*WIP* part 6

*kicks in door* sorry for being so late with this chapter! i've started my vacation job just recently!!


1. Part 6

The days went by achingly slow even with my work


We had settled somewhat well into the apartment and although we had quite a lot of food from my job alone i was still sent out occasionally to do supply runs.


The first one had left me awfully bewildered in a sense


I have been in stores a few times before but i havent had the time or interest in any wares, it was only to corner my target or something similar


Now the first time after getting out of damp cellars and cryo left me with my own devices, i had paced the store quite long i believe trying to decide.


Needles to say - i returned with half a bag filled with coloured sugary stuff from what i could get, not the most nutrious. But there hadnt been any handlers to keep me away - he had grunted slightly but stored the majority of it in a cupboard - we probably still had a small stash left, but i often snuck out something sweet to just eat before work


However we had agreed on getting a list of things which mostly consisted of fruit and bread, he had gotten a taste for some kind of chips and another specific chewy type of sweet, I once bought a pack of cigarettes. It was stashed away in my coat pocket, i had actually only smoked one since then, that packet had been in there for over a month or so, i did put a cigarette between my lips for a little though, mostly on my way back from work - i didn’t light it though because he might smell the smoke on me - not knowing what he might think of the odor i left them unlightened until i might find a time to maybe split one with him?


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