Trouble | C.T.H

I never thought I'd fall for a person like him.

But look at me now.


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Jumping out of the shower I rushed drying my hair. I walked into my room trying to find something to wear. I want to look nice but I want to be comfortable at the same time. Finally I decided to wear black leggings with a maroon V-neck. Then I checked my bag for like the fiftieth time. I just wanna make sure that I had everything.

My phone buzzed scaring me too death. I walked over to my desk checking my phone.  There was a text from Spencer which read, ‘Be there in 10 minutes.’

Yes, I am so excited to go to LA. Spencer and I planned on going there a while back. We both saved up enough for 2 weeks in LA and some extra cash to do other things.

I grabbed my back pack and started putting stuff in there for the airplane ride up there. I put my sketch book with some pencils and a sharpener. Then I grabbed my portable charger and headphones. After that I grabbed my ipad. 

Taking my bags downstairs and set them by the door. “Alex!” Mom yelled from the kitchen.

“Yeah mom?” I yelled back.

“Spencer is outside.” She yelled.

“Okay bye Mom! I’ll text you when I get there. Love y-“ I was cut off.

“Alex do you have all your money and your ticket.” She asked coming from around the corner.

“Yes, I do.” I said but I checked my backpack just in case.

“Okay well be safe. If anything happens please call me.” She said engulfing me in a hug. “I love you.”

“I love you too, mom. But I have to go before Spencer loses it,” I mumbled as I heard my phone buzzing.

We pulled apart. I started to make my way outside but then I remember I didn’t have my shoes on. Running upstairs I grabbed my white converses.

I finally made it outside. “Took you long enough” Spence said.

“Shut up. Big head,” I laughed.

She laughed too. The ride was quiet, but it wasn’t one of those awkward silences. It felt nice. It didn’t take long to get to the airport and to go through security.

By the time we sat down they called our flight. “how come we didn’t get seats by each other.” I groaned.

“Because this was the cheaper choice. “ Spencer said.

I found my seat. No one was there yet so I sat by the window. I like the window seats because the clouds are always pretty. “Hey, that’s my seat.” A guy said.

He looked all cute and cuddly. He was tall with dark brown eyes. His hair was dark brown and he had a few blonde streaks in his hair. He had a few visible tattoos. I shook my head. “No this is my seat.” I said.

I didn’t feel like arguing but I hate sitting on the outside seat. It always makes me want to throw up. I could tell he didn’t feel like arguing either. He sat down.

I began looking out the window and saw as the plane started moving “Everyone please buckle your seat belts before we take off.” A lady said on the intercom.

I looked down and buckled my seat belt.  I looked over to see him already looking at me. He kind of had a squishy face. I am going to call him Squishy.

After a while of looking around the airplane I decided to draw. Pulling my sketch book out and a pencil.  I began to draw. By the time I was done it didn’t look that bad. It was a girl on a train track and on her right there was a guy holding out his hand for her. The guy was surrounded by darkness but her train track that she was on showed sunlight. It showed that a girl was torn between doing the right thing or to follow the guy.

I was going to shade in a few spots but it felt like someone was breathing on me.  So I checked and surley there was someone breathing on me, it was squishy. What the heck. “Yes?” I asked.

“Nothing, I was just watching you draw. I wish I could do something like that,” He said pointing at my drawing. “What does it mean?”

“It shows this girl choosing to stay on her path or to get of her path to follow a guy.” I said.

“Cool.” He said.

“I don’t really like it.” I mumbled.

“I do.” He said.

I ripped the page out before I wrote in the corner, ‘To Squishy From Alexandra U.’ “Here you go.” I said handing him the drawing.

He laughed. “Squishy?”

“Yup,” I laughed.

He smiled, then it went to silence again. He stared at the picture for a while. I wanted to draw something else but I didn’t know what to draw. So I put my sketch book away and exchanging it with my headphones.

I put my music on shuffle. After a while of listening to music I began to doze off.




Here's the first chapter. We willl be posting to next chapter after we get 5 likes and 75 reads. Hope you like it.


-irwinn94 & That Clifford Kid

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