Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


22. New and Young Love

All of Yusei's friends, Yugi's friends, and Jaden's friends were all hanging out just talking and dueling. But Yusei took Yugi and Jaden to the best view of New Domino City as it was the turn around peak.

"So, Yusei. How did you and Akiza become a couple?" Yugi asked him as all three were leaning over the railing looking out at the city

"Well, we met ten years ago, at the park, around the end of winter. I'd found a way to sneak in and I was at the park and there was this little girl with burgundy hair playing the snow. We started playing together in the snow. But then she had to leave. I gave her the necklace she's wearing now as way to remember me and we didn't see each other again for. A long time."

"How did meet her again?" Jaden asked

"It was last year I transferred to the Dueling Academy here in New Domino. I knew who she was the moment I saw her, but I fully realized who she was when after I took her home and got back to my place that night. The next day at around midnight at night we told each what we felt and kissed for the first time."

"What was it like? Your first kiss?" Yugi asked

"Well she actually wasn't the first girl I kissed but that's another story. But that kiss felt right, like I knew everything I needed to know, like nothing could hurt me any longer. And I can tell you you like Tea, Yugi. And Jaden you like Alexis."

They both were started stuttering trying to say they did like her. Yusei couldn't help but laugh.

"Look, you two. I get it. You have a good relationship with them and you wouldn't want to do anything to ruin it, am I right?" He asked

They nodded.

"But answer me this, have things between you gotten more and more akward?"

They nodded again.

"Well there. They both like you the same way and probably feel and are thinking the same thing. Don't be afraid, just ask them."


Akiza had taken Tea, Alexis, Mindy, Jasmin, Blair, Sherry, Carly, Serenity, Rebecca, and Mai out and they were just wandering the streets. But Tea, Mai, Alexis, Jasmin, Mindy, and Blair wanted to know more about her.

"So Akiza, what kind of deck do you use?" Alexis asked

"My deck is focused on Plant type monsters. What about you girls?"

"I have a Dark Magician Girl deck." Tea said

"Mine's a Cyber Girl deck." Alexis said

"I use my Harpie Ladies deck." Mai said

"So Tea, I've read a lot about Yugi and he carries a Dark Magician Deck along with the Egytian God cards." Akiza said

"Yeah, he worked hard to build up his deck, but he helped me rebuild my deck into the I have now." Tea said

"And I've read a bit about the Cyber Girl cards." Akiza said 

"Yeah, I was into various forms of dance and I heard about the Cyber Girl Deck and I got and it just sort of became apart of me. 

"But Mai it was you who really inspired me to start dueling as you were or are known as sort of the Madonna." Akiza said 

"Well I had no idea that I had started a legacy."

"You were also what inspired me. But what about you, how'd you come by your deck Akiza?" Alexis said

"Well my father use to work a lot and when I was at the park with my mother one day I found a card, it was Black Rose Dragon, I quickly grabbed it and when my dad got home I showed it to him and he bought a bunch of plant type cards and the Duel Disk I have now and that's how he made up for the times he had to work. Us dueling, but my powers grew out of control and I was put in duel academy. I'm sorry this isn't the best part of my life." Akiza said 

"Well tell us about Yusei." Tea said

"What do you want to know about him?" Akiza asked them

"How'd you two get together?" Alexis asked her

She then recounted everything that happened and how her and Yusei became a couple. And the eleven of them were like schoolgirls as they giggled at what she told them.

"So he really was the first boy you ever kissed?" Tea asked  

"Yes, he was, and I'm glad it was him." Akiza said 

"So he really told you that?" Alexis asked her

"Yes, he said he would never make me do anything I didn't want to do and he's stuck by his promise. I've shared my scars and the things that hurt and he's shared his." Akiza said to them

"You two really do belong together." Tea said to her 

"Yeah, kind of like you belong with Yugi and you Alexis belong with Jaden."

Both girls turned bright red and were embarrassed but Akiza simply smiled.

"We've been saying that forever." Mai, Rebecca, Jasmin, Mindy, Blair, Serenity said in unison

"It's okay to like them the way you do. I can tell they like you the same way, and the way they look at you as they would do anything to make you happy."

They asked how she knew. She then told them Yusei did the same for her and what recently happened but it brought them closer and they loved each other even more. And if they asked them the question she told them not to be afraid to say yes.


The rest of the guys began thinking up strategies and talking about anything. But finally Rally wanted to be with Luna as he wanted to be with her in their last days. Jack was with Carly, Crow was with his girl having his own session, Bruno disappeared yet again. And Yusei and Akiza were continuing their session. Yugi got Tea alone at last as the night rolled in as they were on the balcony at the place they were staying at as the rest of the guys took a room and there was one room left and they both took it.

"Look at all this Yugi. I can't believe this is what the future would look like." Tea said as she look down at everything 

"Yeah, it's quite impressive. I can't believe things have come this far." Yugi said

"Could you see us living here?"

"I could, the rest love it here but I could definitely see us here. Together."

"And what else do you see us doing?" She asked trying to see where it would go

"Being together without any awkwardness. I'd want us to be happy, like Yusei and Akiza."

"So what are you asking?"

"I'm saying I want to be with you Tea, no more hiding, no burying what we feel; I love you Tea Gardner, I have since the seventh grade. And I want to be with you and you to be with me."

"I'd like Yugi, and I'm not confused anymore. I know who I'm in love with."

"And who is that person?"

"You Yugi."

They then kissed and this kiss tore down the walls that Tea had built against him. She was free at last, no longer afraid of who she wanted. Yugi had never kissed a girl in life and this for his for kiss was beyond amazing. This was just the begging as they didn't want to waist a moment as they had little time left, but they would spend it wisely and they laid down together.....

Jaden and Alexis had a similar sleeping arrangements. Alexis was asleep in the room and Jaden was in a sleeping bag in the couch. But he was having trouble sleeping as his head was swimming with thoughts of Alexis, finally he peeled the sticky sweaty sleeping bag off in one swift motion and his shirt as well and grabbed his pants as they right in front of the foot of the couch and pulled them on and stepped outside on the balacony and the let cool night air regulate his body temperature.

"Couldn't sleep either?" Alexis asked

He turned around and she was standing there in an oversized long baggy t-shirt and pair of shorts. She didn't look the same without her academy outfit on. But in a good way.

"No, just so many thoughts running through my head but it's nice to not have Banner and Yubel in my head for a change but I'm not complaining that I wish they were gone- sorry, rambling."

"Your fine." She said as she walked up next to him "But is there anything in particular on your mind?" 

"Yeah, you in particular. Alexis, I've always had feelings for you but I guess I just didn't understand what I was feeling at the time, and seeing how Yusei and Akiza were I want to be like that, only with you."

"Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?" She asked as she got closer and wrapped her arms around his neck

"Yes I am." He said as he placed his hands on her hips

Their lips slowly met and it felt right. They were meant to be. He was sure now, he was in love with her. She was sure as well, she was in love with him. They went back in holding hands and laid down in her room....

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