"What if I have to protect him?"
"Its not right...."
"I don't care, I'll do it because I love him."
"Its still not right."
"And because he's in danger. I'll break the rule of this stupid society, to help the one thing I love the most."

"Love isn't about honesty, its is about protecting the people you love from things that will hurt them."


6. 6

Ash's P.O.V.


The front door of my house was open and there were police cars parked in front of it. As soon as Harry parked the car, I got out and ran into the house.

"Is everything alright in here?" I ask, knowing exactly why they are here.

"Yes, a neighbor called this morning because of this broken window and that. The officer pointed my parents decaying bodies.

"Sorry girl you can't be in here." Another officer comes up to me.

"But I live here."

"How old are you?"


"Do you live here alone?"

"No my two friends who are 17 live with me, but they not here."

"And these bodies, are they related to you?"

"Yes. They are my parents. Jenny and James."

"Were you here last night?"

"Yes but-"

"Were you here when this happened?"


"Can you tell me everything?"

"OK but this first part might not be important-"

"Tell us everything."

"When I was 9, they were captured and taken hostage somewhere. I couldn't find them, my friend's mom police case. The police searched every where, but couldn't find them. And the stopped searching assuming they are dead. At age 10, my 15 year old sister, Ashton, was killed. By someone whom we don't know. So I moved in with my friends, Kali and Mavii Mashen. Yesterday, I was going to my other friend, Harry's house for help on homework. That's Harry." I pointed to Harry who entered the house. "And I heard crying. I recognized it as my Mom, and I snuck in. She was about to be raped. My father was on the floor, covered in blood and Mom was naked and had bruises all over her body. And...." Now I have to tell them about my secret, for the story to make sense.

"And what happened next?"


"Are you hiding something?"

"And....and....and.....a-and...." I started stuttering. I know they are police but its a secret that no one but y entire school knows. OK, maybe that is a lot of people.

"Please tell us."

"Ash, I think you should tell them. They can probably help you." Harry said softly.

"Have a seat and tell us, love. We are listening." A officer said as he pulled out a chair.

I took a deep breath, "Iamavampiresoibithimbutthatdidn'tkillhimsoistabbedhimintheheartwithwoodnowhesdead."

"Can you please repeat that, but slower?"

"I can't."

"And why is that?"

"Please don't arrest me b-but...... I am a murderer." I blinked away tears.

"What do you mean?"

"I-I am a-here I'll show you." I stood up from the chair, and let my fangs extend.

As the two teeth grew longer the four officers standing in front of me stepped back, in fear.

"No! No! I won't hurt you. I promise." My fangs descended back to their normal size. "I haven't killed anyone except the rapist vampire who had raped my mother multiple times .... and I don't plan on doing so either."

"Sir did you know about this?" The officer asked Harry.

"No sir, just the vampire part and what happened to her parents yesterday."

"Girl, we'll let you go today. As long as you can keep your identity a secret once again. And yes you do count as a murderer, but it runs in your blood, as you have no control over it." I nod.

"yes, sir. I do not have control, but I gain control just before I kill."

"Can you finish telling us about the story."

"yes, sir. SO I killed the rapist, and Harry and I helped my parents. We brought them here, after a long time, and I told them to rest after eating something. In the middle of the night, I heard noises. So I got up, from the couch where I was sleeping, and walked into the room, and I saw blood and shattered glass everywhere. My parents laid on my bed, lifeless. Then I called Harry. He came and picked me up to sleep, because I have school today. In 5 minutes!-" I panic. I can't be late.

"Don't worry, we'll call up your school, and tell them this situation. Both of your schools."

"We got to the same school. Alhora High." I say.

"Can I get your names?"

"Ashlynn Rosebrooks, and Harry Styles." Harry answers.

"I found this note, under all of the glass." I took out the note and showed it.

'You and your boyfriend are next baby.'

"You two are in a relationship?"

"No. We aren't." Harry and I both answer.

"We are just friends.

"Oh, alright. But even though isn't professional I ship you."

"Luke!" Another officer shouted.

"What? Its not weird, I am not a creepy old man." He chuckles.

"I ship them too is what I was going to say but OK...."

"Haha, sorry Calum." Harry and I both awkwardly look at them.

"That's not weird at all." Harry mumbles.

"No, no it isn't."

"You heard that?"


"Oh right."

"OK, guys back to the scene." A third officer said.

"Right Ashton." A tear drips down my cheek as he says his name. I wipe it before any one could see it.

"I think you two can head to school. We will call you out, if needed for questions." I nod and run to my room. I change into black skinny jeans, white T-Shirt and a blue plaid flannel. And I change my sandals into sneakers. I grab my backpack with my unfinished homework, and go out to Harry.

"Have fun at school girl!" Officer Luke waves. Why does he call me girl? Hehe, its weird.

I looked at Harry and realized we were wearing similar cloths besides the flannel.

"Twinsies!" I squeal, and Harry chuckles. "Harry, I didn't do my homework."

"I said I'd help you, so I am."

We stop at the drive thru of Starbucks and we order. As I'm about to pay, Harry stops me.

"I've got it."

"No, its fine. Harry. I can pay for myself."

"Love, I have got it." My heart skips a beat every time the word 'Love' rolls off his pretty pink lips with a perfect British accent.

He doesn't let me pay.

Harry's P.O.V.

Niall: Where r u?

Me: I am coming

Niall: But you are never late

Me: I know, but things have happened.

Niall: Like what?

Me: Just things.

Niall: What are you hiding?

Me: Stuff that you'll find out later

Niall: What kind of stuff.

Me: Hey, I might ask out Ash

Niall: Don't change the topic, what kind of stuff.

Me: Its Ashlynn's life. If she wants to tell she'll tell you

Niall: She told you

Me: I was there when it happened.

Niall: Oh. Is everything alright?

Me: yeah.

Niall: OK, but about asking out Ashlynn, when?

Me: Today after school.

Niall: Aww! But will Chelsea be Ok with it?

Me: She can't stop me. She's my ex. And I have liked Ashlynn for months now. I think its time

Niall: OK.

Me: OK, I am on my way to school, but I'll be late. I promised Ash I'd help her with homework

Niall: I'm sure it'll be less home work and more you know ;)

Me: Shut Up!

Niall: 😏😏😏😏

Me: Bye

Niall: Bye


That was kind of boring!

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