

"I've faced worse, and it ain't just me. I got friends."

Suddenly Jack and Crow stepped in the room.

"And one thing you should know about us Satellite's." Crow said 

"Is we know how to fight." Jack said

"Forget this I'm out!" The first guy said

"Right with ya." The second guy said

"Not so fast. You four are staying put, I'm going to the Chancellor, right after I take Akiza to the nurse. Jack, Crow, you think you can watch these four losers while I'm gone?"

"Don't worry Yusei, they aren't going nowhere." Jack said

Yusei then untied Akiza's hands and carefully lifted her into his arms. And snatched the necklace out of Akura's hand and gave her a disgusted look.

"Why do you care so much about her when you could have me?" Akura asked him

"Because unlike you, Akiza and I understand each other and she isn't some two-faced stuck-up brat like you." He said as walked away without looking back

"So it's true you like her!"

Yusei stopped in his tracks.

"Yeah I do, we've been together for a month now." He said in pained but low voice "I'd do anything for her, and you picking on her to get my attention. That's just low, but I've got no time for feeling sorry for you, as I'm not really one to forgive and forget, most of the time." He added and left 


"Dear god, what happened to this poor girl!" The head nurse exclaimed Yusei as he walked into the office

"Two girls beat her up. My friends are making sure they and the two guys who grabbed her don't escape. She needs help now."

They quickly got her into the office and the nurse treated her the best she could.

"Anything serious?"

"No, no cracked ribs thankfully. Just a lot of bruising on her ribs and face."

"I need to speak to the Chancellor-"

"I'll let him know."

Fifteen minutes later Yusei, Jack, Crow, Akura, Bakai and the two guys were all in his office....

"So as I understand it you two grabbed Ms. Izinski?" He asked the two guys


"And you two girls are the one's responsible for the injuries Ms. Izinski recieved?"

"We only-"

"I asked a yes or no question."

"Yes but-"

"No buts. I'm sorry to say this but this is the third report I've had with you two and this is the most serious so I have no choice but to expel both of you."

"That's not fair!"

"I seriously think you have the right to talk about what's fair. Four against one. Now you have the rest of the day to gather your belongings and be off the academy grounds and never return. As for you two you are both expelled as well, same thing goes for you both as well."

The four then left.

"So as I understand it you are dating Ms. Izinski?" The chancellor asked with a quizzical look

"Ahem- uh- yes Chancellor sir." Yusei answered awkwardly 

"I'm sorry for the uncomfortable questions Mr. Fudo I'm just simply trying to understand the full situation and get to the bottom of what provoked this assault on Ms. Izinski."

"There had been rumors." Jack said

"Come again Mr. Atlas?"

"Ever since we transferred people have been whispering rumors that they're together. I thought they looked good together, and me and Jack would tease him about, but we dismissed it as gossip that the popular girls started as he's the new king and all and he's hanging out with Akiza." Crow answered 

"I could see that. And you never knew they were seeing each other?"

"Well Chancellor sir, I have my reasons."

"And what might they be if you dont mind me asking?"

"People would hammer us with questions and think it was all for publicity and the press would never leave us alone. And I just wanted her to myself for as long as possible, now, it's gotten her hurt and all because of me." He said in a pained voice with head lowered so his hair covered his eyes

"Yusei, this isn't your fault, you deserve to be happy." Jack said

"I have to agree with Jack on this one Yus. And if I'm agreeing with Jack I must mean it." Crow said

"Thanks guys."

Then Mr. and Mrs. Izinski came in.

"What the hell happened to my daughter?"

"If you will wait a moment outside I'm just finishing up and I will talk to you both. I think you three has had enough for one day I'll excuse for the rest of the day."

"Thank you Chancellor sir. Mind if I say goodbye?"

"Of course."

Yusei then went back to the nurse's and kissed her forehead and the three duelist's left for Poppo Time. Arriving They found Tank, Blitz, Nervin, Rally, Bruno, Blister, and Bolt Tanner working.

