Trouble | C.T.H

I never thought I'd fall for a person like him.

But look at me now.


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The boys are going to pick us up and take us to the party.

Spencer and I were getting ready for the party. Spencer wore a plain black t-shirt with a red flannel over it. Then she wore black skinny jeans with some black slip-on Vans. Her hair was straight and teased a little, so it looked a little like she usually does her hair but not really. Then there was me, I wore a loose tank top that said "Dreamer" with an arrow. Then I had skinny jeans that had a few rips in it. Then I put my hair in a high pony tail that had some curls in it. I also had low cut black Converse.

We were waiting for Michael and the boys at the lobby. The guy at the desk was definitely checking out Spencer but every time I told her he was, she said I was just messing with her, but every time she'd blush. Then my phone buzzed. It was Mike, it was a text. The text read, "We're outside."

I tapped Spencer's shoulder and I walked out the doors. Spencer followed. I opened the door and there was literally no room in the car. There was Michael and Calum in the backseat and Luke and Ashton in the front. "Hey I am not sitting on Calum's lap!" I whisper-yelled at Spencer, but I was too late, Spence already hopped onto Michael's lap.

"Urg!" I sighed.

I walked to the other side of the car and sat down on his lap. Then he smirked. "Don't, just don't." I sighed looking at the floor.

Then he bucked his hips upward. "Eww! What's wrong with you?!" I whisper-yelled.

"Nothing," Calum smirked, bucking his hips again.

"Stop do that one more time and I'll-" I was cut of by him bucking his hips once again.

I turned around and was about to slap him but instead I looked into his eyes. He was actually really attractive but his personality is horrible. But I couldn't get myself to look away from his eyes. Those dark brown eyes. He did the same but his eyes kept flickering from my lips and then back to my eyes. His eyes were full of lust and I didn't seem to have the courage to look away. He started to lean in and I turned around. "Wait what?" He whispered.

I smirked as I got a plan. Slowly and almost noticeably I started to grind my bum against his member. "Fuck," I heard him quietly groan and I felt him get hard underneath me.

My eyes grew wide, I immediately stopped. "What the fuck!?" Calum whisper-yelled.

We pulled up to the house the party was being held. "Your going to pay for this?" Calum growled in my ear as we got out of the car.

"Oh am I now?" I challenged, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Yes you will," he said grabbing my wrist and kissing my cheek.

I cringed in disgust. I saw him walking and so I slowly walked behind him and slid my foot in front of his. Then he fell to the ground. "Yes!" I yelled, "nice!" Spencer exclaimed and we fist pumped.

Calum groaned and got up. But he smirked at me. Why would he do that? I shrugged it off.

"Let's party fothermuckers!" Spencer yelled her signature line she uses when she goes out to a party. Or at least that's what her and Ben told me.

"Hell yeah!" Everyone yelled in sync.

We walked in and it looked like a good party. Well I guess I've never really been to a party I say I have, but I actually haven't.

I got a drink and everyone was doing there own thing. Spencer was actually talking to some people. Unlike being that awkward shy kid she usually is around new people. And she looked like she was having fun, so I left her alone. Then I looked for the Ashton and Mike and they seemed to be dancing or grinding with girls. I saw Luke and he was on his phone while sitting on a couch. I started to walk towards him but a girl walked up to him and sat down. So I was alone at the table full of drinks. I drank one and then another and then after a while I lost count of how many drinks there was.

I stood there after a while and decided that I'd stop. So I stood there I wasn't drunk but I was kinda buzzed.

I looked around and then someone came up to me. "Hey would you like to dance?" He asked loud enough for me to hear over be music.

"Sure why not," I yelled over the loud music.

"Okay let's go," he laughed and so did I.

We started to dance well more like grinding on each other. Then he started to kiss up and down my neck. Until he started to kiss towards my lips. Our lips collided but it didn't feel right. So I pulled away but he grabbed my head and pushed our lips together while he shoved his tongue down my throat. I quickly pushed him away. 
"Stop," I mumbled while trying to push him away.

But he didn't, "Stop," I said once again.

But he didn't budge. I was about to kick him in the balls but someone grabbed me around my waist. "Hey the girl told you to stop," He said.

I looked up and saw it was Calum. I smiled. Then he carried me off to an room that sorta looks like a small living room. "Alexandra, are you okay?" He standing in front of me.

"Yeah and thanks, Calum," I said looking him in the eyes.

"No problem," he said.

I smiled then I went to walk out of the room but I bumped into him. I almost fell but he grabbed my waist and pulled me close. I looked up at him and I looked him in the eyes. My eyes slowly flickered to his lips. I couldn't help but notice how plump his lips were. I think he got the gesture so he started to lean in and I slowly followed until are lips collided.

It felt as if there was electricity throughout my body. I wasn't sure if he felt it but I sure did and I loved the feeling. Calum slowly deepened the kiss. It felt so right but it was so wrong.

His hands started to travel down towards my bum. "Jump," he commanded.

I did and his hands cradled my bum and I wrapped my legs around his torso. The kiss got more intense by the moment. He squeezed my bum which caused me to gasp.

He chuckled and took me towards the couch and he ended up falling on it so I was straddling him. I slowly started to kiss downwards. I was trying to find his sweet spot. So I was biting and sucking on certain spots until I came up behind his ear. He let out a loud moan. So I started to nibble and suck on certain spot.

He started to tug on my shirt.

"I'm sorry, I can't do this," I said.

"Why?" He asked panicked. "Did I do something?"

"No, Calum I'm just-," I sighed.

I am so weird I am eighteen and I am still a virgin. "Just what?" He asked.

"I’m a virgin okay," I said looking at the ground.

"Do you still want to...?" Calum questioned, his thumb running over my cheek.

Blushing, I slowly nodded my head and slowly pulled my shirt over my head.
"Come on," he said grabbing my hand.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"I don't want your first time to be on a fucked up couch. So follow me..." He said, pulling his shirt back on.

"Okay," I smiled and grabbed his hand.

We went upstairs into this room that had a huge king sized bed. He picked was up bridal style. He closed the door using his foot and quickly locked it.

He carried me towards the bed. He threw me on the bed and I giggled. He crawled on of me and said, "Lets finish from where we left off."

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