Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


1. Love at first sight

It was still winter outside and she was spinning around with arms stretched out as the snow was falling. A ten year old Akiza Izinski couldn't be anymore happy as she giggled, and her parents sat on the bench smiling as they watched their daughter play. 

Then a small boy appeared out of the dark, he had tan skin, blue eyes, and spiky raven black hair with golden highlights. She had never seen this boy before, but she didn't want to be rude, and there was something mysterious and sad but happy in those royal blue eyes.

"Hi, I'm Akiza." She said

"I'm Yusei." He said

And the two played in snow, made snow angels, and laughed and giggled as they had a snowball fight but then she had to go.

"Akiza honey, it's time to go." Her mother called 

"Okay mom." She called back "Goodbye Yusei." She said to him

"Goodbye Akiza." He said to her

"Will I ever see you again?" She said sadly like she was about to cry

"Here." He said as he pulled out a small black heart necklace "That way you can remember me." He added and kissed her cheek and he disappeared

She just stood there clutching the necklace and couldn't believe what just happened. But she then quickly hurried to her parents and they drove home. Once they got home she went straight to her room and put the necklace in a small locket box that she kept her favorite hidden things in. 

But she could still feel the ghost of his lips on her cheek and she blushed at the memory. Her parents then tucked her in and said goodnight, but while she fell asleep she secretly liked the boy named Yusei...

Meanwhile Yusei was sneaking back into the Satellite Sector. He then quickly ran as fast as he could to the place he and his two friends had been staying. He went in the building where Martha lived. He went in and took off his coat, boots, hat, and gloves at the front door. And Martha was in the kitchen.

"Hello Yusei, where did you go?" She said in her usual happy voice 

"Oh I was just exploring."

"Well you better get to bed." She said hugging goodnight

He then ran upstairs to his bedroom where his three best friends were, Jack, Crow, and Kalin. Crow had orange hair he spiked up orange hair and wore clothes that made him look like a biker, Jack had short blonde hair and usually wore black pants with a light blue shirt and a white jacket. Kalin had long grey hair and preferred a red t-shirt with a brown vest, blue jeans and boots. They had been together since the Zero Reverse incident and were practically brothers.

"Hey Yus. Where were you?" Crow asked

"I was just exploring, why?" Yusei said

"Oh I don't know, maybe because you have that glazed look in your eyes. You met a girl." Jack said

"No!" Yusei said defensively 

"Come on man spill it. What's her name?" Crow asked excitedly like a dog that was happy to see you

"Her name's Akiza."

"Oooh, Yusei's got a girlfriend." Kalin said

"She's not my girlfriend, I doubt I'll see her again, she lives on the other side of New Domino."

"Yus, if there's one thing we've learned about you it's that Jack and I can read you like a book and We know you like this girl." Crow said

"Whatever, let's get to sleep, we got school in the morning." He said crawling under the covers and turned out the lights

But what Jack, Crow, and Kalin said was true. He liked her and he was still thinking about her after he fell asleep.

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