Dear Diary

My name is Kayla Parker. My life may not be perfect, it has it flaws, yet it has its advantages. I can blend into the crowd, the crowd of social misfits. Drama, Drama, Drama. And for some reason I'm the centre of it all. Why...


2. Tuesday 28th June 2016

Tuesday 28th June 2016.

Dear Diary,

Hello Diary! My mum decided to get me one so I can vent all of my problems. Guess this will be filled up as soon as I'm finished with it. Today wasn't actually as bad as I expected. I wore my hair in my normal braid, my signature geeky black glasses along with it. Many people tend to make fun of my looks, I can't help that I'm different; I'm unique.

I had received the average dirty looks, but today... I was shoved over, my books and papers fell out of my hands and scattered on the polished hallway floors. Jeers and laughs coming from behind me. The usual. But, not as bad as normal. I ran straight to class, the odd snarky comments being yelled at me as I ran.

Period One wasn't amazing at all! We had Art. Basically, we were making clay skulls ready to go in the kilt later. I may have only done a few dots around the eyes and smoothed it out, but I felt... Ashamed. Ashamed that I'd let myself fall behind, everyone had already started to go into detail for their skull design. Normally, I'd enjoy doing art... But today.... I really wasn't feeling up to anything.

Second Period was even worse... I had D.T. We are making bird houses in woodwork, we were given a sheet in the previous lesson to fill out, but since I'm such a screw up I put it in my bag. Resulting in sir giving me random measurements. Everyone else had six small squares, while I was stuck with two huge squares. Turns out that I wasn't the only one who had random measurements that turned wrong. So did Jake's. He had two small ones, not six of them like all the others. I told Sid about my measurements and my sheet, he claimed to be talking it to the man who sorted out the wood. I spent the whole lesson talking to my fellow geeky friend, Elana.

That's all I have for today. Goodbye Diary!


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