"Hey guys, how's it going with the design?" Yusei asked them

"Well this engine is a tricky one." Blister said "Your and Bruno's program is a stroke of genius. But every design we try is supposed to work in theory with the program but then it doesn't work when we start to actually build it."

"Could you use three more?" Yusei asked


Yusei took off his jacket and gloves and the three turbo duelist's started helping. But every design they tried ended up blowing up in their faces, quite literally. But the ten of them were determined. But finally they had to call it and were sitting around enjoying a cup of late night coffee. When Crow just remembered.

"So Yus. Seriously man, when were you going to tell us?"

"What's birdboy talking about?" Bolt asked

"Yus has apparently had a girlfriend since we transferred." Crow said

"Huh, and I thought his only girlfriend was his runner." Blister joked as it was a running joke he had started when he first met him

"Yeah well I have my reason's. But because of my stupidity it got her hurt today."

"Wait what happened?" Bruno asked in a serious voice as he straightened up

Yusei then retold the days events.

"Well I have to agree with Crow and Jack, Yusei. It's not your fault, you both did what you felt was right." Blister said

But then there was a knock on the door. Probably Another neighbor again with another noise complaint.

"For the last time we're trying our best to keep it down." Yusei said as he opened the door and his voice rising but then Noticed it was Martha and Mr. And Mrs. Izinski

"Oh- I- uh- sorry- I just-"

"Yusei calm down before you have a panic attack." Martha said

"Come on in, but mind the engine soot and metal scraps."

The three walked in and shot quizzical looks around the apartment garage. 

"We can leave if you need us to-" Blister started to say

"Oh you all are fine." Martha said

"What brings you all here?" Yusei asked

"I wanted to talk to you about Akiza and this WRGP that's coming up." Mr. Izinski said

"Okay, talk away."

"Akiza wants to help you all, and she's been talking about getting her duel runner license." Mr. Izinski said

Yusei cleared his throat and spoke up "Well that's great news, I'll be behind her every step of the way."

"I'm sure you will be." Crow mumbled resulting in Yusei ramming his elbow into his gut

"And about this tournament, I assume it involves all these parts..."

"Ahh. Yes. We're trying to come up with a better engine design as it runs off planetary particles and and so we can have better run time and- never mind it's a long story. But as you can see it's not going to well." Yusei said

"Why do you need new engines?" Mr. Izinski asked

"Well the people we'll be going up against have faster, better, and more powerful duel runners. If we want to even keep up with the competition we need these new engines. But between the ten of us we can't just pull it off."

"Why, might I ask?"

"Well me, Jack, and Crow have Academy. The others work at Blister's shop. And between my freelance mechanic job and the clients you helped with. Which was a great help. but even with them, Crow's delivery service, Jack not being able to find a job that suits his persona, and the others it's not enough to keep food on the table, pay for school and rent, and feed this engine dream, and we're one complaint away from being evicted. But we're still optimistic." Yusei said

"Well I might be able to help fuel this engine project of yours." Mr. Izinski said

"How sir?"

"Yusei, I'm a senator. And I want to help out." He said as he smiled 

"Oh sir I couldn't-"

"You really are just as independent and modest as Akiza and my wife say you are. But please, let me help you."

"It's just this is going to cost a lot of money-"

"I have money."

"Yeah- well- I mean were not close to perfecting our design and we wouldn't want to you do more than you have to-"

Hideo couldn't help but laugh "You're a good man Yusei. But I'm willing to pay the costs and I wouldn't expect you to make this engine your talking about in the first try."

"Well if your willing. We'll accept your help sir. Thank you."

"It's nothing."

"And me and Setsuko are going to be here too to make sure you boys are eating." Martha said "But I think you all have had enough for one night, get some rest. We'll start in the morning." She added

"Oh Mr. Izinski. Uh- how is she?"

"She's fine, she'll be up and about in a few days tops." Martha answered for Hideo

Mr. And Mrs. Izinski and Martha left as the boys went to various rooms and Yusei crashed on the couch again.

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